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Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Minecraft and our let’s build a town in survival mode series. We are right
back over by it our little farm which we started setting
up in the last episode and we’re gonna continue on with developing this little
area of the town in this one. I want to get some fences and stuff going to start
fencing this farm in and we also at some point need to get some potatoes and
carrots. Now those of you who have played a lot of this game will know that there
are two ways to get potatoes and carrots. One is to get it from zombies sometimes
they drop them but that’s pretty rare and the other way is to find them in a
villagers’ farm and steal them basically. So we might potentially at some point
have to go and look for a village gone a bit of an exploration adventure shall we
probably won’t do it on this one but we will do at some point soon we’ll
go looking for some other other areas because we haven’t really explored too
much have we on the map we’ve got our map here actually level three out of
four I’m not really sure what that means but you can see on there we haven’t
really explored too much on it I believe you can make the maps bigger not really
too sure how you do that with you just combine Maps in it I don’t know a table
or something a crafting table might have to look into that a little bit and but
for now I’m thinking for the the farm what I’ll do is have fences made out of
this is birch isn’t it I think is birch I always get Berchem beech confused I
don’t know if anyone else is like that but yeah there’s loads of it growing
here so I figured why not start collecting this armies it’s tons of it
actually I’ve don’t think I’ve ever seen this much birch together I don’t know if
this is a type of biome now since they’ve updated losed since I stopped to
playing the game but yeah I figured we use some of this because
said we’d stick to materials for our town which can be found locally because
it makes sense doesn’t it that they’d use materials that can be found nearby
will probably regrow this little Grove as well with any saplings that drop down
because we don’t want to cut down all of the trees and find we have no trees left
when it’s up some little tree areas that will keep regenerating but yeah that’s
the plan for today really to UM to start getting some fences in maybe
set up another plot of of weeks because I said I wanted four of those little
areas that we set up just so we’ve got enough coming in and I’ve been told as
well by Lister that there’s a more efficient way of collecting up the seeds
than what I was doing and that is simply to run out of axis overnight that is
simply to just get a bucket of water Chuck Chuck a bucket of water down and
it will break all of the weeds and then that will work for basically given a
seed so we can just go collect the water back up with the bucket and do it that
way pick up all the seeds are left and that seems like a good plan actually hmm
we don’t have a crafting table anywhere near here do we so that creeper over
there better not get anywhere near destroy in my house just built tube it’s
ours over there now you guys have been coming up with some some lore for the
town as well which is really good I’m probably gonna I’ll let between this
episode in the next one as well go for people deciding on law and then maybe
we’ll start putting something together we’ve got some really good ideas so far
though I’ve got to say so I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up
with right what do we need need some sticks we don’t really have any copper weirdly
do we have a couple in here yeah right okay let’s put that cobble away we’ll
just make a couple of stone axes shall we
that’s probably the best way to go about it a couple of slow nuts is will chop
down some more trees I mean we’ve got quite a lot actually here already
we could make 88 of this believe it or not right we’ve got a whole bunch of
crap in our invent again how has this happened seems like we always end up
with crap I don’t know how we manage it all right slabs and stairs and stuff we
don’t need any of this stuff now remember that we put it all in here and
the glass as well oak saplings you probably don’t need for now and what do
we need that we’ve got a lot of these actually em we might be able to make all
the fences we need already where our fence is we need sticks as well of
course we do okay let’s make some sticks why sticks not showing up here that’s
how you scroll so these are all things we can make where sticks we can make 699
nice that’s half six thousand ninety nine of those right where our sticks why
can I not see sticks okay we’ll just do it the old-fashioned way I guess no
that’s not how we do it still getting used to the controls on bedrock a little
bit right so we can mate how many of these can we make eighteen
that’s quite a lot I might do quite nicely well happens that creeper I think he’s
gone which is good news for us but yeah I
think this is gonna look really good once you’ve got a couple of farms set up
over on this little flat bit I’m also thinking of making like a stairway up
here so we can get to this upper level I’m not sure we’re gonna put up there
just yet but I’m sure we’ll find something right I think we leave one
block and go around like this so I’m not sure how far I wanna come up here is
we’re gonna have the windmill we talked about that in the last one Wow okay
we’re gonna need a lot more fences to do this actually a lot more okay
we also gonna need some food we need to chop down some more trees we’ve got
plenty to be getting on with that’s a bit weird so yeah this there’s all sorts
a good stuff I’ve got planned we need to get on with with doing the mine area in
the blacksmith’s as well there’s the creeper come over here cheeky son of a
gun don’t you dare explode destroy poof you spawned there we go pick up that
gravel as well why not we’ve got some food in here haven’t we
that we just cooked up very nice we’ll eat some of that so yeah it might be
time to go on an adventure scene I think we might need to do that we also
probably need to go mining again at some point as well because we could probably
do some more I and I think all right let’s let’s put that in there
we’ll make must have 40 sticks yeah that’ll be fine and now let’s make loads
of these fences right we’ve got sixty that should hopefully be enough oh it’s
raining but is it getting to nighttime looks like it might be I don’t think
I’ve ever noticed that you can’t see the sun’s position when it rains before it’s
crazy all the time of collect spent play in this game I’ve never noticed that it
does seem as though it is getting darker doesn’t it
this is growing quite nicely actually I quite like the little farming system
that I found out about how far back should we go with this not like that how far should we go I mean if we’ve got
a couple of blocks like that I reckon how come one more should do it and then
across across from there we’ll have some gates as well I did one didn’t want to
do that did I oh I broke the other one for the hole didn’t I haha that’s why
it’s it forever to break it okay this could be interesting because we’ve got
this here and that’s gonna block that off let’s get back anyway we don’t want
to run into any friends it’s already a spider over there you stay over there
spider it’s nighttime isn’t it I think cuz of the rain it’s weirdly lit and demand get out of here
yeah it’s nighttime there we go so you could have been in trouble there can my
but yeah we firms we’ve then we’ve got a lot of stuff to do I’m just having fun
playing the game to be honest I’m a bit short of words today it’s not a creeper
they’re insistent on trying to sabotage my farm and my builds so shame we can’t
put protection on buildings actually on this sort of survival made version get out of here and your friend go on as
a creeper over there now they’re insisting on breaking my builds I’m sure
of it okay so we left a block didn’t we let’s
fence this in a bit like so here we go oops I got placed there because of that
weed I think you can get anything out of it no seeds or anything okay so what I’m
thinking is maybe we just go up and up and over or should we leave it what do
we reckon do we go up and over to fence it in or is that fine animals are going
to probably be able to climb up that aren’t they it’s not gonna be any
animals in this pen though actually this is just gonna be seeds this is just
gonna be for the the thing isn’t it but you know what let’s do it like this just for the sake of making it look good
that looks a bit bare doesn’t it yeah I’m happy with that and then we can have
the windmill here and then we’ll sort of see what happens over yeah one two three
four five six seven eight nine ten it was ten wasn’t it one two three four
five six seven eight nine now it’s nine depending on how big the windmill is we
could potentially put the other ones up there for now let’s just leave it like
this I’ll plan out the windmill in my head a little bit and we’ll potentially
go from there with that so we might not need too many more fences are
after all so that can be that farm that can be our little wheat farm with the
windmill and then over a sort of this area we can have mainly potatoes or
carrots things I’ll add we’re going to need to find it I said that in this
episode we’d go and explore that didn’t I
I’ve just remembered it so let’s head over there we’ve got a whole day ahead
of us run away from that creeper now we’ve got the map so it should be fine
we can’t really we can sort of see can sort of see our little town on there I
just want to see what that is because it looks like floating islands oops oh jeez
I thought I saw an enemy then scared the life out of me
I really thought that was an enemy but I dropped into a bunch of creepers or
something okay ah I thought there was like a ha ha ha I
know I say it all the time but we honestly have the best spawn over here
there’s the lily pads we need for poofy spawned and then there’s a village right
there as well so we can get our other crops I honestly cannot believe how good
this this seed has turned out to be guys is crazy are we collecting those we are
ef5 its go for six we can always come back for more
this is sort of a swampy biome a little bit isn’t it yeah that is floating
islands isn’t it anyway thanks to our friends over here at this local village
we’re going to be able to UM to get stuff about going on a massive adventure
so here we go let’s just steal all of their crops
carrots please sorry guys so um I’ll bring you something back and
replant them at some point they’ve got a composter as well might steal that why
not we’ve turned to fevery already what is it 20 episodes and we’ve already
turned to thievery can you believe it some of you’ll probably say yes right I
caught these carrots stealer more how many have we got nice stack and a half
basically I can potentially trade with some of these guys too potatoes perfect
just what we needed ah this is turned into a good episode
after or hasn’t it started off a bit slow but we’ve hit the mother lode here
I cannot believe how lucky we’ve got with this random seed I hand on heart
did not cheat and get good seed or something there’s an ocelot there might
be able to tame that another cat as well facts not as cats hi guys I’ve got lots
of cats here that’s pretty cool I mean it’s a bit of a drop behind his house
but it’s nice how many potatoes did we get 24 I quite like they’ve got like a
little floating island thing it’s pretty cool isn’t it that’s weird the way
that’s sort of positioned let’s take a picture of us in this little this little
village shall we that can be the little thumbnail image can it yeah maybe we’ll
take another one I don’t know what are these more potatoes and I carry
something we don’t really want too many more carrots to be honest we’ll let them
keep their carrots er I’ve got not cats here what a cool little place its lucky
we went over to check out the floating rock isn’t it what’s that over there is
that a sand biome like a DES I mean we can raid their houses as well
but I’m probably not going to do that because that just seems a bit mean given
how much we’ve already stolen from him Wow a very rewarding visit to this area
we can remember this is up here as well by the map so we go result let’s head
back to base then because it’s starting to get towards evening anyway I think
it’s a lot of birch trees over here as well
enough to remember that chickens let’s head back home we’re heading home we’ve
got loads of loot it was a short adventure it turned out I
thought maybe it’d be an adventure that would take us a couple of days and by
days I mean actual episodes but night turns out we had neighbors really nearby
we’ve stolen all of their crops they’re going to go hungry I should feel bad but
I don’t because maybe they can be our rivals maybe that can be a rival town we
can you know kind of like in the Simpsons you know you’ve got Springfield
and Shelbyville maybe they can be the Shelbyville of this place I don’t know
what do you guys think be pretty funny let’s leave just leave a bit of a gap
and then we can put fences here so we’ll start here what did we do 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and then the middle one was water wasn’t it
1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 yeah 2 3 4 5 there we go alright we’ll
fill that in with some water I’ve got the bucket still
is good let’s get some water that’s weird
no just random naturally spawning bit of water do you know what that looks weird
doesn’t it it doesn’t I mean should we do it symmetrically now let’s not let’s
do it on unsummoned there’s a word on and symmetrically I’m symmetrically I
don’t think he is is it’s asymmetrically isn’t it I don’t even remember anyway
that’s how you some of this up another seat there nice I can quickly do this
before it gets to nighttime I think unless this breaks in which case I’ll be
a little bit annoyed now he should be alright
he’s getting quite close to the nighttime isn’t it don’t come yet
nighttime hold off for a bit maybe we’ll just work into the night screw it
I know list has been telling me to light up the area for I don’t even know how
long but I still haven’t done it should really do it but haven’t yet right okay one day I’ll get blown up by a creeper
or something won’t I and then I wish I’d done it but for now we’re gonna risk it
we’re gonna take the risk with high risks sometimes comes higher reward and
the reward is going to be in the form of carrots lovely juicy carrots we don’t
actually really need carrots for any of our builds but I just figured it’d make
a nice fun who doesn’t like Carole there’s a gold arm and skeleton there we should probably pay attention to that
guy should we let’s just be a bit up okay out out don’t trample my crops you
idiot right he trampled up some of the crops
of course he did right we’re gonna have to maybe get on with this a bit because
we don’t want to get snuck up on by a friend namely a creeper let’s make a
dash for it I’m going I’m off see you later guys
no creepers by the door please and we’ll high just like that okay then
I think that’s where we’ll call it an episode for this one good progress I
thought we’d go on a long adventure it turned out to be a 2-minute adventure
because we had village right nearby but anyway we got what we needed so that is
gonna do it for this one so as always guys thank you very much for watching if
you enjoyed the video clicking that like button it really does help the channel
to grow so I do appreciate it make sure you hit that subscribe button and the
notification bill if you knew or just haven’t already done so and I’ll see you
all next time

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  1. They could be a rival town. Maybe you could give back some potatoes and carrots when you have a surplus just to be nice (even though they don't starve). It really would be a good idea to put more lighting around to ward off creepers. Asymmetrical is indeed the right way to say it.

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