The Worst Tattoo Clients | Tattoo Artists Answer

The Worst Tattoo Clients | Tattoo Artists Answer

my craziest client story I've had all of the traditional stories peeing fainting you know mmm inappropriate sexual arousal you know passing out all the other normal ones I've had clients get weird names like I had a dude that thug live on his ass but like I don't know how much a few thug you are getting thug life when he has but it felt like I mean going to go to jail with that that's but careful I mean thug life for real okay yeah watch yourself she came in to get a filigree piece around her Kenya dolls mmm all the things she told me that she thought she was fine with me tattooing her because she was not interested in men she was attracted to women so I said no problem you know if you feel comfortable I have no problem because the tattoo wasn't pretty like very intimate area I think during the session she started to get aroused and by the end of the session she told me that I have that I had changed her perspective all her sexuality I was just sitting there shocked because I didn't know what to respond to her Adamo I call me a you know like out of you know like I was like why what are you saying this to me right now so I didn't tattoo him it was just like an appointment request it was in Vienna and I was like tattooing for a one-year I did all that lettering stuff and black work and line work and stuff and then I had a request for a realistic nature piece and that was super exciting yes finally somebody like trust me and I was like let me do it the realistic piece was that he came in but like 50 what's 55 60 or something and he looked like a writer who still lives his mom says his mom so we came in for a consultation we talked and he showed me all these beautiful reference no thanks I studied at my mom's beautiful reference pictures like flowers nature like grass forest butterflies bucks but such good quality pictures occasionally you guys she reference pictures I was so excited like actual photography of nature no good super excited we talked to finally I can like do the butterfly over there and like grass coming out here trees whatever so and then I totally forgot to ask him about location the location so I went to the front desk and like took my calendar and was about to like schedule his appointment and I asked him hey what's the body placement and then he told me he went on his dick and he looked so weird he has no tattoos and I don't know why he lived with his mom exactly and I asked him why do you want exactly that era not somewhere else because he was like well he only want to make people happy he said I want to have something to show I would say like probably five six years back when I was working in a street shop in LA I had this couple come in and it was her first tattoo and they're from Brazil and they were so adamant on making her pussy into a butterfly so I'm just like it's your first tattoo and he was like no no you understand we've been wanting this it's you know above the blah and so the whole process of me like shaving and everything I was like do you want to show you and she's I don't know you can go for it you know like shave I'm just like alright let me go in there and shave and I you know basically made her into a butterfly was this slit was the body and you know from there you can just imagine what it was I think he wanted more cuz he was like during the process he would like ask like customers like hey come check this out my wife's aunt here pussy tattooed I'm just like bro like you don't care like she's on the open lake when I was doing just left all my i practicing I had a guy coming in from like a small tattoo and pretty big like stupid mustard and tall and I tattoo him and he asked me after the tattoo is like so how long is this gonna last for like how long is it in for Mike well it's forever like fuck forever forever yeah what do you mean is like it's not like you know yeah it's gone no it's a tattoo man and he started to freak out and I was freaking out too like what do you want me to say and he's being like and he was just becoming like a little like pussy away okay well man you should maybe know before I get a tattoo that this is Batman oh yeah when I apprentice to people would come in all the time and be like how long do these last and I was like till you die yes or lose the limb but you got it on yeah I was tattooing probably like my first full back piece and I was doing some like bio-organic stuff I had no idea what I was doing I was just kind of scribbling stuff on there but the guy that I was tattoo and he was like this big muscle guy always working now probably taking a whole bunch of supplements or whatever so I got him on like those uh those massage chairs things he's leaned over like this sweat pouring out of him and I could tell like something's not right he's not feeling good or whatever I look over like any man you feeling right he pops the head ups like yeah yeah I'm cool cool all right no more than a couple of minutes later I smelled duty I'm like dude you sure you feel all right no like yeah yeah I feel all right I'm like all right cuz you know it's starting to stink over here a little bit he's like yeah I'm all right so then I'm tattooing and now his lower back and I see just creeping up from his underwear just like like fucking duty yellow or green stains coming from his underwear and like dude you shit your pants he pooped the bed poop his pants and he pops his head up he turns around he can't see anything but he puts his hand behind his you know on his underwear he's like my hands with my hey why is my hand wet I'm like dude you shit your pants so he gets up he runs out to the front of that shot goes outside and I see him like on the foam pad game and after a couple of minutes he comes back and he's all calmed down and he's ready to sit back down and start tattooing again I'm like nah dude I'm not tattooing you right now it's shit all over your back and your ass go home and shower he's like oh really like yeah dude so he goes home showers and it comes back he was like yeah I'll be right back I'm like all right I mean he booked the day but I didn't I didn't see him again after that I saw him like he was too embarrassed oh my goodness he didn't come back that day so my my friend melody owns a bar Lucky thirteen and not her birthday every year I go and she just gets everyone fucking trashed and two hours in I meet this guy Terry who if you've ever seen the Highlander and you know what the kurgan is that's Terry so Terry comes up to me with his you know unsmiling unapologetic face and he's like I hear you tattoo her like yeah that's hat so her he was like were you touching my dick like yeah sure Terry Jake what are you doing tomorrow I just come to shot at up to your deck he's like cool because I have a bet with your friend melody who owns the bar that I won't get the Nirvana smiley face on the head of my dick like oh I got you baby you just come out just do it for you so he went around to different tattoo shops and looking like the way he does you know being in a motorcycle gang and you know being seven foot whatever and looking like he's from the Aryan Nation and has this whole fucking face with shitty tattoos nobody want nobody wanted to touch his dick or tattoo him in general so it's like a lot of tattoo your dick Terry you just come in so he comes in and he's terrified and he's like I don't think I can do this like do I have to be hard for this I can't jerk myself off and running you like no I I don't I don't think that's how this works but um yeah so we just put the armrest at face level and he just rested his dick he shaved treme which is really sweet and um yeah I just like smash the head of his dick on the armrest and just the nirvani smiley face on the head of his dick and then he immediately went to Lucky thirteen bar and showed his dick and won some sort of mediocre prize I was tattooing at the studio and there was there were riots outside of the studio like there's massive riots going on in this tumble like it's like a block away from us there is like thousand maybe 100,000 people out there like fighting with the police and there is a fight broke out in our shop like a drunken guy got into the shop started like cursing to everybody I don't know why like I think there just been thing going on with the shop owner I don't know the guy bought shop owner said that I he knew that guy anyway yeah I was tattooing at the back all by myself and he come in started throwing things to the to me to my client and stuff everything whatever he got his hands on he was like twirling yet and we end up like cutting a fight so we drove him out of the studio but when we did that police saw us so they thought that we are right rioting also and we end up like explaining them that we are not rioting this is nothing to do with things going on and block away but it was like so scary because like they were like interrogating us like what are you doing here what is going on we got arrested by I did yeah we end up like just for work and coming in front of a judge explaining it over and over again that we are not doing anything against this police this is not just random thing going on but yeah it was crazy I had this one client that I didn't realize that everybody was avoiding until she came in but my boss at the time came up to me and he was like hey we got this client coming in do you want to take her she just wants her nipples tattooed in the shape of hearts I was like I'm so down like let me do that so I was like yeah of course and then like 10 minutes later another artist walked up to me and he was like thank you and I was like wait a second what did I just get myself into this lady comes in completely plastered and world she's what she's crazy as fuck like she's just like walking around like hugging everybody we don't know this person she's like what are you doing what are you doing oh my god what are you doing that's so sick holy shit I want that on me next time but tonight I'm getting my nipples done and she's just like flashing everybody in the shop like showing them the before essentially so she can show them the after and this is just it was it was pretty insane she would sneak off to the bathroom every like 45 minutes to like drink her handle of like Jack Daniels and we're all just like oh my god what the fuck at one point she literally like reached out to grab my chest and she was like I like yours oh I'm like don't touch me you touch me again we're done like just sit still please so one was in my early days of tattooing in a street shop in Brooklyn one day that I was where I was waiting for walkins this lady comes in and she's very nervous and you can tell that there's you know something up with her she was she went through something there was she was almost like borderline shocked anyway she comes in very desperate and she goes okay I want you to tattoo and she leans in close and she goes Rocky's property and she ends up choosing Old English letters at Rocky's property so super gangster and that was that the next day rocky comes in and and he's and he's just uh yelling from the front who's Gabe I want to talk to Gabe and I come out kind of nervous like me dude what's going on and he goes he just cracks a big smile all of a sudden he goes my man I can't believe that crazy B actually did that what and he starts cracking up and I'm kind of like cuz I thought this guy was gonna kill me right so the next day she comes in and she is just devastated apparently rocky said that he don't want anything to do with her crazy ass anymore and now she's coming to me asking what we can do to cover it up I was like lady I'm very very sorry but you gotta let that heal first and then we can start talking about laser you

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34 thoughts on “The Worst Tattoo Clients | Tattoo Artists Answer

  1. Daniel Marmo(artist @ 8:37)looks identical to the actor Paul Dano from "There Will Be Blood" & "Swiss Army Man"!!

  2. When I got my last tattoo done, the guy that was sitting at the front told me "if two girls walk in tell them I'm in the bathroom" so I said okay. While I was waiting for my artist to be ready for me I saw two girls walking in and told him and went "oh shit!" And ran away. That poor man lol

  3. I do not understand how people get the head of their dick tattooed. Guys you know what I’m saying that shit would hurt like a bitch 🤢

  4. I don't have any tattoos yet, but I recently started saving cash for my first one(it's the Arrow logo with the quote "I still believe in heroes") so I've been watching a lot of these videos to learn what to expect and how to prepare and what NOT to do

  5. listen you beardy leather jacket wearing dracula faced wanker, if you have ink on your face you don't get to take the piss out of anybody because you're an asshole with ink on his face, asshole.

  6. I'm sorry, but how the hell do you shit your pants while getting a tattoo?!? Can you not get up and use the restroom like a normal person?!?!

  7. the "rocky's property" at the end just got me doing Courtney's "oh honey…" from the Tattoo Artists React to YouTuber's Tattoos hahaha

  8. Why is there always artists on here that tattoo drunk people? My shop makes me sign a release that you're not intoxicated.

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