Who We Are: The Office of Multicultural Ministries of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington

Who We Are: The Office of Multicultural Ministries of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington

the Catholic Diocese of Arlington is blessed with a culturally diverse family of parishioners countries from around the globe are represented in their faces and traditions the spiritual needs of these faith filled communities are supported by both the diocesan Spanish apostolate and the office of multicultural ministries all these different beautiful diverse Catholic cultures the office of multicultural ministries brings them together as a cohesive human so we can work together and support each other the diversity that we have is fully operate is treasured one of my great joys as a bishop is to celebrate diocesan masses where we gather as a diocese from all the parishes within our local church and I always like to say in the beginning how blessed we are to gather in the richness of our diversity the choir at today's multicultural mass is actually a combined multicultural choir there are singers from the different ethnic community so there are singers from the Vietnamese community Korean community good naen community Spanish it's wonderful what we do on a daily weekly and annual basis is we provide a centre of outreach for pastoral ministries and what Pastoral Ministries entails is we help those with a cultural diversity find a place find a place of welcome in our Catholic churches to celebrate customs and traditions in a way that draws them into a deeper personal relationship with Christ most of the Vietnamese people here immigrant from Vietnam so we left our home we kind of homeless but when we come here the office is welcoming us and make us fill us this is our second home and have the young people engage into the life of the diocese with different activities from that iousy levels to make us feel as I've been a part of like the church community since I was born so by going to this church of participating in the youth group here I can connect with other kids that share my same heritage and you know have the same goals as me because we are all Catholic and we're all getting these going here really helped me you know embrace my identity and appreciate my culture more I'm the coordinator for religious education program which is about 560 kids we also have the Vietnamese language program and then we also have Vietnamese Eucharistic youth movement and majority of the kids have participate in all of these programs we make sure that these kids learn about all traditions learn about all culture for me the young people is very important so that's why we need to put everything possible to make this community better for the future generations in the early days the formation of black Catholic ministries consists of the four parishes this church st. Joseph's here in Alexandria was founded in 1915 with a contribution from st. Catherine Truxel she donated eight thousand dollars to help build his church the multicultural office they've been wonderful they've been very supportive the supporting us financially spiritually logistically in all types of ways they're to help us promote activities within our various cultural communities I was born and bred in Ghana and the bishop wanted a priest to take care of the Ghana community here and I've been taking care of the Ghana community for the past five years multicultural choral concert that was a big thing and a lot of people from our church came and they enjoyed and also the multicultural Mass is another way to share and be a real member of diocese in a multicultural ministry is really helping us to be connected I believe that the diocese the bishop has love and enthusiasm for the office of multicultural ministries so that the office can reach out to every single Catholic that is what is making the multicultural is very key and important to evangelization particularly tall Africans the Asians and South Americans who come in we are very blessed in the Diocese of Arlington to have so many cultures represented and I am excited with the opportunities our office provides to meet one another to celebrate the unique gifts and also to strengthen one another in faith

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