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The Challenge of Christian Artistry

The Challenge of Christian Artistry

– [Andrew Peterson] In the beginning
of my career, the most challenging thing about being a
Christian who is also an artist, was trying to help people see that there was actually a value in being a Christian
who is an artist. I think that I grew up in a culture where the arts were seen
as something very separate from the church. And I think that I’ve
seen a pretty healthy change over the last 20 years where churches are beginning to
embrace more and more the value of the arts, how important it is to draw
attention to good and beautiful things. That stories are a wonderful vehicle for
truth. And so, what used to be a challenge has become less and less of a challenge
over the years.

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3 thoughts on “The Challenge of Christian Artistry

  1. The idea of stories as ways to present God’s truths is the whole reason why I created a YouTube channel, wise words .

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