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The basics of Milk Pouring

The basics of Milk Pouring

Howdy Howlers and welcome back to the Wolff
Weekly Vlog and our milk texturing and latte art series. Today we’re going to be
looking at the basics of the pour. So first of all how to hold everything
correctly and then how to get the milk into the cup and make it look good.
Alright, so first things first the jug. So there are a few different options when
you’re pouring latte art. Most people feel comfortable is by
supporting the weight of the handle in four fingers and using their thumb to
point where they want to go. Personally I like to support the weight in three
fingers and grip on either side. The one thing I don’t like to see is people
supporting the weight and tucking their thumb in because you have very little
control over where the milk goes. Secondly how do we hold the cup. Now if
you’re a right-hander you’re more than welcome to hold the cup from the handle
as I’m a left-hander I support from the base which I do find gives you a little
bit more control the one thing you do want to avoid is putting your fingers
anywhere anyone’s going to be drinking on. So just nice and gently from the
base. Now when we have latte art and we present it to someone we want to make
sure that when it’s given to them with the handle to the right that the latte
art is centered and towards them and that’s very very easy to achieve if you
just hold the cup the right way So if you’re a left-hander what you want
to do is make sure the handle of the cup is perpendicular to your belly button
and away from yourself that means when we pour the latte art and pull through
it’s going to be nice and in line with the handle. If you’re a right-hander what
you want to do is make sure the handle is pointing towards your belly button so
when you pull the latte art and serve it it’s facing towards the customer.
Alrighty so what we’re going to do when we pull latte art will happen very
quickly I’m going to talk you through it a little bit first. Like a painter needs
a canvas, a latte artists also needs a canvas and we want one that is nice and
even golden creamer colored so what we need to do for the first half of the
pour is simply pour the milk through the crema so we’re going to sink the milk
through the crema – mix it in nice and evenly so at about half to
three quarters of the way full we just have a nice even crema color to pour our
latte art into. Now think of this like diving. So the Olympic divers they don’t
want to create a splash we don’t want any white splashing out onto our canvas
So what we do is we dive into the deep end of the pool when you hold your cup
tilted you’ll notice that the crema has a deeper area what we want to do is pour
directly into this and that’s going to sink it through. Mix in mix and mix in
You’re pouring a little bit faster and a little bit higher than you normally do
when you’re actually pouring the art. If you notice any white bits pop up
all you do is pour over them and you’re going to sink it through generally
people like to draw a little circles in the deep end when it gets to
three-quarters of the way full or half full wherever you’re comfortable it’s
time to start the pour to do that we want to make the white bits come out
onto the brown bit to do this all we do is drop our jug position down and tilt a
little bit more and if your milk is well textured it will naturally pour out and
create nice contrast between the white and the golden crema when you’re pouring
you do want to keep your cup at a little bit of an angle this is going to
increase the surface area and make it easier for you to pour so we mix in, we
mix in, we mix in,- we break the pour let the milk still. Drop down and when we’re
ready to pull through our Cup will almost be flat we go up and through so
we’re doing that sinking motion again to create a nice line in the center.
Alrighty so pouring is easy. Mix in mix in mix in. Stop. Break the pour. Drop down,
create your latte art, up and through for the pull through and that’s all there is to
it. Alrighty see you next time

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100 thoughts on “The basics of Milk Pouring

  1. Oh my effing God! There’s mass migration, struggles of war, famine and disease, and someone is talking about how to hold a jug? Say what now? 😂

  2. If anybody tries to give me a cup that full of milk, I will absolutely pour it over their head. Coffee should be drunk black or with barely any milk at all. What a con those coffee shops are turning out to be. Buy a jar of coffee for about £5 and it will last weeks; you can pay that for one shit drink..! My advice – stay at home and put your feet up

  3. One of my biggest problems has always been not having clear contrast for latte art. I have looked up a lot of tutorials on how to create better latte art, but no-one I've watched has explained how to properly "sink the milk". Thank you so much, I am excited to try this next time I work!

  4. I like your video series a lot! my milk foam is almost perfect now I would say, but I have a lot of troubles with Latte Art… several times I was able to create some signs of the tulip, but far away from good. the first step is no problem, fill the cup with 2/3 – 3/4, but the second part with latte art itself is always the problem. it takes much more time until I can see a pattern, although I fill in the milk quite fast. when you do it, it looks so easy, for me I'm to stupid 😀 would you have a tip for me? Regards from Austria – Lukas

  5. Hi, I just started the barista job a month ago. I did what you taught in the video. Mixing mixing, break the pour, lower to create your latte art, lift and pull through. Problem I face here is the moment I break the pour, my heart won't float atop. If I don't break the pour, I can push the milk and create the heart pretty decently. What did I did wrong? The froth milk? Thanks in advance.

  6. Thanks for this video! You being a left hander makes righties learning this so much easier! We just have to mirror your actions! Cheers!

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  10. Nice vibe … was extremely happy by the end …

    Gonna come right back down after my pour tho so, yeah xD

  11. ** New Subby**This looks easy to follow. Thanks so much for sharing and breaking down the steps! Sending love and light from Toronto.

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