48 thoughts on “THE GRAPEVINE | Iggy Azalea and Cultural Appropriation | Episode 6

  1. Iggy admitted to getting work done, but she did that when she was in Australia cause she was modeling waaay before rapping. had nothing to do with mocking black people. (my opinion.) as for the runaway slave line in her music i took it as a hard bar.


  3. You guys need to realuze that the comment was intentional….it got attention and raised their presence….Zendaya may have been in on it.
    Don't fall for their gimmicks….they know its wrong and offensive but choose to do so cuz they can and need more publicity!!!!

  4. I Woulda Loved To Hear Ayesha’s Thoughts Behind Her Statement. “ Like They Took Us Out The Egyptian History “

  5. Nikki seems divisive sometimes. I am not going to say she doesn’t have valid points but she seems quick to attack.

  6. To be fair, I wasn’t angry about Giuliana Rancic‘s comment. Zendaya looked a hot mess. What I make in 10 years she makes in 1 week and she looks like that? WTF! Her dreads were shitty! Did she do them herself? Was she high during the process? Did she get a professional to do it? Were they high during the process?

  7. Zendaya's braids were shitty-looking and she looked a mess in general.

    Iggly Azalea looks like a caucasian Nikki Minaj.

  8. You have to realize while we fight Iggy azalea there are dozens of white men and women standing behind them

  9. Nikki too damn grown to be that naive, wake up hun. I swear you act like a white woman in that lightskin "black" body.

  10. You can't be mad at the artist and not call out all the men that prop these chicks up to be something special. Iggy came out with that fake voice and then added a fake booty. LOLOLOLOL. She's not just a vulture she's an insecure idiot. If you got bars, then you don't need all of that other stuff. And you can't out silicon Nicki

  11. I feel like I need to travel more for various reasons but #2 is I loveeee these African names and I need to know more😫

  12. I feel indifferent when people say "pick your battles" and I feel that way only because if you let a problem sit long enough to marinate in its own filth, it only ever gets worse. Take care of it while it's still minuscule. Imagine if no one had expressed their thoughts concerning what Giuliana said? We would have many instances like that, (WE STILL DO!) and the minute we do call someone out they'll say "Well you didn't complain when so and so made a similar comment". I think like we do when planning, we should start small.

  13. Many outsiders benefit off of Black culture and it goes way back. They get paid the BIG MONEY while we get next to nothing. Many Jewish people got filthy rich off of the backs of Black talent. Sam Cooke and Otis Redding amongst others knew this and they had plans to stop it, next thing we knew they were dead. Mark Whalberg was first introduced into the industry trying to be like Black rappers, also Eminem studied Blacks and then they try to make him the so-called King of rap. They feed off us and always have and we allow it.

  14. Even the wearing of locks is appropriation!
    Rastafarianism is a RELIGION! Wearing one's locks is one of the founding principles of said religion! It was founded in Jamaica during the 60's & 70's.

    Locks have been coopted & turned into a fashion statement & that is totally disrespectful to Rastafari. The average person wouldnt wear a yarmulke (yamaka) or anything else that the Jews held scared if they are not of the Jewish faith. Smh! Donovan should have brought that up!

  15. Robin Thicke is just like JLO etc. JLO was appropriating black culture to the MILLIONTH degree in the 90's to get her career to pop when she was with Puffy and as soon as he caught a case she became a white Latina again with a SWIFTNESS!

    Black ppl are too welcoming and need to understand that NO one else is here for black ppl tbh. Anyone who pretends otherwise is a HYPOCRITE!

  16. That Nicki girl needs to go… I hope she has. Just lost and confused about what is right. She lacks depth…and it's not even about intelligence. Mixed race confusion.

  17. The fact that these videos exist are a statement within itself. Relationships have to be fun at some point.

  18. I swear black women are the most beautiful , I swear I love this show. I'm so glad to be a black women watching other black women in all the their excellence

  19. look the producteur it s T.I , the probleme it s T.I, attack him. the probleme it s the black people who product the white and latino artist and after this one destroy the african american culture.

  20. African Americans suffer from a very dangerous kind of victim hood complex to the point they even coined words like cultural appropriation! Nobody owns shit because if cultural appropriation was an actual thing then why is every black person using an iPhone aren’t u appropriating a white mans things. Stop the bullshit and compete because America will never be for us black people im not saying racism ain’t real but whining for generations ain’t going to change shit

  21. WTF? is this just a whine and complain show? It is not even intellectual anymore… wtf is wrong with us?

  22. I have to agree with Melanie's comments toward the beginning of the video. When you have to practice speaking in an accent that isn't yours, your are a cultural appropriator. It's very off-putting to see something so blatantly inauthentic. You watch her speak in interviews, and it only reinforces this point. As an Australian, not only did Iggy Azalea not grow up in the 'hood, she didn't grow up on the same continent. If you want to call her an actor doing a cultural impersonation, then fine. But an authentic rapper? I think not.

  23. I think blacks forget, Hip Hop was never taken it was given! And those blacks who gave it up profited handsomely! White rappers don;t owe blacks anything, not even respect should they decide not to give it! Don't buy it don't support it, buy your own support your own if you feel that strongly about it! There are enough black million producers and writers that quite happily lend their talents, why are the white artists always the problem!

  24. White people r black male produced all of them r working with black males. These black males r looking and making that money,most black males r not going to stop producing these production of black males. Whites support these black males production they r purchasing these white cover black music.

  25. Can someone explain why Nikki no longer needs to be apart of the show? Because her point of view does need to be heard. We can’t just shut out people because we don’t like what they say. There needs to be an understanding between all different viewpoints if we’re going to try to come to a mutual understanding.

  26. all these double standards cultural appropriation bs. & privileged beliefs the black community has created is disgusting &racist. look at what blm is now. nothing but a violent hate group. STOP MOVING BACKWARDS. people still dont realize that ALL these. racescolors religionstraditions culturesbeliefsvalues. nationalitiesethnicities etc were made. 2divide separate &conquer us spreading fear. WHEN WE DIE WE DONT TAKE OUR COLOR WITH US PEOPLE. stop living in slavery. justmove past it. stop living life feeling victimized. &teaching ur kids 2hate anyone w/ acouple lighter shades than u. that pitymarch aint getting u nowhere. we all related. we all brothers&sisters.

  27. Nikki is very surface level, she is not needed for such deep conversations. She is very dismissive towards black situations and acts as if it's not a big deal, Nikki what do you take serious?

  28. I totally get white people being praised for utilizing aspects of black culture that actual black people get condemned for. That must be beyond frustrating and like a slap in the face. In some ways, though, it feels like it's a step in the right direction that black culture is now being recognized as beautiful and stylish. Women, instead of trying to look more white, are trying to look more black b/c that is what is considered beautiful. I can understand the feelings of resentment b/c of the past subjugation and criticism of black culture.
    Still, I don't like people telling me what i can and can't look like. It was wrong to do that to black people and it's wrong to do that to anyone. Except maybe an employer who is paying you to look a certain way. Sadly, the more white people popularize black hair styles and such, the more socially acceptable they will be for black people.
    But, cultures DO meld. The melding of black and white music made for some of the best music in history, even if white people got most of the credit, we all know that the black artists were the ones who pioneered that artistic change.
    And there IS such a thing as white culture. No one cares that everyone has adopted that culture to the point that it is now a global culture to the point that there doesn't seem to be a white culture at all. But… now it IS a global culture b/c it just IS people's culture now. And white people are inevitably going to meld into the other cultures that surround them. Get over it.

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