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  1. Hello Ryan and Shane,
    Can you make an episode in SuperNatural where you enter a haunted room or place where you don't talk coz maybe the ghost are startled so they go away. Jk 😂

  2. Not about the episode but how was it being in the show S.W.A.T? Seemed like it might have been fun! #postmortem

  3. Post mortem: What if they murdered her in a different location and then discarded her body in the dunes days after? Which explains the footprints still being there? And why were there no blood trails mentioned if she was presumably murdered in that same spot?

  4. Can you possibly do a video about the death of Hae Min Lee? We are covering a podcast in my LA class that is all about this case. And I really want to see the theories you come up with compared to mine and my classmates

  5. A Comment For Postmortem: As a proud Masshole, from Cape Cod, two things: 1) The Dunes used to be HUGE, and so it is quite possible that she was there for a few weeks and no one found her. Also there were portions of the Dunes that no one went to because they were so dangerous as people would get crushed by the shifting sand. 2. Jaws was filmed in Martha’s Vineyard, which is on the opposite side of the Cape from where the woman was located. Just an FYI!

    Love the show! #Boogara #NotCoolEnoughToBeAShaniac

  6. Maybe it was someone familiar like her husband, he killed her and cut her hands so no one would recognize her, so his not identified, she probably had no family (in the US or elsewhere)

  7. #Postmortem: My question may be a long one ghoul boys so strap in. Couldn't the killer have been a Soldier. Ryan said that the killer used a military grade shovel or trenching tool to nearly decapitate the head and cut off the hands. Military people can usually get off the grid pretty easy and go rogue after some time away from the military or some branch. Plus if it was a military guy or women they could have been a criminal that hasn't been caught yet. If the victim isn't in any databases they could have been a military person and got killed by a random murderer or another military person that knows how to commit a crime. #Shaniacalltheway #YouarefunnytooRyan #Loveyoubothequally #BUNboys

  8. I was a leash baby Shane. It was either that or my mum couldn't leave the house because I would literally run off and climb anything I saw, including 10 foot tall poles in shopping centers. They keeps kids safe and parents less stressed.

  9. I feel like it was maybe a group murder considering that no one identified her! Because they didn’t want to be suspects of her murder. Another theory is that she had family out of the country so they couldn’t identify her as their daughter. There is a possibility that one of the rangers could have killed her.

  10. New Theory: I came across an unrelated video that said that there was a serial killer named Richard Cottingham that dismembered his victims. He would cut off the hands and heads to avoid being identified (as well as other parts including legs). He also killed people in NY and NJ which are both fairly close to Massachusettes. His killing spree was between 1967 and 1980… Anyone else think that's odd??? Maybe he could've been responsible. I haven't dug that deep into this theory, but I instantly made connections back to the vid and thought some people would find it interesting as well. Especially since this woman was found half decapitate with missing hands and a missing leg. And because they think she's from NY due to her dental records.

  11. U guys should cover the story of the movie “lost girls” from Netflix. One of the most brutal unsolved cases of the 21st century!

  12. Postmortem: Shane. You would smash on Rory Kesinger? She could maybe watching this video want to smash with you in the sheet rope. No alarming in the prison, just foods for thoughts!

  13. something about this case REALLY messed with me. i’ve watched so many videos on murder cases and stuff and this one is one of the creepiest ones to me for some reason.

  14. The term "new York dentistry" intrigues me, what exactly does one look for in someone's mouth in order for it to obviously be "new York dentistry"

  15. Y’all should watch the show psych. It’s about a dude being a bogus psychic detective but is actually skilled enough to solve the cases and still make it seem like he’s a psychic

  16. Do the Altlanta murders. They only caught one guy for it, only convicted with 2 of 30 murders. Case was reopened i think, still think they were multiple predators responsivle for the crimes.

  17. 1:50

    My mom always puts me on a leash whenever we go out when I was little
    because I was a runner back in the day

  18. What do you think about using online dna sources that are generally used to trace ancestry to identify victims like this? Not necessarily to try to find perpetrators (that’s a whole legal issue) but to identify victims like this? This just feels like a waste of a resource, you know? Also i always thought my dental work would be my identifying factor if I was murdered but now I’m not so sure so thanks for that thought. I guess hopefully they send my victim dna to ancestry.com? Love the show love you guys!

  19. Shane’s moustache and outfit makes him look like he’s a detective equivalent to Paul Blart in the 70’s

  20. #postmortem What if that lady is a time traveler and she went to that year because she was hiding from someone and they tracked her there and they killed her and that's why no one knows who she is and they can't find the killer. Because the killer went back to their normal time period!

  21. This is similar to the isdal woman. Why would you do another video with practically the same story? Kind of disappointed I know it has its own unique details but they’re so similar it just seems redundant. Why not switch it up there’s so many crazy true crime stories out there with plenty of information

  22. Finding a body after 10 days in the open is nothing, near my hometown, a pensioner with Alzheimer's wandered out of his care home and into the surrounding national park. His skeletal remains weren't discovered for four months.  Despite being less than a couple of kilometres away from the care home and metres from one of the most popular footpaths in the area he was only discovered by a cross country runner as he leapt over the drainage ditch he'd fallen into.  Bear in mind dozens of volunteers (including a mountain rescue team and helicopter fitted with thermal imaging camera's) had searched for the pensioner and the area was essentially open moorland.  So 10 days lying in dunes? Easy.

  23. Okay hear me out… maybe she was a spy and was trying to go off grid and maybe tell some stuff that she wasn’t suppose to let leak? The government wouldn’t want that and would have someone take her out in a way that no one can trace her or who did it.

  24. I wonder what the weather is like where they are one is wearing a denim jacket with a turtle neck and the other guy is wearing a shortsleeved button up with no undershirt with the top two to three buttons undone 🧐🤨

  25. #roastmortem #buzzfeedunsolved hey Shane, wearing a turtleneck only LOOKS like you're social distancing yourself, but maybe that's ok since you're already 3ft taller than everyone else 🤷‍♀️ #shaniac #rysmyguy

  26. POSTMORTEM: its really not that weird that no one recognized her, people go down the cape during the summer all the time, and provincetown is a popular spot. it is a massachusetts vacationing spot so its weird that no one in the state seemed to have report her missing though

  27. I found a body. And yes, I became suspect number 1 …even though I was simply a part of a missing persons search party. It’s very scary

  28. Is it possible that she wasn't from the US? If she was a foreign actor/criminal/whatever that would explain why no one recognized the dental work (presuming that the dental work was only published in american dental journals).

  29. Im from MA and I’ll give you a little run down of Cape Cod:
    Most of the Cape is scenically beautiful, especially Marthas Vineyard. The Vineyard is a very very rich area of the Cape (most of the Cape is wealthy.. but the Vineyard is exceptionally wealthy). The fun part of the Cape is Provincetown. Aside from looking like something out of a seaside painting.. there are some amazing shops, art, and places to eat. Provincetown is probably one of my favorite parts of the Cape, aside from Chatham Harbor, which has an abundance of seals! You can see harbor seals just swimming around dockside and also take boat tours out to see more seals.
    There’s also a breakfast place called the Pancake man that has the best breakfast I’ve ever had.

  30. could you do the paranormal activity movie but the real version (Katie and Micah). Or the case in the lost girls movie. I dont know the real case names but its a real story and i really wanna hear more into it.

  31. please look into the story of H H Holmes and his murder hotel

    here's the link to his Wikipedia page if anyone is interested in learning more about him 🙂

    "H. H. Holmes – Wikipedia" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/H._H._Holmes

  32. Joe Hill is an amazing horror author too, he's not just "Stephen King's son". Heart Shaped Box is my favorite by him, and he also wrote the books behind Horns and Locke and Key.

    i just watched the movie “the lost girls” and i want you guys to make an episode out of it!

  34. i have been watching your show now for years and its been sofar a scary, funny, shocking ride then to see you both have a human side and partnered up with a steven who seems just as dashing and fun. oh yeah please can you find anything unsolved in minnnesota thats interesting hell make it about the corona thats unsolved

  35. #postmortem maybe the filming crew for Jaws just had a truth or dare game gone wrong? (please don’t dare your friends to kill someone)

  36. Is it possible the dentist that did her work isn't from the US? I mean, does New York Dentistry look similar to another style that could be confused with it? Or maybe the dentist ended up dying during the change in time?

  37. 11:26 "Bulger has never been officially associated with the case as a subject" what?? did you guys mean suspect?

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