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TRYING A BURNISHER?! | Mystery Art Supplies | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Colored Pencils

TRYING A BURNISHER?! | Mystery Art Supplies | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Colored Pencils

Today we’re gonna be opening up the
March Scrawlrbox, – I’m very excited about this – I don’t know, I just woke up in a
good mood, so let’s open up, see what’s inside, and then I’m gonna draw something
with it ♪ oh I see a lot of colors! I see
a lot the swatches! let’s just open it up underneath the tissue paper.. look at
this heavy duty – (oh wait actually that is very very light) – it looked heavy duty this pencil sharpener, something I’ve noticed whenever I have a pencil
sharpener that has the two different sizes, this one’s nice too small for my
pencils, and that one’s always too big for my pencils (doesn’t really make a whole
lot of sense) but we’ll see what happens here we have the menu and it lists all of the different art
supplies in this month’s box we have this month’s Scrawlrbox sticker – it has a
fun like pencil texture to it – they’re upping their sticker game they don’t all
look the same anymore – so these are.. there’s…what is this…? these are the 12
supersoft colored pencils and there are little color swatches on the lid
there – we got our pencils, they are each color coded on the ends oh that’s so
pretty look at that I was like seeing a rainbow of art supplies –
never gets old they don’t have color names on them I don’t think but they are a cute hexagon shape with the color on the end of each
black barrel and then you have you know your pencil shape on the other end also
in the box we are not done yet there is the Derwent burnisher as well as the
Derwent blender I’ve never used anything like that I wonder if that’s what you
used to like blend two different pencils together – it says [Reading the Description:]
“the blender pencil is a soft
colorless pencil that allows
you to blend two or more colors together” so
that’s this guy and then this silver one is [Reading the Description:]
“a hard colorless pencil which when
used over layers of pigment provides
a rich polished finish” so I guess this I
don’t know maybe it’s like shiny…? that’ll be fun to test out I’ve never actually
even heard of a burnisher but it makes me think it says ‘Punisher’ every time I
see it also this funny like triangle shaped pencil – can you tell? can you see the
shape of that it’s a like a very rounded triangle
this is the YPO jumbo graphite pencil also the last two things I see here this
is the Koh-I-Noor Progreso woodless pencil so that’s why this one feels so heavy
it’s actually is core all the way through and then it has like a bit
of a plastic casing I think unless that’s also just whatever the inside is
it could be wrong and this one is in the color white so it’ll be fun to see how
that works on paper (see if it’s visible) and then also in
here is the v-ball pilot pure liquid ink point-seven so it’s just a ballpoint pen
and apparently it actually draws in a 0.4 millimeters even though it
says 0.7 millimeters on it (how curious) what else is in here
oh we have a funny-looking [drops candy] well striped candy [drops it again] oh! why can I not hold onto this
thing?! – I’m not sure what candy this is but it might be fun to kind of like
incorporate that into our art I like the colors and the stripe-iness of it – we’ll see alright so that is it for the art supplies oooooooooooooooooooooo Is that Sakuems?! Yeah it is! look at that she has a very distinct art style and I knew it right off the bat
there look at like the color she uses they’re beautiful and if you’d like to
check her out I’ll probably the link in the description and then there’s also
some of her other links there I’m gonna put that right there where I can still see it oh
look is that a coloring page? that’s actually kind of handy
cuz then I can like test–what is this..? this is beautiful oh it’s so shimmery! look at that Oh [new sketchbook noises] sketchbook. – that is a pretty sketchbook look at can you see
like it’s almost got like a glitter and a pearlescent like sheen to it oh so
pretty and then on the inside, it’s got some pretty thick and like textured paper so
hopefully those work really well with the pencils this paper though that they
printed the line art on it’s very smooth so I’m kind of wondering how this is
gonna work this is an a5 stapled sketchbook with a pearlescent purple
cover contains 40 140 GSM pages – let’s first like try these art supplies on the
coloring page Wow thats loud… okay and let’s see if I can blend
them out yeah I don’t think this paper was made for pencils which is kind of
silly – okay that looks kind of…um…. awful 🙁… that that looks that actually is, uh…
yeah let’s just get rid of that and just swatch as we would normally do here not
bad okay I agree I like this pen it
definitely glides across the paper I don’t have to like
[makes a pushing sound]
(realizes that isn’t a verb)
you know push hard
that’s it let’s try the pencils next we got a yellow we’ve got ‘I’m so
embarrassed’ Red they do have really nice
coverage I’ll have to say look at this p’wetty rainbow! This is getting me excited who doesn’t love rainbows? The sky just decides to be a work of art one day –
imagine the first person who ever saw a rainbow, what would you even think was
happening? [Mimics the Voice of an early Neanderthal”]
“Someone painted the sky!” “witchcraft!!” there we have all 12 colors
they’re very pretty and potent I like them, then I’m not entirely sure how to
test these other things like this is a white pencil can we see it over top of
those..? not really. okay what about this blender..? okay it does work better
than the white pencil was doing for blending, look at that that’s actually
kind of cool wonder if you can do that with the white one? it kind of works but not as
well as this thing yeah look at that go it just grabs it and smooges it around let’s see what happens when we use the burnisher – so this is supposed to add
like ‘rich polished finish’ is what they say – I don’t see a difference this
doesn’t do anything I don’t know what that even means what’s
a “rich polished finish?” I guess I’m not rich I don’t -I don’t know so Scrawlrbox usually includes a prompt word here… Oh
“enchantress!” [whispers:]
enchantresssssssssssss which is right up my alley I love drawing girls so that’s perfect so
I’m gonna start just like sketching out some ideas throwing some color here and
there and like again trying out these like burnisher and the blender and
seeing if I can get those to do anything and seeing if I can get this to show up
at all and then once we get a full idea of what I want to draw we’ll move on to
maybe another page? who knows? let’s just draw something! let’s start with this, since I
kind of pressured my wrist too much when I was trying to blend this stuff so this
is nice and ergonomical and I feel like I could be looser with it – I’m just gonna
start by sketching a face and do what comes with this – it’s very hard to get like
details with this pencil which is probably good for like sketching out
thumbnails or first ideas here -I kind of want to play around with the hair and do
something fun and magical with that so maybe it’s all pulled over to the
side here something like this, maybe some freckles and then we need like magic
flying bits everywhere you know particles magic particles and then like
Oh what if these are kind of like the sleeves ehhhh thats not really the vibe I’m going for I think since the hair is
kind of more modern I might want to take the outfit a little bit more modern -maybe one
of those like tank tops that have like all those straps I can see her
having like a big long maxi skirt I don’t think this is it but I am going to
just play around with the colors a bit here so I can get used to those and
experiment with them a little bit before we get too deep into an idea everything’s looking pretty muddy and gross I think it’s because I didn’t use
liner so maybe in the next experiment I’m going to use this pen to add lineart over
the pencil, erase the pencil, then use colored pencils – and that will definitely help
with the colors blending in with that like gray graphite the prompt word was
enchantress, so let’s take this big chub-o pencil maybe
sharpen a bit oh look at that! let’s try to work on the character design since I’m
struggling a little bit with the art supplies so maybe if I get really
inspired that’ll help a little bit more whenever I have a large range of colors
that’s when I feel like I struggle the most when I’m very limited in my color
scheme I feel like I find that easier to work with because I don’t have to make
as many choices ooh we should do huge big heavy eyelashes and some big lip-pers just
occurred to me I’m not entirely sure what an enchantress is. is that just
someone like a woman who can perform magic or is that like a woman that like
seduces guys? Maybe I should google that… if there’s like a hood and then you only
kind of see those eyelashes underneath it maybe she can have white eyelashes or
something like that, maybe a poncho lets pull this down even further maybe it’s got some blowy bits you know just need something to blow in
the magical wind I going to have to give a bunch of like
magical jewelry that are all bestowed with magic, then maybe this is
like the cycles of the Moon on it maybe she derives her magic from the moon and
then just some flowy magic bits now I keep thinking of .. was that the newest
‘Pirates of the Caribbean?’ that had that woman with all the tattoos? I think she
was called a witch – I’m not sure kind it’d be interesting to go around with that idea
like maybe she’s bald and she has a bunch of tattos all over her body she covers up in this like big cloak so that no one could see them but she gets
all her magic from the tattoos so she can’t like she had to get them it was
required (yeah it was a prerequisite to being the Enchantress) so maybe there’s
like another layer that’s a skirt that’s also like ripped up kind of like the
cloak and then let me just color that in so you can
see it, and then she’d have like her tattoos – I’m not sure what those would be so
I’m just gonna like create some scribbles here to just kind of represent
them see how that looks makeshift toes down there man I feel
like to pull this one off I’m gonna have to have like a ton of
details like everywhere and I can’t really represent those with this, but I can
just scribble and see how it looks without having to actually add all those
details which is honestly really really fun gives me that freedom see how this looks
for maybe another angle can’t forget those huge eyelashes kind of like that Muppet that freaked me out as a kid, I don’t know why,it just made me uncomfortable what if there’s
like a section that’s pulled up here on the hood – that will create some more texture there –
it’s kind of fun maybe there’s tattoos on her face too maybe this thing could
be that candy yeah wonder if there is a way to incoporate that into
something at least the shape and like the stripes maybe something like
that maybe I still am gravitating towards like greens for the colors, so I’m gonna swatch some of those next
to this so I can see them without having to switch the page and blend these out what if let’s make her really really slim long neck maybe then her hood can be
like pulled back like this so you still see her body so it’s like tucked behind
her arms and then maybe her hoods not even on maybe it’s just kind of falling
in the back there it looks like she’s wearing a hat, it was
suppose to be like a tattoo I do like the idea of the cloak
kind of being made of magic so it spurts at the end the
magic is stronger up near the shoulder where it’s closer to her body and as it
like goes away it sort of fades out for now, let’s figure out where these arms are looks like she’s going “live long and prosper” floaty bit and particles maybe one arm comes just down a little further I have to figure
out what kind of pants I want to give this chick,
maybe something slim fitting it won’t necessarily be black even though I’m
using the pencil to shade it, kind of trying to create tone and contrast here
make the character interesting and not super flat, I think if that’s the case I can pull
that v-neck down a little even more never know what’s going to
work until you try it and you might not know what won’t work until you try
either #wisewords usually when I find something I like I know it and I’m just not feeling
that – I don’t hate it by any stretch but just not tickling my
fancy you know I’m also making a big mess with my hands oh gosh every time I touch the paper it draws a little yeah still don’t like
that one, okay so maybe I need to take this down a completely different path and
like what’s another definition of the word ‘enchantress’ I mean we could go by
‘enchanting’ which usually means a very beautiful person so see where that takes
me it’s nice cute little like innocent face this is what I call a blank “I have no character design or personality yet” face. so what if we have like… stars? and then some hair, what if it’s like pulled into
these funny pigtails? mmm not really what a picture for the word “enchanting” let
me try again picture more like flowing hair kind of
like the magic is just defying all laws of science, this person is just so gorgeous
gravity doesn’t affect them okay I think I know why I can incorporate this sort
of idea with this one so maybe she’s very enchanting and like generically
beautiful but then she has like her cloak which is just plain grey and it
kind of hides how colorful her outfit/personality is underneath and that’s kind of
sparking my interest and that’s what’s important here lemme try and get like the
character outfit down a little bit so I’m gonna draw the character in a much
more simple almost T pose – really big pupils – That just draw her suitors in the
big hair then she has – wait…where are her shoulders? and she needs her cloak, I can still have
like that magic-y bits I think that’s gonna be really fun to draw in a more
dynamic pose and then underneath we have her a little like cutesy outfit almost
like Sailor Moon-y or we could go a little bit more
medieval have a nice like floor-length kind of thing with one of those
really low ornate belts and then those random stars that just accompany her
so she tries to like hide her beauty In the outside world, she’s
considered beautiful but inside the enchanting community that’s not really
what they find attractive so she tries to like hide her true self so that she
can be accepted by the other Enchantress’s this is definitely
interesting me a lot more than some of the previous ideas – let’s turn the page probably should go wash my hands before I destroy our drawing [claps] all right we’re
all clean now perfect so I’m gonna draw it on this side of the page that way I
could easily like flip, so I want it to be a pretty dynamic pose I’m trying to
decide how much of the brightly colored outfit I want showing through from the
more gray colored shawl thing/cloak, so let’s just try to start with a fun curve
and see where that takes us – the dress is facing that direction and then she like
curves her hips around here, a nice floaty pose maybe-no no no no try and loosen
that up it felt too tight and restricted and I wants to be kind of like billowy
you know from the cloak – let’s see the heads here
got like a nice curve for the body then the hair, — the cloak, — maybe it comes out this
way, which comes right underneath her feet there –
okay I’m liking the shape of this a little bit more then we just need to
input the body let’s get a head shape shoulders would be here, — little hips, —
shoulder pokes out there, — then we just need little feet to stick out here, let me just
figure out where those would be let’s see how this goes let’s see how this foot turns
out your little pinky and the other foots here all right then we need that
giant ornate belt I was talking about before, it looks a lot like Raven [from Teen Titans] doesn’t it? I should look that up, make sure it doesn’t look too similar okay, yeah, she does have that belt thing that’s where that vibe
is coming from maybe I should change that up to like the squares which I’ve
also seen in like medieval stuff it’s a big chunky thing but it’s made up of
like square shapes I think I want to slim down the character a bit more so
there’s more contrast between the character shape and the big billowy
cloak I’m just gonna erase the lines a little bit so i can still sort of see them, so
we don’t lose the pose of the character too much and just slim everything down now
we have something a little more like this so basically right now I’m just
trying to figure out where everything goes so that I can go over it with this
pen and then erase the pencil this is reminding me a lot of a Loish drawing I
think I need to change some things up here okay I found the one I was thinking
of,it’s not quite as similar as I thought it was so I think we’re good similar vibes
though for sure trying to exaggerate some of these shapes make them a little
bit more interesting now we’re missing some arms here so let’s put one maybe
right here and if there is a shoulder here the hand would stick out! hey! we can draw it! just
squeeze a little hand in like-a-so! okay so I got the basic shape
of everything down and I’m liking it except for this belt so I’m gonna try
one last thing with the belt and then we can add the line art and color it for
belt I think I’m just gonna go with a very slim slender belt feel like that’s
less distracting it’s slim again and kind of fitting that she’s a very slim
slender kind of person hiding in this bigger baggier coat get in on here and
hope for the best! There we go, we’ve got some eyes really don’t like her face, what did I
do? it just doesn’t look the same work on
this cloak while I have a little crisis about the face oh I should have had
some hair coming over front of this I think I did have that in the sketch so I
must have just missed it durggit…. you ever just remember something embarrassing
that you did like years and years ago and you’re still like cringe a little,
that just happened to me now I want to erase some of the stuff at the top where I know it’s dry, so next is to try and come up
with the colors and I didn’t practice a lot with the color scheme so this is not the
proper order of doing things but I did have the idea that I wanted her to be
pretty vibrant and then her cloak to be pretty dark so we’ll probably make her
cloak a mix of like brown and black so that there’s like no saturation there
and then for the outfit I’m kind of feeling like a blue? like light blues
maybe even put in a little bit of green there, just color the whole cloak in like
that I still have not fallen in love with using colored pencils yet I don’t
like how long it takes to fill in large areas like just have that very
thin little tip of a pencil I just always end up pushing really hard
with a pencil and then my whole wrist hurts and I don’t
that so if anyone has any colored pencil tips let me know try using that blender
and see what happens here whoa! I’m actually seeing a significant
difference look that’s where I haven’t blended and that’s where I have blended
although it’s a lot darker than I wanted cuz I kind of wanted this to be gray but
hey I’ll take it it looks like it’s got better coverage though
now you can’t see any of the line art anymore [pencils] just take so long to fill
in large areas, I’m definitely a lazy artist this is also why I’ve never been into
like adult coloring books because just filling in areas with color has never
been my jam, my favorite part is definitely the sketching where’s this
feels tedious to me I guess what I’m asking for when I ask for tips on
colored pencils is how do you get them to blend without like destroying your
wrist is there like a trick to that? – start with this light blue and then maybe gold
on the end of this maybe not sure maybe shade that with the
blue and then we can use the darker blue for shading the arm a bit here well actually
looks kind of cool and 3-dimensional blend it out with the lighter one –
just keep layering it and layering it alright i’m gonna layer some white on them – that does
make it look a little bit brighter which is what I’m looking for because I want
some contrast between it and that black heh! look at the difference between like
first layer and the finished there we go got some dress down and for hair maybe I’ll
just use this like lemon yellow color see how that look I don’t know how you
get something to look cool like this with colored pencils I’m trying and I
think I’ll take that like golden yellow color and use that for shading here and
then I might even go in with a little blue but I don’t really want to look
green so we’ll see – that doesn’t show a whole lot so let’s try-oh wait we have another
orange it’s okay no what I was hoping for, i can use that pink color
here – or is this red? it’s hard to tell – this is where color names would come in handy it’s kind
of interesting looks a little barf-y like I can see every color in there but maybe
if we layer on top of this now – it should look pretty cool, maybe is there a purple I can use
for shading? probably even add some of that up here too add a little hue shift
here and there maybe even to the cloak and some texture then grab the blender
and start blending, I do want to try see if this works see how much darker it
gets when I use the blender I kind of want it to lighten up when it gets to
this edge here and then get dark again when it’s that further away bit of cloak – try not to push as hard, and see if I can get it to lighten like that maybe and then when
I take those same pencils and color in this section I can blend it out more and
then hopefully we’ll get that darker color like we have up there and it’ll
hopefully create some contrast between the front layer of the coat and the back
layer see if we can create some contrast here, yeah do you see the difference? perfect. this is so messy, I would never have thought that
this would be this messy like I said, i just don’t use colored pencils – they are just not my thing. okay we didn’t
try,…where’s that..? this thing, the burnisher see what happens let’s get that “rich finish” just fill in some of the whiteness that texture
that’s the pencil left behind, let me just use it so that I can say we did well the only thing I kind of want to do is just darken up the hair I feel like
it’s too vibrant alright there we have it at the expense of my wrist we have
this pretty cute illustration I think I could have taken it further with
different art supplies but the Scrawlrbox challenge is to try and create
an illustration using only the arts supplies that they have provided *boop, boopadoo!* and I did
that my favorite part of drawing will always be creating these kind of
sketches it’s so much more fun to me than finished illustrations but I
have been pushing myself to try and spend a little bit more time on drawings I don’t
know if it’s obvious but I’m trying I don’t just draw the first thing that
comes to my head anymore so yeah otherwise we would have been stuck with
this there is a little bit of improvement there don’t you think? if you’d like to
give these art supplies a good home, I will have a link in the description where you can
enter a giveaway to see if you can win that but yeah thank you guys for
watching plunk yeah thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week
and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles!!!! BYE! ♪

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