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Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts

what I like about SMC most is art
department you’re not just working with specific things like you could be
working with paint or you could be working with folding paper or wood it’s
not just one medium you can do a bunch of different things with it since our
department is kind of smaller there’s a lot of more personal choices you can
make and you can kind of fit what you want to do around what your
preferences are I’m very very glad I chose SMC from all the other colleges
that I have seen this one is the most friendly the faculty is absolutely
amazing I feel like I’m at home here everyone just wants me to succeed
especially in the arts department they’re always willing to help me with
any questions I have for instance I will come to them all the time like how
can I improve my art what can I do to make it better and they will say here’s
this here’s this and you got it you’re an amazing artist there’s nothing you
can’t do so they’ve really really encouraged me and helped me through this
art journey that I have I chose SMC because I knew some of my friends were
going here but mostly just because I had heard a lot of good things about the
music program here versus other community colleges in the area I’ve had
a good time in housing a good time in the program just because the instructors
are really awesome they know what they’re doing and they help you more
than just like teach you the music but they help you learn how to better your
musicianship and everything but I think that I’ve grown a lot as an artist and
an individual with that coming together there’s a lot of connections that I made
with my professors and I think that that’s benefited me a lot with like my
confidence and the things that I produce and my trust in myself I like that SMC
provides a community for their students between faculty and staff because I feel
like staff provides a more personal experience
and they truly try to get to know you as an individual and help you succeed
I knew about SMC because I would do solo and ensembles here for band and for
choir and I ended up doing the summer musical Children of Eden here the summer
before I came and decided to come here and when I came here I was only planning
on staying for about a year and then transferring out but I liked it here a
lot so I ended up staying for the whole two years
I got a few scholarships and financial assistance for coming to SMC I got a
band scholarship my first semester and then my second semester I ended up
getting a band and choir scholarship I don’t think we ever had to take out any
loans for this so it was like super affordable like it’s a good thing I
couldn’t ask for any better teachers they actually care about you like it’s a
person and as a student and they want to see you grow you get a lot of like
one-on-one interaction time with the teachers especially within your major so
if you ever want to transfer somewhere else there are a lot of classes that you
can take that can really help like boost your education either here or if you
want to go somewhere else if you are trying to find yourself
I think the SMC can allow for that you can grow as a person and grow as
individual and that’s what I’ve done here I’m thinking about transferring to
either Western or Central and I want to finish my bachelor’s in music education
after I teach for a while I’ll go on to graduate school and get my masters in
conducting be yourself there is nothing better than being yourself around other
people even if you feel like you’re being judged it’s okay nobody honestly
cares what you look like what you sound like what your art is as long as you be
yourself and you’re passionate about it the people here are so nice and they’re
so friendly and all they want is for you to succeed in your life

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