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The words that make your best art

The words that make your best art

Hey, this is Nicholas Wilton at Art2Life, and today, I wanted to
just talk a little bit about the thinking we have
when we’re making our art, and the kinda negative
thinking that can leak in, and how we can go that route,
and how that affects the work, and if possible, re-route, which can be a game-changer for your work, and everything, actually. You know, when I was starting out, and I was trying to do fine art, and do more and more and more of it, it was really hard, because
there wasn’t any money in it, and I felt like, compared
to what I used to do, I was working for pennies on the dollar, and these ideas about not
being compensated fairly or I’m working hard, I’m working at night, I was doing fine art a lot at night, when I was not doing my more
commercial work that paid well. When I was working, I
was, some of the time, a lot of the time, actually, I was thinking about these ideas instead of actually how
it felt making the work. I mean, it was kind of a mix. But that really affected my output. And so, some of these
ideas, and these are, we all have questions and we
all have ideas and positive, we have good moods and
bad moods and everything, but in particular, when
you’re making your work, that’s what I’m talking
about, when it really counts, and I’ve written down kind of ten, these are ones that I’ve had, and I’ve had conversations
with other artist friends, you know, like, when you’re just, it’s almost like you’re just indulging in these habits of negativity. I am not talented is a huge one, like you start thinking about that when you’re making your work,
and it really affects it. She is better than me, you know, comparing yourself to friends, or whoever it is you’re following
on Instagram or whatever, that someone’s better than you. It’s just not, it doesn’t,
it’s like, don’t do that one. No one will buy this, huge. Just not something you
want in your brain at all, when you’re making art. I will be perfect, forget about it. Like, you can’t do that
in art, you can’t do it. You can kinda do it in a job where you’re trying to impress someone and you work really, really, really hard, and it’s fake anyway, but you
certainly can’t do it in art, ‘Cause you’d fall down all the time. So setting yourself up for that is just, it’s just anxious anxiety-creating. I have no time. If you find yourself
saying this all the time, you really are not being
present in the work, and actually your art-making
is a time when you have time. It is, it can stop time,
it’s actually the antidote to not having time. Because you become present,
and you’re no longer worrying about where you’re supposed to be, or where you should have been. You’re just in the moment
when you’re doing it right. So if I have no time, and
I’m trying to do this thing, it’s incongruent. I’m too old to learn, right? I’m a slow learner. I’m really good at this. You know, like, that’s horrible. It’s neither, you know,
that’s just not part of it. You’re setting yourself up, because once you feel like
you’re really good at something, you have to uphold some kind of standard, and you’re comparing yourself
to something out there. It has nothing to do with that. My art is amazing, the same thing. You know, we do need to be
feeling excited and everything, but it’s like, it’s not always amazing. It’s actually kind of
crappy a lot of times. They said my art was really
good, I got in the gallery. They said my art was bad,
I didn’t get in the show. These, all this, all this stuff, isn’t part of art-making. It doesn’t serve. Now, on the other hand,
how you wanna feel, and what you can kind of
focus on, is being curious. Is being playful, like
this is how we wanna feel. Like, these words, spacious,
this is what you get. This is the reframe that
I eventually came to, that provided me sales,
and I made my work better, because I was no longer
thinking about the scarcity and the poor me, and my
work wasn’t, you know, I was like, working really
late, and this is such a grind, and starving artist and all that. It’s spacious, it’s incredible
to be able to do this. It’s super easy sometimes,
it’s scary in a good way. It’s like being in love,
it can be that good. Letting go, learning
how to let go and open. Belief, reinstating your belief
in what’s possible, right? Like, it’s a miracle that you can do this, and that sometimes you make things that haven’t existed before, and it’s so cool, it restores your faith. Being really loud, you
know, being really bold. Being really quiet. Expressing all sides of yourself. And then just generally, this state of wonder that you can be. You can be like a seven year old, just in front of this,
like it’s a miracle, and seeing the color,
and the interactions. So these two frames, right, and I’m just talking about, it’s not like you can’t
have these thoughts. I mean, you can have as many as you want, but in particular, when
you’re making your work, if you can stay in this camp, the work is so, so much better. This point here, you know,
this secondary point here, this negativity, no one
really cares about this. It doesn’t serve you, and
it doesn’t make great art. It just doesn’t work, doesn’t help at all. So it actually really
slows you down totally, it slows the whole process
down, the learning stops, the difficult, like it’s just
so many dead ends over here. And the third point here
is that these two frames, there’s this great thing
that they call cowboy wisdom, where if your horse is
dead, you wanna get off it. And you literally can decide
to not think this way, and to think this way. This is dead, this doesn’t do it. This doesn’t serve anything, if you’re seriously trying to
do this, none of this helped, and only, it’s a short time you’re gonna have to think about it. It’s just when you’re making your work. You can stop it. And you can just get off that train, and you could stand over here, and this can become your habit, and this makes really amazing
art, and it does it faster, more efficiently, it’s more authentic, it’s different, and it’s sustainable, which is super, super cool, because that’s the name of the game, is how do you keep doing
this in a joyful way. I mean, there’s always
struggle, but it’s like, this makes it possible. You’re actually like restoring yourself by the process of making art. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been talking to a lot of people about this week, and thinking a lot about it, and I just got these lists going, and I’m sure for you
there’s different ones, this isn’t like the uber list, but I’d love to hear your comments. What works for you, how do
you frame things positively, and what are the limiting beliefs, and the challenges and the negatives that really hold you back? So let’s, I would love to
hear your comments about that. Hope your Sunday’s really awesome. Have a great one, and I’ll
talk to you soon, thanks.

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