– So we are moving offices. – [Host] It’s not called
makeup, it’s War Paint. – I’m not holding this for my health guys. – I’m carrying the weight and expectations of War Paint on my shoulders mate. – Whose, whose where? – I’m sitting here, and
then we’ll put all branding up on here.
– I’m not feeling it there – Big decision this,
where everyone’s sitting. Do I want here?, oh God,
make a decision Dan. – [Ash] Do you Like that? – I do like that actually, yeah. – You happy there? – Nice! – I think we’re gonna need this. – What’s the plan now? – I’m not really sure
because we have to have it painted, new floors? Are we having new floors? – Think so.
– New carpets, because these are pretty 80s. So I don’t know whether to put everything away, or just leave it for Wednesday, I think we’d leave it. – What you got? – We’ve been working on
these for a little while, and they’ve just turned up. There is a primer that we’re releasing, and then a remover, so effectively you’ve got something that, you prime, that’s what the primer is, prime your skin, prep your skin, then to remove the product afterwards, so we’ve got, here’s the
two things we were missing, but look, looks wicked. The absolute business
that is, so this is to even out your skin tone, so effectively it can fill in your skin to prime it, so if you’ve got like little
cracks and stuff it almost like – Smooths it out
– Smooths it out so it’ll go into all the cracks and stuff, but it’s, it literally it
feels, feel that with your hand. Feel that. And then, remover looks nice, and literally just smells
clean, it’s amazing. Another two products to add,
and it looks ridiculous, ridiculous. We’re doing a shoot today in a really cool house, so we’re gonna be doing
lifestyle images, videos, how-tos, and then after
that we’ve gotta run straight into John Bell &
Croydon, which is a very high-end, old pharmacy in London, ’cause we launch with them today. So should be a good day, we’re late. So here, we’ve arrived, look at this building, we’ve got. Wow. I’m here with Tim right,
and this is quite, this is a big thing for
me because Tim actually reached out to me via
LinkedIn for a skin condition that he has and getting a lot of this from different types of men from all over, who have reached out to me, the brand, be it online, through live chat, email. So, Tim’s actually,
we’re doing a shot today, but Tim’s come down to see
us, ’cause he’s in London, and talk to me about his
condition, and see if makeup could help him, so. – Yeah obviously over
the years I’ve got a skin condition called vitiligo and… – So what is that? – It’s like a, the skin
goes a white pigment, you get no color in the skin, so no matter if you get a suntan, it’s quite white, so you get white marks on
your face, or on your hands, or on your hands, or on your
arms, I’ve got it on my hands. – Can you show. – I’ve got it on my hands at the moment, and obviously a lot worse
when you get a suntan. I also get it on my face. So I run a tech company,
I’m in meetings quite a lot, I see a lot of people,
and sometimes that… – Does it effect you? – Yeah definitely, yeah, the confidence effects me definitely. You see them sort of just
glance at it for a second, and then your conscious of it. – And so you’re not yourself are you? – No not at all, not at all. You know that one or two
percent it takes you off your game a little bit,
and it’s in your head then that you’re thinking about it, that he’s had a look at it,
or she’s had a look at it. But I get it under my
eye, just at the side. – You can see here, what I’ve done here is put in a little bit of concealer, but I’ve done it on one
side, so you can see here compared to, thanks
mate, compared to here. So that took me two minutes,
two minutes to do that. – Has a massive effect on
me then moving forwards. – Does it? – And for me it’s about
how do I get that little bit of confidence back,
that when you’re sat in-front of a client, or just in general, that you’re just out, and
you’re not as conscious of it as you were before,
do you know what I mean? That’s what it’s about for
me, more than anything. And obviously, I’m getting
a little bit older, and you wanna still look good. – So this is what needs to be talked about that men do, when people
think it doesn’t effect ’em but it definitely does,
do you know what I mean? And even if you said
people can’t notice it, or maybe they’re not even
noticing it, but to you you can. – Yeah and I think
that’s, that’s the thing isn’t it, so it’s for
you, you’re doing this for you, you’re not
doing it for anybody else at the end of the day. And I’m conscious of it
when I’m in client meetings, you know I want to go away
on holiday with the children, and all that sort of
stuff, I want to look good. You know we go away on
holiday and I’m thinking, do I wanna be out in the sun today, and how do I cover that up? – Ah do you now what that makes, honestly that makes me feel sick. ‘Cause as you can see now,
this little bit of product, and if you know you’ve got that. But we talked about it earlier, like if you don’t feel 100%
confident, you’re not you, and if you’re not you, you
don’t present yourself right. – No.
– Or as well as you could do. – No I totally agree
with you, in generally you’re out, I’m conscious of
it when I’ve got a suntan, and I don’t wanna be. – Yeah, you shouldn’t have to. – Which is why I messaged you and said, you know, can you help me out? – And I said come down to the shoot today, and ’cause I knew we’d have some time to come down, put some product on. And what, are you happy with it mate? – Yeah definitely, yeah. The ease of use for me of putting it on. – Yeah, yeah. – You know, as more as anything, wicked. – Do you know what, I’ve
never met Tim before, until today, and so, and he turned up, and it just shows you what makeup can do. Do you know what I mean?
Just a little bit of makeup. Its always been around,
and its been available, but guys just don’t feel, haven’t felt they’ve been able to use it, just shows you that this is
what we are about as a brand, you know this is so important
for me because it is the message that we’re
trying to get across, ’cause there are so many
other guys out there, it’s crazy, that would sit like Tim and just worry about it,
and not think there’s something out there that can help them, so it’s just a tool to help guys. Well Tim mate, thanks
so much for coming down. – Any time mate. – Appreciate it
– Thanks mate. – Appreciate it mate. – God! I feel better. It’s five to
three now, I hadn’t eaten since 6:30 last night. Oh God. We’re going to John Bell & Croydon, so a very, it’s a very high end pharmacy that have been around, I think like, I don’t wanna throw it out
there, but a hundred years. And we’re launching with them today, so we’ll go do some training,
yeah, we’re going now. – [Driver] Cool. – So I’m here, John Bell Croydon,
54 Wigmore Street, London. This department store is 225 years old, we’re launching today, March 5th. It’s another day, it’s another store, another location for War Paint, and breaking down the stereotypes, absolutely over the
moon by it, ridiculous. – Again. – Worked here, say I’ve
worked here for eight months, this is my fourth office. See that first office me
and you were looking at

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