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well What is art ? this is a very controversial topic because my ego says but Wikipedia says in Simple words : art is everything that is not mainstream So it belongs to you and your interpretation Attention one example: when I say the music in the radio is not art because every fucking song is Structured in a few bars in a hook a few bars and a hook Then I’m totally right because of my interpretation when I say every fucking product is structured in the Exactly same way and every fucking melody sounds the same Then it’s totally mainstream But when you argue every singer’s voice and text are totally different And it’s not mainstream, then you are totally right Do you get me so here’s the problem or the freedom? There’s no really status quo about art because when art is everything that is not mainstream, then we have to define Mainstream and Mainstream is also defined by your interpretation at least some words from my perspective I enjoy art because art is freedom Please tell me what is your interpretation of art what says your ego? I would love to discuss with you, so Thanks for watching Mazel Tov you you

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78 thoughts on “WHAT IS ART ?!

  1. If you don't understand me – subtitle ! Thanks for watching <3 What is your opinion ? Who is your favourite artist ?

  2. Is my channel art or mainstream? Probably both hehe. Nice clip dude. Give us more!!! 🙂 So und jetzt geh ich englisch lernen weil das ist schon ein wenig rusty 🙂

  3. Mit der Brille wirst du ja langsam ein zweiter Doktor Allwissend 😀 Der Satz mit der Kunst und Trost der Gestörten.. das musste ich erst zweimal lesen 😀 Aber: ich mag sowas, und finds auch supi dass du einen immer zum Denken bringst mit solchen Sätzen <3 Auch die ganze Geschichte mit dem Mainstream.. inhaltlich echt richtig top, einer deiner besten "Gedankenanstoß-Videos" finde ich. Wie ich Kunst definiere? Sagen wir mal so: wenn mich jemand mit seinen Sachen flasht, und dabei auch noch originell ist, dann bezeichne ich das schon als verdammt künstlerisch. Egal ob Bild, Musik, Film. Im Prinzip auch mein Anspruch als "Künstler": ich versuche mir Sachen auszudenken die ich einigermaßen originell finde, und wenn dann andere das auch mögen, bin ich komplett zufrieden 🙂 Inwieweit das jetzt künstlerisch wertvoll ist vermag ich aber nicht einzuschätzen. Also, lieber Daniel: schönes Video, das mich auch wieder ein wenig geflasht hat.. ne schöne coole Rubrik! See ya my friend <3

  4. Ich bin bekennender Kunstbanause, ich beurteile Kunst einzig und allein nach: Gefällt mir oder gefällt mir nicht. Mein Geschmack ist sehr umfassend, ich behalte es mir aber auch vor, Werke zu verachten, vor allem dann, wenn ihr Wert dadurch beeinflusst ist, von welchem Künstler sie stammen, und nicht, wofür sie für sich allein betrachtet stehen. Oder auch anders herum, man sieht seinen Preis und fängt jetzt an hinein zu interpretieren, was daran toll sein könnte. Wilhelm Busch drückt das Besser aus:

    "Mit scharfen Blick nach Kennerweise
    Seh ich zunächst mal nach dem Preise,
    Und bei genauerer Betrachtung
    Steigt mit dem Preise auch die Achtung."

    Dein Argument gefällt mir aber auch sehr und du beziehst dich ja nicht auf die bildende Kunst. Und ja, auch wenn fast jeder mal das Wort Mainstream benutzt: Was da jetzt darunter fällt und was nicht, is ja schließlich nicht definiert 🙂

  5. Good video, nice question! 🙂
    Art is something that you create out of your thoughts through the things you discovered and by combining them to a new idea.
    It might even be just something you saw from another artist and trying to do the same in your way.
    but to be sure, it is more something that develops through time and it will get art if you can reproduce it and do it for a long time.
    Many artists got famous after they died, so you should take a lot of time.
    The later you will start it, the less there is a possibility to be an artist later! 🙂

  6. Nice Topic my freund.well…For me every individual is an artist with their own life.hehehe
    seriously,My favorite artist is Leonardo da Vinci.

  7. Sehr nice auf Englisch! Klappt doch janz wunderprächtig 😉
    Knifflige Frage obendrein, deren Beantwortung ich den Künstlern überlasse.
    Daumen hoch von mir!
    LG Wilhelm

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  9. Wonderful video I like it. Fantastic. new subbie here Please check my channel If you like it let us be friends and connect.
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  11. Wieder einmal ein klasse Video! Dein Content regt immer schön zum Nachdenken an 🙂 Ich finde klassische Kunst an sich ja schon wahnsinnig toll, aber seid kurzem fällt mir immer stärker auf wieviel Kunst oder Kreativität wir im Alltag auch haben. Die kleinsten Dinge und Handlungen…wenn man einfach mal die Augen richtig aufmacht :))

  12. Art is a specific expression of someone's soul. It was and it will be what is hidden inside us. Sometimes it is a shy, barely visible glympse of light while in other cases it is a screaming voice of someone's dream. The best pieces of prehistoric art were not intended to be visible by others but to represent someone's desire to attract deers into the hunting traps or to honor the great Mother Goddess. Art has bacome as a human desire to sum up his feelings into one deliberate painting or a sculpture. Later on, art got it's wings of freedom to expand the idea of perfection or imperfection. From one society to the other art has become a question of many debates and until now, no one ever could find the exact definition on what art should look like. My humble opinion is that art is the colective of feelings, tradition, practice and evolution. From the begining of it's history till now, art has gone through many different phases. None of them took the power of vision. Sorry for my mille long post. Thanks for sharing such a great video! I like your channel a lot! Thumbs up for you!

  13. Great video my friend! I'm here to give you support to your channel hope you're still subbed to mine. I'll stay connected all the best! 👍🏽

  14. 😂😂😹🤣 I agree. Art is breaking the rules! Not simplicity. Formats are cool but same blah blah is like painting the same pictures. Great talk dude

  15. Hey very well said! I think art is about expressing the depth of your feelings by transferring it into something creative and beautiful 😁

  16. I totally feel you on the music today. I love the old school music from the 70's, 80's and 90's for that reason. Excellent share!

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  18. Lovely video dear 😊😊 My opinion on art is that art is something created from ones self, whether that be doing makeup, painting, baking, creating a sculpture, making a video or even singing. Everyone will always have different thoughts on what is art, as everyone has their own perspective on things. Some believe if art is pretty then it is not art haha. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Also I wanted to say thank you for visiting my channel. I have subscribed. You have a wonderful channel. Keep up the great work and have a lovely day x x

  19. Hi! thanka for visit my channel and i subs you i hope subs back..thanks..Very nice channel and thanks for sharing this vedio..God bless.

  20. Loving your channel! New subbie here 🙂 So true, everyone's interpretation is different when it comes to art. And it means something different to each and every person <3 I think art is always growing and changing BUT some things will always repeat or be similar. There are only so many ways you can do something different. Eventually, there will be small similarities.

  21. This is such an interesting subject and reflection. Art is so important and I like to consider myself an artist. Who knows if I'm right? I think art is freedom, as you said, and art is creating something new, personal, without just imitating something already existing. Art is creativity. 🙂
    Thanks for your nice comment on my latest video shot in Napoli, which made me discover your channel. I just subscribed to you and I will be glad to see your next videos. If you like, subscribe back and see you next times.
    Greetings from Italy,

  22. to me art is anything someone has made or even nature has made and i look at it and say i like that, oh and i don't have a favourite artist in anything.

  23. Hey haben dich gerade entdeckt und finden dich sehr sympathisch. Mein Abo hast du ich würde mich freuen wenn du mal bei mir vorbei schauen würdest

  24. Art is, like all things, in the eye of the beholder.
    I create art, every day, and i do other things.., which are more craft. It depends on the day and what people wish from me, and what I hope of myself.
    Is everything art?
    Is art everywhere?

    Is this art? Or is it only photography? Is photography art? I think some of it is.. much may be..

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