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Taylor Swift Breaks Down her Creative Process | Miss Americana | Netflix

Taylor Swift Breaks Down her Creative Process | Miss Americana | Netflix

– I think as a songwriter
there is that urge to connect. There is that urge to say like, this is how I feel sometimes
and then have fans say, oh my God, like I feel that way sometimes too. And I think a documentary,
if you are open enough, you can connect with people. I tell you that you’ll never
find another like me-he-hee. – Being in the studio was, that was some of my favorite
stuff that we filmed. – That was the first time I’ve ever had a camera crew in the studio. It’s always been really off limits. It was actually amazing
having you in the studio because like we’d finish writing a song and like a sound guy would be like, that’s a really good song. It’d be like, thank you. Actually we never get this in the studio. Nobody ever is like, hey that’s a good one. – Right, keep going, keep going. – I just honestly had no idea how it would affect the creative process. We ended up with you in the studio writing songs like “Me” and “The Man”. ♪ Hey then I’d be the man ♪ ♪ I’d be the man ♪ That is a concept I’ve thought
about for so many years but I just always thought like, I want to say it in a
way that’s like a satire. And it’s kind of like kinda funny. But it’s also making a very serious point. I think when I hit on this idea of like, if I was a man, I’d be the man. Like you guys would think I was so cool if I was doing this stuff and I was a guy. Like you know. And I could get away with this, I could get away with this, I could get away with this. I’d get applauded for this. ♪ We drink to the pen and the bottles ♪ ♪ To the bitches and models ♪ ♪ To the da-da da-da da-das ♪ Working with Joel Little who has two very strong, wonderful, intelligent young daughters. And I think he was writing for them. And I love showing that
we really do have allies in the male civilization. – What I love about the
scene in the film is that you know sometimes the
camera is right here as you come up with a lyric. How much did you notice that? – I mean I think yeah,
I know what you mean. ‘Cause you really were
very close to my face in a lot of that. I don’t think we ever like asked you guys like can you go? ‘Cause you just weren’t invasive at all. I think I was really in my feelings. I just get really in it
when I’m writing a song. And I disappear into my phone because my phone is where I keep my notes and my phone is where I’m editing. ♪ Oh da-da ♪ ♪ The field ♪ ♪ I know I found someone to commit to ♪ Every time I wake up in
the middle of the night, or every time I think of a title, or every time I think of a
common phrase and flip it, I love doing that. I’ll put it in my notes. – Yeah there was a real speed to it too. Like it seems like writing a song has a kind of dynamic where you go, go, and you kind of have to
keep going for many hours. A lot of the time until it’s done. – Yeah I have to do that. Everyone’s different with their writing. A lot of people are stop-start. I know people who will
write a verse for one song and decide to just put it on another song. Or like, I like this chorus but I like it with this pre-chorus from this song. And I’m like, never done that once. I kind of have to
capitalize on the excitement of me getting that idea and
see it all the way through or else I’ll leave it behind and I’ll just assume
it wasn’t good enough. ♪ Baby that’s what I mean ♪ ♪ Hoo, hoo, hoo ♪
– Damn. – Holy shit. Oh my God, did we just do like
this whole verse and chorus? The ideas are my favorite part of everything that I do. That moment where you’re like, oh I know what it’s called. Or you’re like, I know what the hook is now. – And there’s one point in the movie where you actually see on your face, you go like.
(Taylor laughing) ‘Cause you have an idea. You get to see it. – [Taylor] Took the money in the bag and I stole the… – Took the money, took the money. – Put the money in the
bag and I stole the keys. That was the last time you ever saw me. I remember when I used to get an idea when I was 12 years old in my room. I’d first get an idea and
I’d be like, yes idea. And then I’d get this like
fear and almost sorrow that no one was ever gonna hear it. I’m never gonna get to
make this into something. It’s just mine. And like there’s something
cute about that but like, I want to make something. Getting to capture on films, you know, getting an idea, that’s one thing that I’m
glad I’ll have forever. I’ll always have kind of a memory of when that idea happened, that idea happened. I’d never had that before. Anyway, it’s good that we
both get to make things now. – We’re so lucky. (both laughing) (light music)

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97 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Breaks Down her Creative Process | Miss Americana | Netflix

  1. taylor is so inspiring.. she has a heart of gold. unlike some other singers, she's kind and sweet and talented. then you have some other singers who are not so nice.
    taylor was a young sweet girl in elementary and no doubt, she probably got bullied. now, look at where a person can get! she's gone through so much damn negativity but like always, she rose back and fighted those emotions. god bless her, undescribable angel. we gotta follow in her steps. 🤗💙

  2. I love Taylor so much and just everything about her is so amazing and this film Miss Americana was amazing and the negative things that Taylor has gone through from the public is just so sad, like who can be mean to such a genuine and nice person like her. Ahh I will always be by her side💕💕💕💕

  3. Used to love her back in the 1989 era and before that. Her recent songs just too poppy and i hate it, i guess i understand all the country Swifties who abandoned her when she goes full pop now. To all of y'all country Swifties… i understand you guys now. It's alright with can cry together. 😢

  4. Edit: yeah let me correct myself

    Creative process?
    Like, like taking a story from one of the thousands of relationships that went wrong, playing 5 chords on top, spending 5 minutes thinking about lyrics that talks about how he was an asshole with you and how you are a princess who deserves more than that?
    Or even better, Remember that time that some other teen singer didn't want to make a collaboration with you and then make a song about how they "broke your heart"?

  5. Taylor Swift is truly a gifted songwriter. I'm really impressed when it comes to her songwriting process and skills, she makes it look so easy, I think she is a genius.

  6. the reason why she's the artist of the decade because even if you hate her you'll know all of her songs!!! Way to go!!! ❣️❣️ i sing too anyone up to Check my channel

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  8. Poor Taylor Swift.
    She has millions of dollars and millions of fans but she still believes she’s a victim.
    Why can’t EVERYONE just
    love me !!!!

  9. I'm so glad that people are opening their eyes and seeing her as just Taylor Swift and not the global superstar Taylor Swift. 💕


  11. I absolutely LOVE you Taylor. You are the one and only Queen Of Pop and no other female artist can beet you. You are the best around. I remember when you released your first ever album in 2006 and look at you know. I am so proud of you. My favourite album by you is 1989. I love the 80s feel that the album has. Keep up the great work Taylor, Never give up and always believe in your self no matter what.

  12. Words can't explain how much I love Taylor. The way she writes and she sings with her heart is everything to me. Can't wait to see mom night 1 and 2 in São Paulo.

  13. I feel like we needed more songwriting time from the documentary!!
    Please please Taylor!
    can you release a Deluxe Edition with everything about your song writing!!!

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