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Umbrella for plein air painting and how to choose it

Umbrella for plein air painting and how to choose it

Hi! I am landscape painter Daniil Belov! Now I’ll talk about which umbrella you should have if you are going en plein air painting. Firstly, it’s handy to carry it in a cover. And it’s also good if the cover has a strap to carry it on your shoulder, so your hands are free. It’s very comfortable. I am lucky: I got this umbrella from my teacher, he made it himself. But you can find a similar umbrella in art shops. There definitely should be something similar in your local art shop. My umbrella consists of two halves, which join like this, and the umbrella opens like this. Here is a special extendible section inside the leg, by which you can make the umbrella higher or lower. There should be loops on your umbrella. There should be three of them, and they should form a triangle. Here is one loop, here is the second loop and here is the third loop. You can tie strings to them, and you anchor those strings to something on the ground. You need to do this to increase the stability of the umbrella. To prevent quivering by the wind, and to prevent the umbrella from blowing away into the sea while you are painting nearby or hitting a passerby. Instead of strings I bought a clothesline and cut it into three pieces, and carry them with me. There should be a pointed ending on your umbrella. And a pedal. Why do you need this? It’s useful to stick it into the ground. You take it, set it like this and push down with your leg, and it goes down into the earth. And it will stay even without strings, without additional ties. But, certainly, if you work in windy weather or in bad weather, you will still need to tie it. Because there is a chance that it will gradually quiver and then fall, or fly away from a wind gust. Many people think that you need an umbrella for protection from rain when working en plein air. But as a matter of fact, it’s not exactly the case, because, first of all you need the umbrella to protect you from the sun en plein air. And an umbrella can protect you if it’s raining slightly. However a strong rain can go through, or if it’s skewed, it will fly under the umbrella and right on your work. Also I would like to say that my umbrella is white, and it is best if you can find an umbrella which is white (or silver) on the top and black on the underside. In this case the upper side reflects sunshine, and the underside doesn’t create too much reflection on the artwork. Please, write in the comments, whether it’s possible to buy an umbrella for plein air in shops in your city, and what is the general assortment? Subscribe to the newsletter on my website so you don’t miss new lessons, and then open the next lesson. Also, express your opinions and ask your questions in the comments on YouTube or on the site. By the way, you will probably be interested in watching the two videos where I tell you what I take en plein air.

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