The Candace Owens Show: Carl Benjamin

The Candace Owens Show: Carl Benjamin

okay guys we are rolling in to another episode of the Candice Owens show I have a lot on my mind you guys know I am in my London studio at the moment and right now I am considering the topic of multiculturalism or the idea that a bunch of different cultures can sort of exist in the same society peacefully without any disruption here to discuss all things multiculturalism with me is Carl Benjamin I know you guys are getting at me for not properly introducing my I guess so I'll say Carl is a youtuber he's been banned from some social media platforms which we'll get into in a bit as well Carl welcome to the Candice Allen show thank you very much and you also go by online a sargon of akkad yeah sargon of akkad so if you can't find them it's because he's under sargon of akkad okay so we were just talking about this a little bit in the green room I was telling you that I did an interview so here I am in London I spent a considerable amount of time in London about ten years ago when I was working in private equity and say about three months spell I was out here and ten years later I can say that the demographics of London have changed it just looks different than it did before and I was telling this to an interviewer are saying to the guy that you know it's it's a lot more muscle now there's a lot obviously a larger Muslim population here and he was just floored and and and and since that I would sort of say this out loud and it was basically saying that to suggest that the the the culture is shifting in London is Islamophobic there's quite a lot to to talk about that because I think this this really came to the fore the other day when a Monty Python comedian John Cleese said London is no longer an English city and John Cleese that occludes famous comedian and by all by all metrics that's a true statement if we consider a city to be representative if even if you were to describe a French city you would describe it as being mostly French I mean there's bound to be a foreign population of some form but presumably it's a minority population which gives it a French character because you know some French city looks French and acts French the people in there are mostly French that's how we determine what kind of city is what shortly and the the white english are now a minority in london it's not that muslims are a majority it's a non english people are a majority there and as soon as you say that you get this kind of howling disbelief how could you say that that's racist that's exclusionary Oh something like this are you but that is also what the numbers show and john cleese committed the heresy of just pointing that out i think that it's something to do with recognizing the english's of people that's a strange thing right because I mean you're a foreigner do you recognize an English person when you see one yes I do and how do you recognize them accent they dress I mean there's just there's just a cultural difference I mean now when I say cultural difference we're still a part of Western civilization so these these differences don't really amount to much between the America you know Americans and the British but there are differences young you can tell this I mean you know anyone watching will know who the American in the Englishman except in England where it seems kind of verboten to say that the English are our people because as soon as you say that then you realise that there is actually something about England that is unique but the rest of the world doesn't have and I think it's the sort of progressive quite radically leftist multicultural proud European types who are very much Pro the European Union and like the idea of London being a world city they're the ones who react negatively when you point out well that's not an English city anymore because essentially that's it that's an admission that there was something there that they have overtaken and that makes them sound belligerent that makes them sound like they have an agenda for the country that is frankly not in the interests of the people who already live there and I think it's that that makes them howl and rage when you say that London is in the city yeah and I mean what I he was I guess kind of going through all of my tweets cuz that's what people love to do and find one that they consider to be inflammatory and I've been looking at the models and a lot of the models have been predicting that by 2050 maybe a little later there's some dispute regarding when but eventually this Europe will actually be a muslim-majority continent just according to the birthrate read these are just facts right so this is not these they're looking at just the birth trends and and it just turns out the Englishmen aren't having as many kids as the Muslims are having that's just a fact and something that you should be able to contend with because it's the truth and I don't believe the truth never be inflammatory and so to call that Islamophobic it's like no that's just Islam of realistic right I'm just saying I don't have a horse in the race I'm American right so I'm just saying if this might be something you want to talk about and and what I was also what I also just in terms of saying why this is something that politicians should be talking about because I know it's on the mind I do a lot of you know speaking events here in London and in the UK it's different because we also have I guess you could say a migrant crisis in America in terms of people flooding over our border in the south right but the difference is is that if everybody from South America flooded into America we would still recognize our culture because Americans are similar like we we dressed the same as people address in Mexico yes it's a different language so you would definitely notice some changes but it's not as much of a I guess as a threat as it is I think in terms of the migrant crisis that's happening in Europe which Angela Merkel is now speaking about and you know and Swedish you're saying that they have a rape culture and they just they have a different system a different belief system when you talk about you know Syria still allowing Syrian migrants to flood the borders and that conversation makes people uncomfortable do we have a a culture that can coexist with the culture that we we are merging with right now in the city in this country it's a discussion I don't know the answer so as a foreigner to the Americans I would say there's a noticeable difference between Mexican and American culture I mean I I'm you know very it's obvious I can see it you know I realized that maybe when you're a lot closer to it maybe the distinction similar more blurred and overlapped but to me as an outsider I mean they're very noticeably different but it's it is something that really has to be ended with it but the thing is this is this has been part of the diversity agenda I mean like every and the thing is the birth rates aren't even that much of a problem really because the Muslim communities actually do still succumb to the sort of same first-world effect when they end up moving it so like two or three generations down the line you'll find that Muslim people descendants of immigrants don't have as many children have like 2.2 children because it's a consequence of wealth frankly and wealth is a liberating factor you know I mean in in in poor countries they have to have lots of children for to overcome the child mortality rate and then to look at what's going to happen to them in their old age we didn't need their children's porn there all day so they don't have a well first they or pensions or anything like this but we do here and so just generally changes people's attitudes so I'm actually not too worried about the birth rate per se for me it's mass immigration that's the problem because every year we learn 600,000 people of an Annette who remain about 300,000 and that and we're a were an island you know we're a small island right wait we don't have an unlimited amount space when one of those crowded places in all of Europe anyway especially if you come to the southeast which as you can see in London is massive so it's one of those things where really it's just the wrong numbers of people that are coming in that are in the problem ready and it is doing damage to the social fabric of the country and the the question of the burka really is the the one that's on everyone's mind at the moment but nobody really want to speak about it because the sort of person who wears a burka is a religious fanatic like that's not a moderates average Muslim the in fact the burka is banned in many Muslim countries because it's a symbol of religious extremism it's how Isis would have their women live and so when you have these women wandering around wearing in the men in phobes and things like this I mean you have to ask well what's their objection to how Isis runs the country you know what would they say if Isis came in and took over they'd well that's wrong because what women shouldn't wear a burka we shouldn't implement Sharia you know what's your objection to what Isis are doing and this is again like in Syria for example when Isis have been rolled back you see the videos the women throwing off the burgers you know they're liberating themselves from in this extreme imposition which isn't really technically Islamic you know it doesn't say this in the Quran oh the hadith that women have to be head-to-toe just a letterbox viewing available it it's just cover your chest effectively you know which to be fair it's not particularly not particularly stringent requirement and so this this is this is a bit of a problem and many European countries like Denmark and France that just outright ban the burger and honestly I don't blame them I really don't as it is a symbol of a kind of cultural imperialism from the east in a particularly repressive and dogmatic way and I think that's something that we should be trying to resist that the thing is because we're very we are very liberal in the soft classical sense in in England still we think that the state shouldn't be telling you how to dress we think that it's inappropriate to have a commentary on one another and it could be a form of like intimidation or oppression or something like this it's pretty ridiculous because the state already tells you how to dress they say you can't be naked for example you know I think that maybe that need and that's one extreme but how about the other extreme where you entirely covered because one of the things about British culture is we're a high trust society and that requires us to see each other's faces if we can't see our faces and we instinctively think that that person is doing something suspicious but if you if you walk into a bank with a motorcycle handle if you walk around with a balaclava you'll be treated as I feel some sort of terrorists you know people won't oh god what's this guy doing you know why is he hurt why is he covering his face and I think there's a there's a good reason for that's funny you say that because I people always ask me well what are you realizing now that you're marrying a Brit some of the cultural differences in in New York people wear sunglasses all the time inside outside New York is just kind of like a sunglass place and I came here and I was wearing my sunglasses and the Sun wasn't out my fiance was like why are you wearing your sunglasses and I thought he was just saying like hey the sun's hot out then I want him a subway and he was like you need to take your sunglasses off Yeah right myself why is this year that's literally told me he says because you look suspicious this is not it culturally it's a bit weird people to have their sunglasses on and as his guys ask me this question like how could this not be interpret as Islamophobia I lived with with a Muslim one of my best friends his Muslim but she's from Canada so she's a westernized she's westernized Muslim and she makes comments all the time about you know Muslims that come from the middle-east and she's like oh she actually says this I'm not that kind of Muslim this is a Muslim person who who goes to mosque every Saturday who is acknowledging that there are cultural differences and yet you have these these white english you know reporters who can't acknowledge that there are cultural differences you're bringing in something that is a bit different and you're gonna have to eventually contend with these changes if this is going to be sort of a mess you know a mass migration now again I'm not I think it's it's worth the discussion and for them to be able to have the discussion and see how people feel about that I'm not hang on a sec so the I I find it very interesting when you say they they can't contend with these cultural differences where and that's I that's essentially kind of not true it's implicit in the doctrine of multiculturalism that there must be cultural differences between different groups otherwise what do you multicultural alright so that it is implicit in that and it really I think um I actually I am actually come to the conclusion I think multiculturalism is actually a form of white supremacy and I like yeah now I I can I can back this up right so the the implicit assumption seems to be that in English individualist liberalism right which not American liberalism mostly because you're liberals are communists no they are every single one of them's a communist call them out to the face look at look at Carlos maza for example I mean he literally in his Twitter by our house you know Marxist Pig Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist that's our let's be quiz of the world you know I guess but so yeah the the thing about English individualism is it is about the primacy of the individual you were a sovereign individual and you should be you should be free to have as much self-determination of your life as possible now that to us seems like a universal value but that's not universal it's actually very English speaking so the english-speaking countries hold that as a high value for the highest value probably but there are other countries that don't see that as a value and they actually see that as being destructive or degenerate or something like this they see submission to Islam as being high value or you know whatever you know the commitment to the family and things like this you know these are these are other values about the primacy individual that other cultures actually contend with and then how on hold and they don't believe what we believe and so when you're saying oh we can be multicultural what you're saying really is our sort of English individualism is the chess board and every other culture is a piece on the chessboard but we are the board because we have a bit that on which everything else can happen because frankly we're better than them and that's effectively what they're saying they don't agree they don't see themselves as being inferior to us but that's kind of how the what the white Western left view them as like just inferior over they can just have the little piece there and then they'll have their little piece there and all around the bits that connect them all that'll be us why do you think there's this push for it this push for multiculturalism why can't there just be a we like realistic conversations why do they have a problem is there something problematic about the English culture as it is these are kind of the questions I have yeah the the the problem is we won that's the problem one what the game of empire okay that was the problem okay so you know in all of human history up until this point all civilized history was one one Empire dominating another until various you know until they get overthrown in the great sort of back and forth of human civilization and the flow of power or among peoples and Fermi for most of human history me the conquering force was an Asian man with brown skin he came in with a sword and he cut off the heads of the people who posed in that's the the the general you know if you were gonna choose like an average Conqueror throughout history that's what it looked like but it was only towards sort of the the end of the Middle Ages and onwards where the Europeans actually started developing a technological edge on their international rivals and so the Europeans ended up winning the game of empire they ended up creating only you've finished with essentially the British Empire being the last ones standing and as the world hegemon until world war ii and now we assume that the westerners we assumed it was inevitable that that was the case but it wasn't you know it wasn't inevitable that was the case and it was it was a lot of blood sweat and tears and intense competition between different peoples and so they because we were the ones left holding the ball at the end they kind of assume that well we were always destined to be left holding the ball at the end it was never gonna be the Turks or the Chinese or someone else I think that again is an innately superiority Nate Liam supremacist narrative you know the idea that it could only have been the white people I know we it was it was always up in the air you know we didn't know how it was gonna come down and it wasn't due to a lack of respect for our enemies that this was done it was it was done because we respected the strength and capability and power of these other cultures that we had to fight so hard for ourselves and so essentially there's been a kind of hollowing out of the moral legitimacy of the West because we've looked around and said well I mean we're not gonna say we're better than these people are we well no we're just one it's not that we're better than them it just happened exactly and that you speak you just won exactly exactly and it's a it's a very very complex confluence of circumstances that led to them losing enough swimming and for millennia before we were the ones who losing you know we you can you can look at the the medieval expansion expansion of the Islamic empires and say why okay you know they're the superior race if modern history had started there they'd be left holding the ball and they'd be the ones going oh god you know are we are we actually supremely they probably wouldn't care actually you know they're probably saying well yes that's true get used to it but the the the fact that it was the the english-speaking world that was kind of left in charge of the world is very interesting because one of the primary values of the Indus speaking cultures is fairness and it doesn't seem fair that we won in retrospect you know because you can look back at the bad things that happened in history and all empires have done bad things and you know english-speaking empires have been no different obviously and we look bankable was that fair well no of course it's not fair Empire isn't a fair game which is it yeah but the empires are not fair obviously they're about cultural supremacy of one culture or one racial group over other groups that's what an empire is by definition and so of course it's not a fair game but that's why we don't play it now you know that's why we don't do we've realized that we don't have to do you know independent sovereign nations are probably good thing to continue to exist in peace with trade amongst their neighbors right that's a much more fair way and so we're looking at it from a position where we essentially feel like historically they've been treated unfairly and it's been by our ancestors that have done it and so now we must essentially we're essentially doing this their own values okay so what we're doing really here is now we're tapping at the door of white guilt the phenomenon white guilt which is to me it's so bizarre and it's complex take it from me as someone who's a black American who's supposed to be loving this a white guilt and tell them between the legs mentality and now going back and essentially saying there's something wrong with the color of my skin it's weird to watch it really is just outside looking in it's weird to watch because like I could never imagine waking up and just being like I'm so sorry from being black like I just never do it there would never be a day where I go I'd like to apologize for being a woman and for being black America I just I don't have that in me there's a natural sense of you know of pride and and yet we're seeing people that are conditioned to feel this way before they even leave high school you know and there that there's something inherently wrong because they were they were just sort of born with the wrong color of skin or born into the born into the wrong country again inherently supremacist now it is it you're right the white people need to feel guilty because they won this game you should accept that white people are better than you that's why I say to black Americans is they you know to have to be accepting this pandering that's going on you have to already accept the white liberal and I'm talking about American liberal narrative that they are better than you and I used to accept that so I'm a conservative and and I say no thank you I I don't consider myself a victim and they almost you know they they almost lose their lunch it's like you know excuse me and and that is what you realize is that when you do reject that when you reject that mentality and you see how angry they get that you can't accept your status as a victim that lets you know they're not doing it now because they feel bad for you they're doing because they think they're better than you yeah and when you don't accept that they know the white liberal is superior to you to you they get angry I eat them sorry my questioning your superiority what are you so angry about right shouldn't be what you want you shouldn't you walk black Americans to walk around their heads held high and feeling confident no you don't want that because that doesn't make you feel superior so you're right you're of white supremacy and you know they do this because there was a study that showed recently that the left-wing people white left-wing as in America speak in more simplified sentences when dealing with minority yeah I'm not I mean you can't say that you don't feel yourself to be superior if you're gonna dumb yourself down when talking to the inferior Hillary Clinton did it she had a whole scandal where she was saying I'm feeling ain't no type types of ways and suddenly she turned into a southerner slave we have a OC I mean she's not white but you see when she had her black sent as I've been calling it it's the exact same thing they jump into this role where it's well I have to speak in Ebonics they won't be able to understand they have to speak with slang in an accent it's so much nicer so insulting truest form of yeah you know I'm more superior than you you won't be able to understand this unless I try to communicate this in a way that you lesser educated people right and I mean listen a perfect example of that is how I change the way I speak when I'm speaking to toddlers right so I get when I used to nanny I'd say okay time to go to bed because I actually am saying that I'm an adult and I can I can grasp the English language better than this child can be right so and and to know that they're doing that to people that are the see just because of the color of their skin you think you're superior you do and that is an eight year and and basically the the implied inferiority of foreign cultures is why the West I think has essentially lost the moral conviction in its own values and that's really disappointing because I think Western values are the best it is there's no question of it the East is the least I'm just rhyming guys don't take it don't take it personally it's not say their own you know good cultures in these area or anything like that but as a system of values that produces sort of harmonious productive prosperous culture I think that Western liberalism is the best option it's been demonstrable history was proven this the statistics will show it the fact that everyone's trying to migrate to our countries and not to theirs is just further evidence that we yeah we do have I think a better system of values and in the opportunities because of our values we present better opportunities for people which is not based on the color of the skin is based on what they're willing to put out and to see like what we create be demonizing at the same time they're insisting like that's sort of the great paradox of the leftist mentality in America where it's like we are the most racist sexist bigoted awful misogynist country in the world but open our borders and let everybody Angus they want to commit or incur some icons let's build the wall to you know to contain ourselves the rest of the world complete 180 in 2020 and say we're gonna build the wall to make sure that we don't contaminate the rest of the world because you're right you see exactly that would that would be his'n the meltdown that they would have they'd have to acknowledge that but you exactly we're actually a good good thing we're actually good is the thing and you know I want to talk to learn about political correctness and actually the differences that I'm acknowledging or starting to realize now between political correctness and just being polite so the British culture here another cultural difference here is that you guys are tremendously polite and when I say polite I mean you don't always say what you mean that's the food part of the British spirit I'm like that's what he said I'm not sure that's exactly what he meant but I think that what's sort of starting to be conflated is the idea of being polite versus being politically correct cuz one is just okay I'm going to put light I see you know a clinically obese person is doing their I don't need to go up to that person and say hi you're really really fat right but political political correctness then says that we shouldn't even talk about the fact that being fat can lead to heart attacks and papers we should we should instead create the fat acceptance movement right and I think that the dangers of the British culture is that you sometimes conflate being polite which is not exactly avoiding avoiding the truth but with political correctness which is that you guys are actually now kind of creating lies like what I said where I have this interview with this guy about like just demographics changing yeah so the the thing about being polite is it's circumstantial and it's contextual so it could be a a polite thing to ignore the fact that like someone has something on the teeth lately but it could also be if you know there abouts go into an interview say it would be the polite thing say no you know so it's up to you and so it's contextual it's not just an objective statement that someone can be trained into and then expect it to in all circumstances follow the same rule sets but political correctness is they actually know there's a particularly dogma there and that holds true for wherever you are whenever you are it's always politically incorrect to you know be again studies or whatever it is you know but also the the idea behind political correctness and politeness they're just they've got very different roots because political correctness inherently and implicitly assumes that everyone is a political actor at all times and so if you have to be politically correct that means you're constantly being watched as a political actor now that that erases the distinction between the public and the private life you know I shouldn't have to be expected to be politically correct in my private life because I'm not being political unless you think that everything is political which the radical left do and therefore you can never get away from it so you you've allowed these effectively totalitarians to politicize every area of your life at all times whereas I can be nice if I want or I can not be nice depending on the circumstance depending on I'm talking to you and there are no particular consequences other than the reaction from the person that I'm talking to there's no outside force that's going to come and say well you weren't nice therefore we're gonna take away your Twitter account all you lose your job or something like that but because political correctness is a Dogma and it does have defined rules they can absolutely do that so it's it's quite a terrifying thing when they try sell it's just about being nice so you don't get to define right what makes you nervous here is that it's it almost is just as if I'm talking about in terms of reading what's being put out there it's you're just deluding the population in terms of what's actually going on right so it's it becomes an easier and easier layup for them but just to be politically correct it's not acknowledged hard truths and this is what I actually think political correctness lays the groundwork for people like Nigel Farage and for Donald Trump to come through because then they just blow doors open they blow open the doors and they just start telling the truth you know just start saying hard facts and saying we're bringing in dangerous people out the border and then Oh the politically correct crowd just can't contend with the idea of ever saying anything again an immigrant and yet people are suffering in communities because nobody is willing to actually talk about what's happening and so it becomes kind of this this force against truth-tellers and and this is how that we're seeing seep now into social media which brings us to you being banned well the it the the whole thing with political correctness it it it was an invention of the Soviet Union and it was ironic as well because the idea that you know you were being correct according to the politics of the Communist Party that was running its or you can be correct to reality as you're experiencing it which is why the Chernobyl documentary no there wasn't graphite on the ground you didn't see graph on the ground even though the guys holding us all that great great documentary well great shower essentially kind of is a documentary in the way that's this kind of idealistic political conception of the world ends up domineering over the actual real experiences of the people living under it you can say this thing has happened because you can see it but if the the politics of where you're living doesn't accept that then you'll find yourself as some kind of revolutionary and this is essentially why I keep getting banned from social media exactly right cuz that's what it is it's it created the groundwork this this kind of lies what I feel like America was this was a great big lie right when Obama was in office oh we achieved success when you cheat out and we wanted now everything's fine is we have a black we have a black president yeah people were he got worse the economy was going worse racial tension that I never felt growing up suddenly was at the forefront we had you know the war on police officers things were actually going terribly and it sort of took this guy to say no more political correctness I'm calling what's what and laid the groundwork for him to come and just explode everything and it was so needed and it was so refreshing and yet bizarrely you still have people trying to sort of force this narrative down everyone's throat and it becomes a sort of oh well there's just more racist than we thought or like no you know it is it's the radicalization of the internet this happened we can explain Trump it's because of Russia we can explain Trump in the Magda movement it's because of Karl Benjamin's YouTube right and and they sort of bizarrely it's a mental disorder it's just like guys just tell the truth people weren't happy that's it it's it is it is it is a fear of not having a comprehensive narrative for the world and so anyone who falls outside of this narrative must be in some way morally deficient even if they're I mean you know like there was a Labour MP called Nash are in this country the still is in fact who retweeted a joke parity account that had said in this tweet she didn't realize it as a parody account grooming gang victims should stay silent for the sake of diversity and she'd like to meet we did this whole point that we'll hang on that that's awful and that makes you look like you're actually okay with grooming gangs as long as no one says it and obviously she deleted that and you know went on her merry way but everyone had seen that the internet never forgets okay and so it's everywhere on the internet now now sure her name was but that's what political correctness is you know we we have we have a narrative of Islamic immigration into Britain that is all sunshine and roses and if you're being raped by any of these people then you're not being raped by them you didn't see graphite on the ground you should shut up for the same exactly right that's that's exactly the add to that I felt this person had which is like there is no graphite on the ground in London and I'm going hey look I don't really care you know I live here but just see what this graphite wasn't here ten years ago that's all I'm saying just saying yeah and they start to they start to make it seem like people that have two eyes are just crazy and wrong and immoral and I'm like literally what we have is just to seeing eyes then they'll turn around say to you okay will you explain to me how diversity isn't our strength you know yeah and then and it's really a scary thing when you start saying that the truth is inflammatory mmm and that's literally what this this person wrote to me an email it was like – how do you not consider this to be inflammatory how can the truth the inflammatory it's like graphite on the ground after Chernobyl explosion that's you know it's it's it would be inflammatory for you to say that you saw graphite okay well it's the truth right so you you at a certain point you have to be willing to have these discussions so now we're kind of going into crazy land where they're saying okay how do we get the narrative back under control how do we get people to believe you know what we what we're projecting to be going on I I actually say like in terms of CNN it's kind of the only TV or that's broadcasts adhere over-broad is that you guys get to CNN either there is no fox or other perspective no okay good I'm glad to hear that snow washed in America there are meteors bad nights worse than see it okay well here is what I say I say to myself why is CNN still lying about what's happening in America that's my thing it's been two years now people can see he's doing exactly what he said he was gonna do America is great right now right kind of feels like we're coming back right Lauren we are a reward our economies roaring people are feeling good does just paint the spirit of patriotism that's come back why still a lie why are you why are you trying to tell the world that America is under fire because it's there they created it and if it's not true then they're not the moral authorities all of this is about viewership is thinking what do you have to benefit by this lie anymore because it makes them feel like good people they believe that they are the moral opinion setters of the country they've and the things they think they've worked out morality they own it this is the right thing to do and it's like no not always you know like you say it is sometimes you've got to come on and say well actually there have been problems and then what are you doing you're undermining their entire moral worldview yeah I've said that the the pure and perfect morality is have handed down from Lord Marx in heaven was this this this and this and if you if you can show me one that's not true then I've got to change my entire moral worldview and the thing is if I've been sat there saying you're a racist xenophobic piece of trash and I've been doing is constantly for ex-man years publicly and millions of people have seen it and suddenly I get some information that shows actually maybe I'm in the wrong man I've got walk back a lot there I've got so many apologies to give out there right and so I'm you know that's not even real you're actually more of a bigger than I thought okay look they're trying on black white supremacy right now I mean now that is you're starting to see okay there's more black support for Trump it's like well just call everybody that's supporting him a black white supremacist what's happening is the black people are now white supremacists they want to create a society that they can't live in that's it sounds like a joke but they're saying it amiss on the plus side I think if there's one thing we've learned is that white supremacy is really inclusive and diverse if these black people white supremacists then I guess welcome to every everybody is a white supremacist there's nobody I mean AME they are they're down to calling children white supremacist they don't care it's if you if you see anything outside of the narrative right if you acknowledge that piece of graphite on the ground you are a white supremacist and it's insulting and and what I'm seeing now is this weird push and I personally think it's kind of funny cuz it's just there's something about its mean it's very childish and thinking that you're just gonna just ban any opposing opinion from the internet as if it never happened and I I think that their thought process is they they think that by banning people some of the people that were following that person are gonna convert to their side I think I think what I don't think I think they've written off those people first off why did you get banned from Twitter what was the lat what was the the tweet that broke the camel's back I I called some Nazis I don't know if I can say the word actually it wasn't offensive word but I I called the Nazis a slur for Jewish people you called the Nazis a slur for Jewish people yeah okay so you got banned did you have strikes against your account before that I don't think it does strikes no I think we just they just banned you they don't do strikes no I'm aware okay some of this came out when when Jack Dorsey one of Joe Rogan's they were read yeah the thing is like whenever whenever you're arguing with Nazis online there's an implicit assumption that you know you're not friendly to one another and so use the most harsh language you can think of these against you and honestly it's part of a game that you play with them you know and so basically I was just repackaging their own rhetoric and using it back against that which also got banned for patreon so you know Twitter and patreon in defense of the Nazis don't be too offensive to them because you'll get banned that's so interesting so you were actually attacking the other other side and then it sort of led to this mass exodus from the patreon account people saying that we have to stop putting our you know putting our our on these platforms if it's going to start if they're gonna start banning people that are attacking the actual Nazis and there was a another thing is if if it was just a market decision by Pedro saying well we're a politically correct platform if you're not politically correct then we won't host you then that would be fine because you know another platform would spring up like for example a platform called maker support was created no prior price this but it was a small platform but it was a good clean platform and it looked nice and so that I'll use this then and stripes shut down their payment processing ability because people from patreon were going up to there and we actually ended up having to go to a platform called subscribe star which is not based in the United States to get away from this kind of corporate obviously kind of fascist censorship well you know it's it's not enough that you just don't use one corporation you're not allowed to use another one and you've got to go to a foreign corporation just to be able to do that same thing that you did prior which essentially is saying the patreon has not Leon donations you know it's funny that you say that because there's um there's a girl in America named Laura Loomer yeah and she got banned from Twitter for saying which is kind of ironic cuz now everyone is saying it the Ilhan omar works with you know works with care terrorist organization I know now now everyone's saying and she called she called Ilhan Omar anti-semitic and said that Allah no harm and married her brother and now it's now this is all national no it's now it's on Jews yeah yeah she filed say there's some weird tax stuff there and you know I don't I don't follow too much of it but basically now it's mainstream it's a mainstream opinion so most actually most conservatives agreed that the tweet that she got banned for was kind of like there was nothing in it that was that was that was false actually but then she got banned from Instagram she got banned from Facebook she got banned from PayPal she got banned from patreon she got banned from uber she got banned from what's the opposite of uber or what's the other one lift its ban from lip she got banned from Chase Bank she could no longer Bank right she got banned from venmo right so Jesus there she lived there's no place she can put money there's I mean it's unbelievable to see this this is almost like you know you you basically have been kicked out of the country you're not allowed to be a human being it's ostracization from society right thing is it I I think that is the key factor in radicalization as well when when you essentially say this person is not allowed to exist in society do they get more moderate or do they get more radical and I think in inevitably all all censorship leads to radicalization you can see this would be alright at the moment and these are following in the footsteps of the Christ Church shooter who is following four steps of Anders Breivik and I think that the the sort of radical Nazi fringe at this point have just come to the conclusion that they won't even listen to our concerns which they won't they're going to in fact censor you and oppress you and and kick you out of society we're just going to drive you crazy she's more radical and I think that this is why in the last few months we've had three alt-right shooters and I think they'll just continue to get more and they'll probably get more effective as well although the last couple have been fairly well the last one was very ineffective but um I I think they'll probably start taking it more seriously right and we're gonna see more often yeah I think this goes one or two ways you either radicalize the person or you force the person to become suicidal I can't imagine waking up every day and just not being able to do anything everything I did today required some form of everything that I just said that Laura lumen was banned from like you know like whether you're moving here lifting here doing your banking so the idea that you just say to somebody you're not allowed to be a person anymore because we don't like your viewpoints it's it's you know it's pretty scary and whether you think like that are allowed to bank murderers rapists they have bank accounts so what we're really incorrect people cannot do it yeah that's often bought the platform of you if you were a career rapist because sadly people don't get time you don't go to jail for life right for raping someone you don't if you got out of prison you could open a bank account in to side you could have a Twitter account you could start a YouTube channel you know wouldn't burn a moon it wouldn't ban they wouldn't be a murderer but if you have a conservative perspective yeah you can you can get banned that's really interesting do you know what I find most interesting about those is the the the the thing that the thing that scares me they sold it being done under the radar because nobody really thinks about it in these terms anymore but um I had to I had to study fascism obviously because you need to know what you're talking about when you're talking against something and one of the things that Mussolini and Giovanni Gentilly wrote in the doctrine of fascism is that they not only wanted to totalitarian state was control every aspect of your life and they wanted it to be what they called an ethical state which meant that it had a direction in which the civilization should travel so everyone's subservient to the state and then the state is going to mold you into a certain kind of person there's going to lead you into this glorious future yeah it sounds terrifying yeah and the the way that they conceived of it is in opposition to the the liberal state which was a night watchman that's how this goes there's a potential rights you know it's there to make sure the bad things don't arbitrarily happen to you to protect your property rights pledged person protect your ability to just live you know and get on with your lives in peace and harmony and you know fulfill your own life's trajectory that you decide you know you've got self-determination they hated that they wanted an ethical state they wanted the state have an agenda they wanted it to be able to push in a certain direction oppress dissidents and everything was all within the state nothing outside this thing nothing against the state's formulation but it's this kind of ethical conception that's missing from capitalism and I think was Adam Smith who put it like this the the are paraphrase essentially but like the moral the moral benefit of capitalism is the anonymization of society you don't need to know who you're doing business with you don't need to know anything about them you know that you're gonna present this amount of money they're gonna present whatever good and if you agree on the price then the exchange takes place it's all peaceful that's all tranquil and everyone gets on with their lives you don't need to know anything about these people and so when these corporations start taking this kind of ethical stance I can't help but think of things that Mussolini would agree with you know miscellany would agree that of course these corporations should get rid of these you have communists or liberals or whatever whoever the the political enemy is it doesn't matter about a fascist who has murdered someone fascist who's raped someone that's okay he's a fascist therefore in the ethical state he's really not outside of the bounds of normality people commit crimes of course so he's not gonna be ostracized some society but someone who's saying well maybe the state shouldn't control every aspect of our lives well that's against the ethical state so maybe that person does need to be dealt with and it's the same that's the same attitude these corporations are taking an ethical corporation is actually a terrifying thing because their ethical agenda might not be the same as yours you know and that's really really concerned about this so you have NT fund that this is literally a gang antifa is a gang they wear masks they don't even try to not look like a gang they're not coming but exactly coming in callers and those shoes right they show up they read they look like little ninjas rights need little ninjas and there they've been physically violent they punchable they've they've if you saw what happened they burned down Berkeley essentially when Milo innopolis is going to speak there and they do this calling themselves the anti-fascist right so if you're gonna come speak out of campus and they disagree with you're gonna say they are anti-fascist by coming to shut down your speech and using by any means necessary to do that they're allowed to bank they're allowed to be on Twitter they've got they have their whole they have their entire groups like and Tifa Philly and Tifa go on tour you can learn all this and they're absolutely physically violent and they have to do with politics so we can't even say that that's because they follow the ethical agenda of lis you know there must mean he's black yeah you know they're on doing all sorts of violence but the Cellini would have agreed with this supporters because they're doing this bidding goes exactly right and we're seeing that happening to see CNN shank sanction them and the bank sanction them and say they can do business they can go get a venom oh these people that hate capitalism by the way they can go get an uber I mean and and head to the protest on their iPhones and coordinators for another right I mean that's that's the big Joker capitalism's terrible hey let's meet up using my iphone to connect with you and they do they do a lot of harm but the the the thing that's most objection by antiphon it is exactly the same way as the fascist Brown shows a black shirts it's is the the violation of the liberal principle of non-violence you can't be politically violent that's the the the underlying rule of a liberal state and so when you see all of these like left-wing verify journalists running around going punch Nazis on Twitter they're essentially saying we are in favor of the ethical state that will oppress a certain population in within you know our nation because we don't like them and it doesn't really matter why you don't like them it doesn't really matter today I mean you know the the Nazis could have appropriated progressive rhetoric against Jews they could have you see one right what would have been different and so it's an but this is the thing this is the liberal the liberal state as the Nightwatchman it's like no nobody gets punished you don't have the legitimacy to do this this is what tolerance and mutual understanding is all about you know this is about what a liberal state actually is and so really in the 21st century we're actually going completely away from the liberal conception of what the state should be the Nightwatchman that's impartial you know not going away from it exists it's just exists on the right today well the Conservatives are the Liberals that's what I say conservative liberals we're accepting as you consider yourself to be a liberal I always try to provide a platform to liberals to come debate their ideas here's what I find they don't want you they don't want you they want to scream in a crowd they want to put any want to pretend that something's happened they want to create the illusion that they're fighting for peace okay well if your ideas are more superior or you think that you guys are actually fighting for goodness you would be so open to having a discussion with someone because then you can slam them ideologically and say here's where I disagree with on this here's disagree on that they were fused you do it starting for a month I would oh my god I would love to sit down with any of these leftist I would love for an somebody who's a member of an Tifa to say Candace I'd love to come to your show and have a peaceful dialogue of what I believe in versus what you believe in never would they ever accept that it's always the other way around right it's always the conservatives who are like please come and talk to us please and there is no conservative anti-fur no there's no liberal that can't go speak on a college campus or university and that gets shut down by a bunch of conservative gang members that I know I mean yet they'll treat the proud boys as if they're Nazis and I'm just something like the proud boys like they won't attack you you know they are there to essentially prove and protect the the right of a conservative or someone non progressive to speak a certain place without being assaulted and at the end of the day if the police aren't gonna do something about a bunch of black shirts who you know who are screaming about socialism and Nazis and from attacking people what what are the options in all of these all of these uh places that I've spoken the police do defend me I mean every time you lose come yeah and they're there at least in America they are you know I think they really appreciate the fact of a president in there that's defending them and that conservatives are saying the police are not bad and they volunteer like I go to speak they volunteer and there's a horde of police officers that just make sure Antipa can't attack me so I could I could it be more Pro you know police we shouldn't be like go to a position now right now to allow this kind of the this or radical communist types and they are communists who will just say well I don't like that person therefore I am justified in attacking but to every every mainstream centrist sort of mind that should be the the biggest set of red flags you know variety that's bad those people about I don't care what they stand for I don't care what they're trying to do procedurally what they want what the action they're gonna take it it's a complete moral wrong there's no way of dressing it up it doesn't matter how much but Nancy this Nancy is you know when they start attacking someone the police will arrest them too right you know it doesn't matter it's the attacking that is the problem I believe because you can change your beliefs sort of whim you so I actually I'm at this now and I'm at now cares you know what you're doing is what we punish because we don't punish thought crimes or at least we didn't punish all crimes we do now alright so where do you where do you think this is all heading turning you really think so we're doing it okay I'm currently being investigated by the birmingham police for a joke I told because it was at the expense of one of our MPs nineteen feminists academics MPs and activists tried to get me D platformed from being able to run for office because I told this joke well yeah you've got like Martinique and countdown lose arrested and charged eight hundred pounds over this over a joke he made and they didn't even they didn't even give him the opportunity to not pay either that's the thing is that it's one thing being charged for a joke but it's another thing saying you're not even allowed to martyr yourself because that was the that was the great problem of totalitarian regimes ultimately is that usually like it Rosa Parks you know someone would stand up say you know I don't care do it do your worst but I'm gonna resist this and a totalitarian regime prevented that from happening because a martyr is a point around which rebels can start accumulating and so you just disappear you know wouldn't be in the news and wouldn't be you know you wouldn't be famous Normand know that you've martyred yourself and so are you really a martyr you've just disappeared and this is effectively what the British government did with countdown killer they didn't they didn't say right here's a bill three hundred pounds will be you've got to pay this and if you don't pay that tried because his dog did white supremacy yes a desire yes okay obviously a joke it doesn't matter because we're at the point now where we're coming for the comedian right um but this but this thing like normally you'd okay you being chance dog serve time no I believe it's still free okay it's actually at-large converting people to Nazis as we speak but he should have been given the opportunity to say no I have principled opposition to what you're doing I'm not gonna pay you're gonna have to come and arrest me because that would have been a signal to the people around saying look there's something wrong here and I'm gonna stand on principle and I'm gonna follow through the courage of my convictions but instead they just took the money out of his account so he can't even make a make a statement that way so it's effectively kind of tearing out his tongue in that regard but you know we're in Britain we're at the point where we are so unfree that it's the class clowns that are being targeted now right and that's you know meet me down killer you know we ruin the class class you know we're the guys who sat in the back of the class with Borden finger just telling jokes or whatever I know they've come for us so that's a great way of putting it they're coming for the class clowns now I mean that's happening in America too I mean Kevin Hart you tweeted something homophobic years ago right and now you can't you can't host whatever it was that he was hosting I think it was the Oscars and he actually entered an apology and all this stuff I would never ever ever apologize for something that I said 14 years ago I say are you kidding me I actually probably laugh at that the interviewer I mean just be like are you are you absurd we've kind of questions this metaphor apologize if you think you did nothing wrong right and but even even if you did do something wrong right where are we going where are we heading in terms of forgiveness are you allowed to evolve are you allow the changed an individual are you allowed to be stupid as a child and then grow up being adults I mean this this is interesting right because the the only apology worth giving and the only apology worth receiving is a personal one so if I if I defended you personally I don't care what the BBC if the BBC was write an article say on it noted noted misogynist Karl Benjamin says something terrible about Candace Owens I'm not going to make a public apology here's the BBC on the ones who are offended the people watching or reading they don't know you know they don't care but if I was speaking to you now and you said look that really hurt my feelings I'd appreciate an apology and if I thought that I've done something wrong I would say we are I'm really sorry about this I didn't think about you know because I would care about your feelings it's an interpersonal relationship a public apology is a different kind of culture because when I'm doing that with you I'm saying I feel guilty you know and so we wouldn't have to have an audience it could be me and you talking in private I'd say look I feel bad for what I did you know and so I am sorry and I hope that goes some way to making some some restitution it would be a personal guilt driven apology between me and you a public apology is not shame exactly right totally different thing it's about essentially saying that the group determines your own moral compass and whether you like it or not you're gonna be shamed into it if not then we're gonna make a public spectacle of you and it's not about you then it's about everyone watching it's about taking you down and then making you get on your knees and saying that we are now yeah but what that is is it that's a demonstration to everyone else saying listen right if you don't follow our rules the rules of the collective then that'll be you that's honestly that is the way I felt yeah that's the way I felt when I first criticized the me to him I didn't like three tweets and they went nuts it was trending on Twitter and it basically were I mean it was so bizarre they were saying that I wanted women to be wait because I said I literally say I don't support the me – I mean Ellen Ellen DeGeneres like her producers for everybody in the world it seems like suddenly saw the tweet and then Jake Tapper you must delete the tweet everyone you must seize it I did not delete the tweet I didn't apologize I said I stand by everything I said I don't support – me – movement you can not support this movement but also support rape victims it is possible maybe what ended up happening eventually the firestorm left I stood on my own two feet and then the four or five months later the Brett Kavanaugh thing happened and suddenly everyone realized that there was something wrong with the me – movement right and it's hard I think when you when you're under it it's there so much pressure that's it that it's like if you apologize they'll just be alleviated but I say to people if you apologize not gonna go away you think about it's gonna satisfy everything I'm sorry or I could have rephrase that better is gonna make them feel better you know just gonna make them go ha we got her and now we can always stick her with this thing because she acknowledged that she was wrong which does Wow you know women to be raped no I saw what I meant if you ran into that you're probably sick right I don't support the media movement you know that's it but then then what they're also doing is turning you into a liar no you're not sorry yes women look weak and that we can't differentiate we don't have the the ability to turn around and say to someone because this is when they were starting to conflate like a bad pass with like men are now monsters I have a guy hits on you this guy should be me – did she lose his career and I said this is now is this becoming something that's really motion it's monstrous right so I I'm a pretty strong woman if a guy hits on me I don't like it I can turn around and say hey I'm not into the S you know back up they were something like we were just the weakest women in the world and a part of that as you were talking about with what you have to acknowledge is to accept this movement is that women are less than men that we do not know how to deal with men under any circumstances that we don't know how to tell a man no thank you no wasn't really feeling that day and I basically to become a part of that movement would have had to acknowledge my own weakness and it wasn't the experience that I was having growing up and I want to differentiate myself and if you guys are so pro women you should accept that we're not all the same you know one person's experience does not dictate everyone else's experience I agree it's let you say it never goes away and so you're always going to have admitted that you're a bad person in public so anyone at any point can bring this up to shut you up to shut you down and it it really is about silencing the other members of the group and it it really just comes down to the what kind of society you want to live it do you want to live in a kind of society where people will stand around the street and point at you and say you're a bad person or do you want to live in a society that's a bit more civilized than that because that's the worst that's the worst extremity of like a kind of cult-like mentality where it's fear of being ostracized from the group and the group is threatening ostracization under pain of certain points and it's again a part of a sort of like the ethical society where they've got a particular direction and they're gonna kick you out of it if you don't do what you're told and it's the total opposite of the the sort of anonymous Nightwatchman liberal conception of society and they will all say that they're doing the exact right thing that's the worst part when their dog pound on you like Jake Tapper I mean I would have just retweeted it so that may you are scum delete your account right every single person who engages in that is scum I know every single one and they don't feel good about themselves afterwards they feel ashamed of themselves but they can't say it because what they're gonna do you know they are all scum every single one of those people use your tongue for that I mean they would never sit down with me face to face they're all terrified of me I'm like I'm bad I'm slippery like an eel they've tried to shut me down so many times and I fall through the cracks because they have to acknowledge that that they're a fraud right you're all your whole brand is I do it for minorities I do it so women can have a voice and you have a minority woman who says no thank you when you attack her so you have to acknowledge that this wasn't about minorities it wasn't about women it was about your own self-serving ego and narcissism and that's it so we wrap every episode of the Candace Owen show you get to leave a video message for the world okay so you look at this camera which just you know everybody in the entire world watches my show if you look at this camera and you get two minutes and you can say whatever you want that you feel that every person needs to hear and you don't get that much time to think about it two minutes on the clock on your mark get set world I give you Karl Benjamin you are a flawed person and should probably exercise more restraint in your life and more forgiveness to the people around you I love when people do the one sentence once it's all I can think all right that's great thank you guys for watching the latest episode of the Candace Owens show I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did as many of you guys already know Prager U is a 501c3 nonprofit organization which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public please consider making a tax-deductible donation today I would really appreciate your support

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44 thoughts on “The Candace Owens Show: Carl Benjamin

  1. Good to see people still don’t think rationally, and believe the same tired stories about immigrants. You’d think after 300 years of the same shit we would give it up already, but that is the fault in our primitive ape dna.

  2. LIFE IS NOT FAIR – you can create a 'game' and give it rules to control it to make it 'fair'. But life is not a game. Life is life, it is not a game and it can't be controlled. The modern left delusion : they confuse life for a game that can be controlled

  3. For Carl to be correct about Muslim birth rate changing in 2, 3 generations the Muslims would have to integrate first. Integration doesn’t happen when migrants arrive in large numbers. Additionally the welfare state would have to still be functioning for the migrants to feel they didn’t need lots of children. In 2,3 generations it is very debatable that that could be the case.

  4. I live in Norway, and I know many 2nd and 3rd gen people from the middle east, who were born here. Culturally they are usually the same as other people in Norway, and are not having crazy amounts of children, and they even eat pork. They really don't care about Islam.

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    Those who came here for Sargon: "So that's the infamous Candace Owens."

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  7. Well this gentleman has way too much moustache to be Hitler but the Lady is so rousing and convincing that She has me spellbound with Her common sense, let's think for ourselves kind of propaganda. She could be black Hitler perhaps…no….not enough moustache.

  8. Sargon: "The West won the game of Empire just randomly"
    Also Sargon: "Western values produce this harmonious, productive, prosperous culture."

  9. All the beta's in the comments calling these guys fascists , go shoot up some testosterone and practice your Nazi salutes with the other betas in Klantifa ……racists

  10. Wow. One of the best videos I've ever seen. All of our schools should have to show this to their students. Never happen because of all of the reasons talked about here.

  11. I really dislike this ad. I want it off my feed!!!! Dont speak for Christian's with such foul language!

  12. This is a dangerous combination. I disagree with both quite often, but taken together, they are quite convincing…

  13. Carl, I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure you got banned from twitter and patreon for calling the nazis "white N****Rs" I think that was apt appropriate and funny but why would you lie to Candice about that? im pretty sure she would have seen the humor in that what would hurt a nazi more? com on man be honest at least.

  14. Controlling immigration, maintaining European demographic hegemony and maintaining foundational paleoconservative values across the generality of Western society is key to the preservation of Western Civilization. But what about non-European people in the West who fully assimilate and see themselves as Western? Do we force them out because of their country of origin? If we stop immigration today what do we do with those already here? Do we define them by country of origin? Do we define them by their contributions to Western Civilization? If so, all blacks will be first to be shipped off because of their generally poor social advancement and contributions to science compared to other groups. If not, then how? How do we define "otherness"? What about the millions of WHITE liberals in this country and in the West in general who are far more destructive to Western Civilization in the short term than any long term demographic change could be? If Muslims in the West evolved a tamer version of Islam would they be okay? Contrary to the regressive Right, such a formulation already exists in the West, the product of Western civilizational influence. Such an effect has already been seen in Judaism. Orthodox Judaism is no less pernicious than Orthodox Islam in a Western context however, that truth has been carefully camouflaged. Pick up the Talmud and tell me if you are reading a text compatible with existence in a Western milieu? Is Halacha compatible with a Western milieu? The answer is no. Well the Jews have nonetheless found a cultural detente and rapprochement with the West and so can Islam through the same process because the truth is Orthodox Judaism is virtually INDISTINGUISHABLE from Orthodox Islam.

    Christianity and Judaism are two very different religions and if one were to identify similarities between the Western religions, Judaism and Islam, are infinitely closer, theologically, ontologically and practically. It's a wonderful sleight of hand that in 2019 most of the world, through successful social engineering and propagandizing, have come to see Islam as the Other and see Judaism and Christianity as the virtual Same. I would like Christians and Jews who use that term to henceforth refer to themselves always as "Judaeo-Christians" because why not? Actually if they insist on these supposed "pedigree-monikers" they should probably, to be intellectually thorough and honest, expand it to "Pagan-Judaeo-Christian" because that is part of their shared religious historical pedigree as well.

  15. It’s crazy to know that blacks AND EVEN WHITE “LIBERALS” would label Candace as an “Uncle Tom negro” just because she doesn’t subscribe to black victimhood.

  16. My absolute favorite two content creators finally talking. Gee, I wonder why Youtube didn't suggest it for me?

  17. i have been a muslim and i was for tree years and women know there place in that religion and they will control every part of your life and that makes you lose your identity so i no longer want to be one in london becomes over run the cities will be in decay and killings will go up as well as crime on women and children

  18. Leftist pigs call everyone who do not agree with EVERYTHING THEY say or believe.. fascist…which is exactly the definition of them to their core…they are like fingernails on a chalkboard!!

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  20. Enough of Uncle Tommery Candace!!!! East is Least??? Japan is WAY MORE CIVILIZED than America will ever be — anyone who has gone there knows it. And China is a WAY MORE POWERFUL contender in the future — go to Shanghai and its far more modern in terms of infrastructure. Buddhism a FAR MORE SENSIBLE religion that blood-soaked Christianity and East Asian nations like Taiwan and Hong Kong FAR MORE developed than Western ones. The West was built on slavery and colonialism and today kids don't even know what gender is. West is NOT best — but for a house slave like Candace, she won't know that!

  21. I like how Carl says and I'm paraphrasing "I had to go study this so I knew what I was talking about." I like the humility. His history videos are awesome, but I think he conquered history and now he's on to philosophy and politics. Out of all the Dark web dudes Carl is most relatable.

  22. Multi-culturalism, diversity pushing is actually anti-diversity. The only way to have diversity is to keep different peoples separate from one another; otherwise everyone will become one people and one color one day. So to appreciate diversity, limit immigration/migration.

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