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TELL me! What’s STOPPING creativity in your business? – Marketing Made Simple 18

TELL me! What’s STOPPING creativity in your business? – Marketing Made Simple 18

Do you wish your people were more
creative? Here’s one thing you might want to think about. Oh welcome to Marketing
Made Simple, creativity is a skill and particularly useful in marketing
communications roles, in fact I’m often getting clients asking me if I can
help to unleash the creative juices in their teams, and that’s fine I have some
great exercises on creative thinking, before you criticise your people’s lack
of creativity, maybe you should take a look at your internal bureaucracy and
processes, it be you DO have creative people, but you have processes and
bureaucracy that stifles them, often the process for getting good ideas signed
off is tortuous, bureaucratic, nightmarish, and a great many ideas get dismissed
before they have a chance to develop, warning signs include phrases like, “We can’t
do this because,” or “My only concern is that…” maybe your people are creative but
they don’t put ideas forward anymore because they always get shot down, can
you change your processes to nurture great ideas rather than stifle them?
Maybe encourage a “yes and” approach to creativity rather than trying to think
of reasons why the ideas won’t work in the first place, get people say “yes and”
add their own positive statement that moves the process along, keeps it
positive, of course we have to weed out the bad ideas, but we don’t want to weed
out so many of the ideas if not all the ideas, that it prevents our creative
people putting the ideas forward in the first place. If you enjoyed this episode
of Marketing Made Simple do please subscribe to my YouTube channel,
in the meantime keep marketing your business to keep growing your business.

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