13 thoughts on “Video shows driver plow into ART bus

  1. ABQ drivers are the WORST I've EVER seen ANYWHERE! Speeding, tail-gating, red-light running, changing lanes like driving is a video game. Add in that licenses are handed out like candy without serious testing, MANY people driving without licenses, rampant substance abuse, and I NEVER see anyone pulled over for violations – and what the HELL else would any reasonable person expect? When I drive, my head is on a swivel and "defensive" doesn't even BEGIN to describe my style…

  2. Where is the raw footage of this whole incident? Gotta post this for the US MegaDrivingSchool. A good lesson to pay attention or even not run a red light.

  3. Was the driver of the SUV DRUNK? I ask because that light had been RED for several seconds and only a drunk or real idiot would have run the light.

  4. Abq drivers.
    1. Most dont have insurance
    2. Never use turn signals
    3. Run red lights
    4. Never turn headlights on at night
    5. Speed like a bat out of hell
    6. Following you so close to practically run you off the road.
    7. Wont let you merge. Speed up to block you.

  5. "Be mindful of traffic…" Well, that's a joke; especially when you're high on crack and fleeing the police, or whatever the hell this SUV guy was losing his mind over.

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