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The Lost Art – Episode Two: Through the Looking Glass

The Lost Art – Episode Two: Through the Looking Glass

Previously on The Lost Art What would you say if I were to tell you that linking books actually exist? I wouldn’t believe you well. I? Let’s put it this way. How would you like to see D’ni for yourself? I know there’s much to explore,
but let’s not forget our standing orders. We’re here to look for linking books. I don’t think I have to tell you but whatever you do, don’t touch anything that looks like those linking panels Zarek told us about. Doesn’t this remind you of those paintings— We were supposed to stick together. I just needed to see if it was still here. What? Someone I knew designed that window. And there used to be books here, but I guess they’ve been moved. Lieutenant Culver has gotten access
to a building near the plaza. He thinks the DRC stored stuff there and wants our help. It’s this one. [team message alert] Oh, yeah, I know that place. That’s where I met Nick. Nick White, the guy who taught me D’ni. The DRC used the rooftop of that building
as one of their workplaces. What the hell?! What just happened? Presumably that’s what it looks like. Linking. Presumably linking?! What happened to don’t touch anything?! Who knows where she is now? D’ni Cavern city of ruined beauty, wonder, secrets… The D’ni people possessed a remarkable art, the power to create portals to other worlds. They have long since moved on, yet their city remains and so do their mysteries. The cavern has been sealed for years, yet now there are some
who think it might hold a solution. We’re desperate. So we’re going back. We’re returning… Descending to the deep in search of I’ve never seen anyone link but what else could it be? I think it was an accident, Colonel. Morgan probably just meant to point at the image It doesn’t matter we better go after her. I don’t have my pack— Why… I have plenty of water, and Gabe— Hold on! How are we going to get back? That’s Teledahn. I know you can link back to the city
using a book inside the mushroom. Inside the mushroom? The one with an elevator. Oh, that takes me back! What this vest? Oh, I found it in one of the boxes. It smells a bit moldy. I also found these journals. They’re in English so they must be notes the DRC made. They smell a bit moldy as well. You can help me check the rest of the boxes
while Katja reads these. Might as well check them for mold too. Oh, my god! What? The D’ni marriage ceremony lasted five days! What? If you had my relatives… Oh, wow! I think there’s something…some kind of interference. Our locators aren’t working. Well of course they wouldn’t! We’re no longer in Kansas, Dorothy. Colonel? What can I say, Zarek? I’m an old film buff. The good doctor’s referring to the fact that we no longer have access to the GPS data. I can’t see her. No responses in the EM transceiver either. She can’t have gotten that far, so something
must be blocking the signal. Well, that’s just fantastic! I can’t believe she didn’t wait for us! Don’t blame me I’m just saying— Wait a second, does anyone know we are here? There wasn’t time and I have to admit
the whole linking thing threw me right off. Oh, great! Not only is Morgan MIA, but now we are as well! You have a look in that direction, but since the locators aren’t working… Just be back here in an hour. Wait. Is it wise to let him go off on his own? Oh I’m sure he knows everything
there is to know about this place. I’ll be fine. Better get that elevator working then. There you are! What did you think you were doing? I waited for half an hour! Half an hour? No, it couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes before we followed. [Stunner charging sound] Don’t shoot! [Stunner discharge] Oh, my god, I’m sorry! Are you all right? You shot me! Surprisingly not on purpose. Zarek, what is that? That was Shroomie. You would have been okay. You’re not a flapper. You can push that button all you want, but I don’t think there’s any power getting to it. Well what about that thing we saw out here. I bet that shaft drives some mechanism
inside the mushroom. So it stands to reason that there must be a generator? Flashing button! Now if that doesn’t shout push to you… Something moved when you did that. Try it again. You’re right something definitely— Whoa! Huh! See? I knew button perseverance would come in handy! Well normally the PhD gets to
push all the flashing buttons. Say what? Never mind. This appears to be some kind of scope. What on earth did you do? It just happened when the sun— Oh, this can’t be the sun. If it was this place would be rotating so fast
the winds would reach tornado speeds. The whole landscape would be flattened, and we definitely wouldn’t be standing
here having this conversation. I didn’t mean to touch the book. Alex said he thought it was an accident And we’ve got to get back there. I’m sure I came this way Hold on a minute. I can’t get through to the colonel. This rock must be blocking the signal. Wait, Morgan! I think I have some maps of this place. What’s this flashing light? I think it’s a Maintainer mark. A what? A kind of safety certification. But— Morgan! I think it might be quicker this way. Shroomie? Hmm. Short for giant creature
who gnaws on mushrooms? This looks like some kind of calendar Morgan? All that time you were working in the archives
with those paintings of Teledahn you never thought to ask? Sand paintings aren’t of real places either. Now if you’d had photographs of this place— I bet you did, on those view screens! We really have to get back. They don’t even know I found you. Hey, I can see them. Hey!! You can’t honestly think they can hear you! And it wasn’t just their class structure that was a bit off, the D’ni kept slaves! I thought you worshipped the D’ni. What? I never said that. No, it’s this place I love. I know the D’ni weren’t perfect and the slave trade though illegal was unfortunately one way that some of the D’ni amassed their wealth. This is where they kept the slaves. Slaves? It was in one of the journals, a fellow named Manesmo owned this Age. He harvested the mushroom spores for bread, but he was also trafficking people. There’s a hole in the roof. And shackles. Let’s get out of here, Zarek. This place is giving me the creeps. That makes 60 revolutions per hour… So you’re saying that time is passing
slower here than back home— Hang on! Does this mean that when we get back to the cavern they’ll all be 1,000 years old and we won’t have aged a day? Hey! Dammit, woman! She did wait for us. What? Nothing, it’s… Never mind. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. The time-dilation between the cavern and
this world has a factor of about 20. We waited approximately two minutes
before we followed her through the link, during which time more than half an hour
would have passed for Morgan. Time dilation? That’s why the sun goes— No it would be affected by the dilation too. Also, it isn’t actually the sun of this planet. Such an astronomical object couldn’t
possibly be orbiting like that, not without some seriously heavy thing
at the center of rotation. And by serious? I mean massive black hole kind of serious. Something that would swallow up Teledahn in no time if it was as close to the planet as it would have to be. Huh! Whatever, it is the D’ni somehow used it
to power their machinery, at least indirectly. Which means that hopefully
we’ve got the elevator working? Zarek? He was right. Who? Richard Watson of the DRC. When I met him in 2025
he mentioned the beauty of this place. And it is. Beautiful, I mean. Oh, for crying out loud! Where are they now?! Hey! There’re two engineers on the stairs over there. I think they’re having an argument. Oh, lovely! How on earth can you see that? Before you guys got here, I hooked this up. Figured it might become useful. Testing…testing…one, two, three… Will the two engineers on the stairway stop fighting. You’re upsetting Ms Lenček. Ha! That actually worked. Well done Lieutenant Fix-it! [Linking sound] Oh my god! That’s interesting. A few centimeters to the left and— Where have you been?! Didn’t you know? We didn’t the time to tell anyone. [Linking sound] Will you guys stop that! You are absolutely not going to believe this. We saw an alien! Her name is Shroomie. I’m just saying! Don’t ask! At least you didn’t get shot! What?!

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12 thoughts on “The Lost Art – Episode Two: Through the Looking Glass

  1. As I said before, this is brilliantly crafted, I sincerely hope that all of these will be compiled into one full length movie, this is everything that URU should have become in my humble opinion, it is a great environment to make a movie and that is what you have done – in style – thank you for doing this.

  2. hehehe "the mushroom with the elevator"
    still amazed by your series, can`t even imagin how much work that must have been. 10/10

    and still eagerly waiting for the next episode! ^^

  3. "They smell a bit moldy aswell" lol
    Your in a massive dead city. I imagine there are a lot worse smells lingering about.

  4. "Are you ok?", "you shot me." Every time I see that, it's the funniest outburst Zarek does in this episode. And the P.A. instrument is stellar as usual. Series is off to a great start.

  5. Teledahn my favorite age, so many good puzzles. Loving your work. You encapsulate all that was wonderful in URU. :Looking forward to the next.

  6. Enjoyed this even more than episode 1. Lots of humour, and the story is getting very interesting!

    Glad you didn't shoot Shroomie. 😉

  7. Not the Teledahn "sun"…. Necessity is the mother of invention: The D'ni had no necessity of making an artificial sun cuz they have the Art, which allows them to link someplace with a REAL sun that behaves how they want it to. They simply wouldn't HAVE such technology. If they were capable of making artificial suns— why wasn't there one in the Cavern? The Myst canon is no paragon of 'realism'; it has it's share of scientific impossibilities.. MWI theory may be realistic science, but it doesn't explain how Gehn heated the ocean in Age 37, using ink and paper in a magic book. And in Riven, it's just not possible that microbes present in the water, would make the water defy gravity and levitate away from heat-sources. Just let the sun be the sun, scientific impossibility that it is… and let Teledahn be a mysterious planet that rotates really fast, as was intended. It's an intuitive puzzle, and intuition says the scope has a solar array on it, which is why pointing it at the sun powers the machinery.

  8. I wish I had had the chance to enjoy the community when it was still active. These videos are fantastic, by the way!

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