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The Naked Chicken Chalupa Is BACK At Taco Bell!!

The Naked Chicken Chalupa Is BACK At Taco Bell!!

Hello everyone, this is running on empty Food Review! Well a very Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching This is running on empty food review. I am your host the report of the week So first and foremost first video of 2019 coming in and I just want to wish all of you Just I hope you had a Happy New Year. Hope you didn’t do anything too stupid and well if you did Hopefully it wasn’t that bad. So first things first, we’re kicking off the new year with a bang because for the last you know The last number of days I was sitting there, right? We had the holidays and holiday season and all that craziness associated with with it, though It’s going by and I was just trying to think myself What is the next big release that’s gonna be coming out that I can try out. I mean, what is it gonna be? You know, it’s gonna be a pizza. It’s gonna be a burger and then I found out about Taco Bell and Taco Bell, I gotta tell you they are one of those places that you can count on. I mean when it comes down to dependability four new items new releases or if they want to resurrect something you can count on Taco Bell to do it and That’s exactly what they’re doing this time around so they said alright, to ring in the New Year 2019 We’re gonna be bringing back the famous. The infamous naked chicken Chalupa, that’s right. Ladies and gentlemen, its back its back with a bang It’s been resurrected now for probably the fifth time, but it’s here. I have it and we’re trying it out So what is the naked chicken chalupa, for those of you who you know might not be too sure about it well That’s why thankfully I have my handy dandy notebook and we will find out collectively and let’s see what it’s got So the Taco Bell naked chicken chalupa, here’s what it comes with. Okay? The big appeal of it I think originally is just the recherché of it all How obscure it was I was supposed to be right first and foremost the name that naked chicken chalupa, you know You don’t really hear that on the menu and then what it was so supposed to be like chalupa Except the shell is the meat right? it has this shell that’s made out of this fried breaded chicken and then in it comes a few toppings and You know that that’s the appeal of it all Here’s what it comes down to And it has a seasoned chicken shell with like a little bit of a maybe a black pepper spice its kind of baked into it comes with an avocado ranch sauce cheese lettuce and tomatoes so as you can see It’s got a little bit of a blend not too much not too little But just a little bit of a enough of a mix as they hope anyway For that blend of the the chicken shell and then the toppings to kind of, you know will end up being a somewhat passable meal Now before anything else they have a box deal and Taco Bell is always good with this You know, they do a lot of the box deals and they get it out and that’s what they had going this time Now I got the naked chicken box as it says on the receipt for five dollars and forty nine cents in it Comes a naked chicken chalupa, you can get a soft taco you can get you know another another taco so you can get kind of the chalupa to tacos and then a drink so am I gonna soft taco and then one of the Doritos Locos Tacos, those are always pretty solid and then I got of course as as always as is tradition Baja blast and I always loved it that they put these in the clear cups and how It’s just so it’s so vibrant and it just radiates right so Meal deal For five dollars is 49 cents Not bad at all now I gotta be honest with you because the first thing you see when you look at this box I bet I mean I don’t know. Maybe you said wow. That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen But more likely than not you’re probably thinking yourself that that box has seen better days What what happened reviewbrah? I’ll tell you what happened. Then I’ll be completely honest with you Usually when I do these videos, you know, I do them in one take I do in one take that’s it That’s the end end of story had a few technical difficulties and look as I always say it happens and We just had a few technical Difficulties after I was even done with the review so this is attempt number two and for that please Please forgive me You know for for any inadequacies that may exist so that’s just what happened and that’s why it may appear a little more untidy than it should be and That’s also why you’re gonna end up seeing half of a eeeh a naked chicken chalupa in there though the good news Is that for the thumbnail, we’re gonna be breaking some fourth wall action right here I’m gonna try and get the side of it that so looks like it’s it’s still a fully preserved Naked chicken chalupa and not like this the staff recognized me and said that ReviewBrah I hate him Let’s eat half of it and then give them the remains just just to mess with him But that’s you know, that’s just what happened and it is what it is. Right and what can you do about it? Look, sometimes you get these technical difficulties They you know, they can get the best of you they can get the best of all of us. They are what they are and you know you just you take it and After it’s kind of chewed up thrown out you take what you can work with and make the most of it That’s the most important thing of it. All first and foremost here is I should say guess second and second most Coming up here is the naked chicken chalupa containment device Because it can get pretty crazy in there. So this is where it usually rests though I have learned that it can be pretty tasty otherwise and You can see like I said, I’m not lying to you, right this is almost perfect Half of a naked chicken chalupa does give you a very good cross-section of it as you can see in there. They’ve got the Chicken shell you got that avocado ranch the cheese lettuce and the tomato all there and now let’s try our best I want to give myself a challenge here. Let’s try this. Let’s see if this this works Alright looks good enough. Anyway, you’re gonna see it’s kind of drooping out there, but it looks good enough now Considering that I have eaten half of it right? I already do know what it tastes like but lets us pretend I Don’t remember anymore. So let’s give it a shot the naked chicken chalupa Revitalise and it’s brought back for the year 2019 Going in I just I’m sorry. I just I just kind of laughed just thinking about it and take – It’s just an inside joke just gets me that’s all And you can see this is a view of the desecrated box Right there But some assorted remnants of assorted things That kind of been there Short and sweet. What does the naked chicken chalupa taste like I gotta tell you I was satisfied with it Surprisingly so because I remember in previous reviews that I’ve done for the naked chicken chalupa or any of the naked chicken Variants and derivatives right, with a that they got the naked chicken chips or whatever. I gotta say Once you know what you’re in for and I think this goes right down across the board that you know That you’re not gonna be getting some five-star restaurant quality chicken and you know that that’s a given right. We know that All right. So now that that’s to be expected you focus on the flavors that are at hand. Oh I guess that was the ghost of 2018 ,anyway I Go going forward. Wow, that was weird going forward the well all that I can say is this that that spiciness that black pepper spiciness of the Just the naked chicken shell and the avocado ranch sauce I mean They blend together perfectly got that perfect amount of that spice there that perfect amount of coolness from that ranch They just blend together and this this just melodious mixture. And I mean it actually tastes good for what it is The tomatoes are richer than I expected lettuce and cheese is there but I mean all in all I was satisfied with it I know what to expect. I knew what I was in for and you know, I was delighted I was happy I thought it tasted pretty good So with that considering the price, you know Taco Bell always does a good job for its value out of ten nine point zero out of ten I think they just did a good job with it and just really I just like that Spiciness and then that coolness of the avocado ranch sauce just goes together so good really like it All right, two last things and we’re gonna end the video Number one help support this channel and my radio show ad rates, of course, they go down for the month of January you were youtuber, you know that too and Also help keep the radio show going, you know, we’re in a little bit of a budget deficit starting out for January Hopefully we’ll be able to get out of that hole and one way to really help out is to donate via patreon and on one final final note coming up tomorrow. That’s Thursday I’m gonna be doing a new radio show in it. I want to hear from you. I want to hear your predictions your prophecies What do you think is gonna happen in 2019? It’s gonna be a fun listener driven show and hope you could check it out. Thank you for watching I’m your host to the report of the week, and we’ll see you again in a few days with another video. Thanks. Take care And I hope you have a great day

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  1. So coming up tomorrow I have a really fun podcast planned, I want to hear YOUR predictions for 2019 and then we'll go through them on the next show. Really hope you can tune in at and share your predictions at [email protected] even record it as an .mp3 and you'll hear yourself on the international airwaves! Keep the broadcast alive and donate via PayPal at

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