100 thoughts on “Using Die Cut Scraps + Slimline Card Designs

  1. I just can't find the words to express how beautiful all of your cards are and how your explanations are so clear. Thank you so much for putting in the extra effort for us in such difficult times. You bring so much joy to anyone who appreciates beautiful things.

  2. Your videos are so important right now. As someone who is high risk, this isolation is tough, BUT you make my day brighter. My family is dong the best they can, and I pray for your family, and for all of us… I am so thankful for you! And I LOOOOOOVE these cards!!!! I’m seeing some long cards in my future!🤗

  3. I've been making so many cards lately that I'm swimming in them. I'm going to send some to Drs/nurses, and to some card drives I've seen, but if any of you need some cheering up, I'd be happy to send one along!

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for doing ideas for this size card!! I belong to a group that meets monthly and does cards for charity organizations!! We were able to purchase envelopes for this size card very reasonably so we have been looking for ideas for them.

  5. I have been literally doing a Jennifer McGuire marathon of videos going back years over the past 2 weeks+ because they are amazingly calming when the news & twitter get to be too much to take anymore. Thank you so much for the help you are providing so many.

  6. I sometimes take an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock and make a trifold card roughly 8.5 x 3 2/3 inches. I feel like I have more "real estate" that way. I usually make an acordian style. This is especially good for an office card when you have many people signing it.

  7. I love these cards and their designs! I especially like the purple tulip and lattice card because it one of my favorite colors! Beautiful!

  8. You are a very special person! Thank you for making these videos to help these very long days in quarantine! Beautiful cards

  9. Thank you so very much for taking the time to make and share your videos. 🙂 I have always loved your videos, but especially during this difficult period of time that we are all having to endure. Wishing you and your family bright blessings, and thank you again. ❤

  10. I love what you have created here!! These are wonderful cards. Thanks so much for the continued inspiration!

  11. As usual, I love these cards, and just purchased all of the supplies! Thank you for keeping us crafting during this “home” time during this virus pandemic. Stay well.

  12. Hi… Nice video…. Please as well share some stiching on cards video…. I have seen past stiching videos.. And would like to see more designs….

  13. Slimline Cards have always been a favorite, especially to gift cash! Way to go, Pinkfresh!!! And, Jennifer. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creativity and stellar teaching style with us. Blessed we are to share! Just, thanks!!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous cards! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity during these crazy times. I know it means a lot to everyone.❤️

  15. I deeply appreciate all the time and effort you put into all of your card designs and videos. Even more than that I am grateful for your concern and caring for our community during these challenging times.

  16. I made a couple of dozen cards for my church. One of our members worked at a senior living center which was locked down for visitors. They were put at our church with labels and names to cross off for each senior (I make my own envelopes, too, with WeRMemory Keepers punch board.) They were all used within a week. Unfortunately, now we cannot meet for worship, so the other 20 I made are still sitting there. The pastors say they will use them for shut-ins.

  17. Just heard of a mom learning to make cards. Because (she feels) the quality isn't up to snuff she mails them individually to her own children. They are thrilled & don't care about the sentiments.

  18. Beautiful! I love your creativity and that you share kindness every day, to so many people! I also meant to tell you I'm enjoying your new intro animation (if I'm honest, I still sorta miss the sweet ink drop 🤭)! Drop a pic on insta if your family decides to do another puzzle – love to see it! Stay safe! ❤

  19. Thank you so much for continually putting out new videos. I love all the techniques and great ideas. You are amazing. I love learning from you.

  20. Love the slim line cards. Especially the ones made by you♥️ I regularly make 5X7 cards. Always forget to say so in my videos😊 Hopefully one day they will catch on as a size trend too. I so appreciate your videos. What a treat thank you. Hugs💕

  21. Beautiful cards… as always. Thank you so much for the frequent videos. I'm dying to make more cards to share. Currently my craft room has become my husband's office, as he works from home. Ultimate sacrifice! 😉 I will survive!

  22. With every one unsure when or where their next paycheck is coming can you do some cards with older dies and stamps?

  23. Awesome tutorial Jennifer! You are so talented thank you for keeping the videos coming. You are helping us to keep our sanity. I hope you and family remain safe🙏

  24. Lovely cards Jennifer,thanks so much for sharing,especially in these difficult times.Like others here I find your videos so relaxing to listen to,as well as the amazing techniques you keep coming up with! God bless you.xx

  25. These cards are so amazing and I love that Pink Fresh Studio did a whole release for slimline cards. My new favorite size!

  26. Fabulous idea and very pretty cards. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day and take the Lord with you. 😊🤗

  27. I’ve been completely paralyzed by fear and extreme high anxiety. Thank you so much for your videos! Your inspiration and kindness helps me soooooo much! As I’m trying to get off the couch…..you give me hope and motivation. 💖

  28. Thank you Jennifer so much for another great video. I wish everyone of you great health. May our hearts be happy always

  29. I received their email and saw all of the new oblong dies and skimmed through the info but seeing you and all of your designs you did with these dies I must say they should be a staple in our stash! I love this video! Thank you so very much! stay safe and well!!

  30. Thank you so much Jennifer for showing us some beautiful cards and for all the time you put in to make wonderful videos. You bring love and happiness to so many people and you need to know how appreciated you are. Stay well, love and best wishes always xx

  31. Jennifer, first I want to say thank you for all your hard work and bringing us extra videos. I look forward to each one. Some things get put on my wish list, but others like today are a must have. I immediately clicked on your link to Pink Fresh Studios and ordered some. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks you again,❤️

  32. Fantastic projects as usual. I watch your videos whenever they are posted and thoroughly enjoy them. So much creativity shared with excellent instruction. Thank you Jennifer.

  33. WOW, just wow! I love these long cards. I have a Cricut and I can use any available font to cut out letters and this is something I can use it for. I don't have colored paper that is heavyweight so maybe I'll try to ink on my cardstock then cut pieces off. Thanks again for taking the time to share your ideas with us and putting together a wonderful informational video. Kindness goes a long way and it warmed my heart when you said the card was for your friend who's a nurse. During this very difficult time, I want to thank you for taking my mind off and letting me focus on me and what I would like to do. Thanks for your KINDNESS, Jennifer.

  34. Jennifer, these videos have brought me so much joy in the midst of the unknown. We’re in a shelter in place advisement here in Dallas, TX. We aren’t supposed to go anywhere now, so it is wonderful to see beautiful things to keep my mind off of the craziness!

  35. Hi Jennifer, just enjoyed your skinny card video. You are so talented and so very generous for always sharing with us all. I hope you and yours stay healthy and safe. I’m sending love from Connecticut, Cath =^..^=

  36. Thank you for continuing to bring a distraction from the current mayhem of the world. I know my goal is to send lots of cards and you always give inspiration to try something new.

  37. Jennifer…you never cease to amaze and you are always thinking of others! I haven't made slimline cards in years and I love the look! You are such an enabler BTW! LOL This time that we are all living thru is hard and stressful…crafting has helped me "escape" and listening to a novel while I'm stamping has, also. given me something different to focus on…you are in my prayer and in my heart! Give Lila hugs and know that you are BLESSING!

  38. Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for all your videos. I am appreciating your videos more than ever now. They bring a smile to my face even in the middle of this pandemic.. Keep going and stay blessed.

  39. Como siempre hermoso🤩, te agradezco mucho por haber subido algunos videos con subtitulado en español estaban geniales 😊👍

  40. In order to not be bombbarded with scary news of what is happening all around the world, I have been watching more card making video. I've always watched your videos for inspiration but now I am watching to just hear your voice. It's a comfort and makes me think back to when things weren't so scary. Thank you.

  41. I love how you used the border dies. I have a few and have never used them. Now you have given me some ideas. Thank you

  42. I love these, Jennifer! I love trying different types of cards. These are great! The colors are awesome too.

  43. These are such beautiful cards Jennifer. Thank you for your kindness, creativity and calming voice during these unsettling days.

  44. Great cards and a great line of products from Pink Fresh Studio. I want all of it. My birthday is in April.

  45. I absolutely love the idea of making a different size card. I really like the Slim Lacey Edge Dies. Great video. Thanks so much for great ideas. Take card of you and your wonderful family from the great state of Washington. 🙂

  46. Love every card and all the tips and tricks you use to make them. This Pink Fresh release is fabulous. I have not been so excited about a release in a long time. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve been stamping for 25+ years! Lol! But seriously, I love the long slim cards. It’s such a nice change from the A2 cards that I have been making forever. Thanks for another great video.

  47. Jennifer, such fun colorful cards today with amazing die cut sentiments! As always, thank you for sharing another wonderful tutorial! I always learn at least two new things on each and every video. Stay healthy everyone.

  48. Always fun to learn new techniques and ways to use our scrap papers….thank you for helping us to stay creative

  49. I am really enjoying all the extra crafting time and videos. You do such an amazing job and give me lots of thrifty ways to craft.

  50. Hello Jennifer, my prayers for you & your family is that you stay safe & healthy!!! So grateful that you're so generous with your time & talent; your videos are always inspiring!!! These cards are STUNNING!!! Sending blessings & hugs!!!

  51. Beautiful cards! I love the idea of using purple tape to keep the die cut letters together to be easy to glue on the card…I never thought of that! Thanks so much for always sharing these kind of tips 🙂

  52. I hope the overwhelming support of your soothing, calming voice during this time uplifts your spirit on the most cloudy days. You are loved and appreciated from near and far!

  53. Oh how I wish I could crawl into your head and come up with these awesome ideas! Such creative ideas you have!! Love them all!!

  54. Thank you for making isolation easier with these cheerful card ideas. We all have things we can substitute since shipping is stalled. Hi Lila.

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