Welcome to Galway Cultural Institute

Welcome to Galway Cultural Institute

we're here on the roof of Galway Cultural Institute Delaware business school you can see beside me we have the ocean and the hills of Clair it's a lovely area for recreation the relief in back away is a great destination is such as it's very safe environment very much student City and it is very very important hello how are you my name is Celeste egoland and I am the managing director of gara cultural institutions my name's Cal Marrero an office administrator at the Galway culture Institute and I enjoy working here it's fun challenging exciting and the students are great we have very high recognitions from all over different institutions we're recognized by Kasem's Ireland by equal our teaching standards are of the highest caliber the chicken huh alrighty choose a very highly qualified they work very hard to make their possible hi my name is erina I am the director of studies here and go away Hotel Institute this is the first floor and the theme of the first floor is the tribes of Kovac we have fourteen tribes in go away these were people who are anglo-norman and they controls the life of the city the political cultural and economic life Oh being with the company for about a year and love go away I moved from London and I think this is a great place where you can learn English and also some business so welcome to DC I am GPS my name is John Valencia and I on the market manager Oh students studying on both part-time and on a full-time basis and approximately 60% of our undergraduates students go on to further education both here and across the earth in Asia they go on to different masters programs and different universities post graduate diploma here in school are in think emotions in their workplace or go on to internships as well respected companies and global basis this is our second floor all our floors we have given them certain things and this is the Irish washer feed many of the Irish writers are world-famous the most recent was Seamus Heaney who won the Nobel Prize for Literature we also have WB Yeats James Joyce and a variety of others hello my name is Judith and I'm the office manager I go a business school going to my Institute I've been working in the school for the past six years and what I do is I overview the work in the office and I love working with the students in the school and taking care of them hi my name is Carol and I'm the academic coordinator here at Goa Business School and I really enjoy when students come here and not knowing what they want to do in relation to business courses and we can help them out and to see them getting their degree in graduation is a real thrill for me hi my name is Ethne and I've been working at all week on students to choose for the last seven years I'm here to help anybody I can students agents parodies and I'm always happy to help you my name is Nina Mike Mahan I'm the general manager at core a businessman called a cultural institute it is my responsibility to ensure that when the doors open in the morning but the school is ready for business you

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