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Do you believe in reincarnation? The mystery of life after death is one of
the most complex and worrying for people since the beginning of times. Throughout the centuries, many have tried
to explain it: religion, science, they are all looking for a solution. The phenomenon of reincarnation, the belief
in the rebirth of the soul or the mind after death in another body, has been present in
humanity since the ancient times. One of the most famous cases is The Pollock
Twins. Today, we are gonna tell you about them. John and Florence Pollock had a normal life
in Héxham, England, with their two daughters, Jacqueline, 6 years old, and Joanne, of 11
years old. It all changed for them on a Sunday, the 5th
of May of 1957, when Jacqueline and Joanne died in an accident. They were on their way to church with a friend
of the family when they were tragically hit by a car. The 3 of them died instantly. John and Florence were devastated by this
premature loss of their kids, but they kept on with their lives, hanging onto the hope
that they would, someday, be blessed with another child. Their prayers were answered a lot earlier
than they had expected. Soon, they found out Florence was pregnant
again. The doctor said they were only gonna have
one kid, but John wasnt really convinced and had the feeling it was gonna be twins. Against all odds, Jonh’s prediction about
the twins turned out to be true, and on November 4th 1958, two little girls were born, Gillian
(llílian) and Jennifer. These parents’ happiness turned into surprise
when they observed that, even tho they were identical, they had very curious birthmarks. Jennifer had a spot on her forehead, right
where her deceased older sister, Jacqueline, had a mark as well. They both had a mark in their waist, something
weird was going on… When the twins turned 3 months, John and Florence
decided to start over and they moved to Whitley Bay, facing the North Sea. When the twins began to talk, they realised
the girls were more special than what they might have seemed at first. They could remember their older sisters’
past, who, as we already know, had died a year before they were born. When they went back to Hexham, the twins started
pointing to places where they had never been before. When they went by the school the two sisters
had attended, they remembered it. They knew their old house and people in the
village. They also had the same habits, the same way
of talking… On top of that, one of them seemed to be older,
and the other one accepted to have her sister take care of her. They also recognized the old dolls and called
them by the names Jacqueline and Joanne had given them in the past. Gillian remembered the life of her sister
Joanna, dead at the age of 11, while Jennifer remembered Jacqueline’s, who died at the
age of 6. One time, their parents heard them talking
about the accident, describing the feelings they had. Also, the twins had a terrible phobia to vehicles. Once the girls turned 5, the memories of their
deceased sisters suddenly vanished, from one day to the next, and went on with their normal
lives. Five years is the age scientists say is the
limit to remember past lives. Because, even tho the Pollock twins’ case
is one of the most famous, there are many many others. Doctor Ian Stevenson researched thousands
of cases of children who seemed to have reincarnated. When you search for information about this
curious event of reincarnation, it’s common to find images of identical twins from the
distinguished US photographer Diane Arbus. Actually, these are the twins Cathleen and
Cóllen Wade, and the picture was taken in Roselle, New Jersey, in 1967. Tho, Arbus’ picture is indeed disturbing,
even Stanley Kubrick found inspiration in it to create the characters of the twins in
his movie The Shinning. Do you think the Pollock twins’ case is
real or just the last hope of a pair of devastated parents? Do you believe in reincarnation? We wanna know your opinion, leave a comment!!!!

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  1. There was one where a kid remembered his passed life, he was a soldier in the military and he got shot in the head and he actually had a birth mark EXACTLY where he got shot!😫

  2. That’s creepy,my name is Joanne and I’m only 10 and. Half almost 11 at November 26

    And this girl named Joanne died at 11?!?!
    This is too creepy

  3. I like drawing on white things like that tables and white clothes? Anyone like drawing like me???? ANYONE!!!?)?🎮🎮🎮

  4. No sorry I don't believe in reincarnation. (I could get in details of why I don't believe in reincarnation. But someone would get offended and I'll get into trouble)

  5. Whoever voted that they are immortal teach me your ways.

    jk no one can be immortal ;^;

  6. I dont believe in reincarnation,it seems like a demonic thing for me,as a believer i wont believe in such stories like myths and legends.Its a great video tho,and its probably my favorite.

  7. My friend has a huge mark on her thigh and alot of marks on her body im like Shhhheee had a pretty rough past life 😅

  8. Yo I still remember my past life's clearly and I'm 14 it's slowly starting to fade and it's saddening

  9. 1:01 no, the two girls died instantly, but the boy they were with was ruched to hospital and died in hospital

  10. I believe!!!!!! Cause my brother says he was reincarnated from george washington and were related to him!!

  11. I think this twins have memories about their elder sister becoz of their mom . When their mom was pregnant with this twins she might have thought nd visit the place where she lost her girls . Genetical it might affect that twices so they might remember it !

  12. Apparently, I'm a reincarnation. (According to others) So my mom had a miscarriage in 2007 it was a girl. Shortly after the miscarriage, my mom had another baby. The doctors couldn't tell if I was a boy or girl, but my mom was COMPLETELY convinced I was a girl. She started calling me Mei Mei, as she did with the miscarriage. When I was born, I was a girl, and given the name Alice. The same name I would've got before the miscarriage.

    This kinda sounds stupid saying (typing) it out loud, so what do you think? (;w; no clue)

  13. Imagen a evil spirit calling out your name and possessing one of your dolls OK this is why I don't buy dolls

  14. Well I might be reincarnation cause my mom told me one day when i was about 3 we where driving over a creek and i looked out the window and pointed down and said i died there

  15. When my little sister was like around 2-4 years old, she always said 'when I was older…' and After watching this Video I am kinda freaked out

  16. When my son was little, like 3-4 years old, he would tell us stories that began with, "when I was an old man…" I just thought he was telling me silly stories until it was about stuff he couldn't have known about like getting his food from the smoke house. We live in the city and he was describing a primitive country life. He said he slept in tall grass and died in a fiery boom. He has no memory of it now.

  17. What if it was just two parents delusional dream to imagine their two kids where Wright when they had really been dead and the parents severely injured to have brain trauma

  18. Yes I definitely believe! I think we go around until we have learned all the lessons God wants us to learn before we meet him!

  19. My grandma died 5 years ago and it was hard to get through school. My mom was expecting a baby 2 years ago and we had him 1 year ago. The weird thing is that my baby brother had been acting like my grandpa! He sits in his chair and hums my grandpa's favorite song. Just like how my grandpa did. Its getting weird but also a kinda cute. My grandfather as a 1 year old baby? I meab C'mon! Lmao

  20. not joking at all. i remember being executed in my past life by a guillotine for i dont remember. im not even trying to fit in with the theme of this video and im serious. i remembered from when i was born to the age of 4-5 then i just forgot. then my mom was telling stories of when i was little and when i would say weird things about "big falling blades" and "the policeman" or "the bearded man" then when she asked me whats wrong i would say "mommy did i die?" then she would laugh and say "haha sweetie you're to funny." then just joke to my family about it. thats when i started remembering my past. i dont remember my gender but i have a faint memory of the surroundings and weather but nothing more than that.

  21. Tik tak you amazing 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👍👍👍🤑😀☺️☺️😉😅😂😂👩🏿😆

  22. Yes I do believe in it, I'm Buddhism and the Buddha said after we got to hell or heaven and pay for our (good or bad) karma we going to the human world again and reborn. The only way to end this cycle is being Arhat to get rid of your passion.

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