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The Universal Hip Hop Museum explores hip hop as an art form | Microsoft In Culture

The Universal Hip Hop Museum explores hip hop as an art form | Microsoft In Culture

[MUSIC]>>From the very beginning, hip hop has always
been about expressing ourselves through music
and rapping and poetry. [MUSIC]>>It’s amazing how hip hop
hasn’t created anything, but it is reinventing everything. [MUSIC]>>One more time. How
y’all feelin’ out here? Do you like what you see? Do you like what you see at
the [R]Evolution of Hip Hop? [MUSIC]>>Hip hop has been
around since 1973. Here in the [R]Evolution of Hip Hop, we get a chance to bring that back to life by
showing the artifacts, the party flyers, the photos of where hip hop came
from, in the South Bronx. Our mission is really to make
sure that we can deliver that information using
all forms of media. [MUSIC]>>The MIT Center for
Advanced Virtuality has engaged with the museum
as a collaborator, as well as with Microsoft, and our role in this case has been to develop the system
called the Breakbeat Narratives – that’s a personalized
experience that uses AI technologies to give people a glimpse into the
history of hip hop. Rather than doing a
of kind survey, we wanted to make it a
conversational, engaging experience. And the Microsoft Conversational AI
allowed us to do this. [MUSIC]>>It allows you to get a customized
experience of hip hop history, and then it gives you
this playlist based on your own musical interest that
you may not have been expecting. [MUSIC]>>So it’s very important to have the analog historical
artifacts and objects here. [MUSIC]>>At the same time, I
think another side of it, is that everyone should
have an entry point. [MUSIC]>>And I think giving a
personalized experience and an imaginative
experience that takes you to some other place than
you are every day, I think that’s the
future of the museum. [MUSIC]>>When they leave here,
we want people to have a greater sense of where
hip hop started, and where it is going. And we’re gonna use technology
to help us empower people so that they get information
in a very unique kinda way. [MUSIC]>>You know it’s more than just
music now. It’s everything. It’s the art, the
fashion, it’s a lifestyle. [MUSIC]>>Music licensing.

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8 thoughts on “The Universal Hip Hop Museum explores hip hop as an art form | Microsoft In Culture

  1. HipHop 🆚 Azure AI 👍👍👍 An interactive experience created with MIT’s Center for Advanced Virtuality and powered by Microsoft’s Conversational AI that uncovers new facts about the genre and creates a custom playlist for each visitor~~~

  2. I am also a Hip Hop Artist and work with the Surface book 2. It's so cool to see my favourite tech company to collaborate with my passion.

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