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Who’s The Better Actor EP2 | Props Challenge 道具即兴创作赛

Who’s The Better Actor EP2 | Props Challenge 道具即兴创作赛

Hello, and welcome to another episode
of Who’s The Better Actor? I’m your beautiful host, Sylvia Here’s Team Celebrities Hi, I’m Edwin Hi, I’m Jernelle And here’s Team Influencers Hi, I’m Chrysan Hi, I’m Xenia Welcome, guys All right Our challenge for today is… “Prop Improvisation” You’ll be tested on your sense of humour, your spontaneity… as well as your creativity We don’t have any creativity! We can go home now Let’s just go home As you can see here,
we have a table full of props Each group will take turns to pick a prop… and improvise a skit If it’s entertaining or creative, you’ll be awarded one point The first group to get 10 points… will be today’s winner Okay The first prop is… a disco ball Who’s going to go first? You guys go first! Go for it! -Okay Okay Grenade! Oh. Okay… That was pretty good You’re giving them a point? Wait Hold on Hey, long time no see! -You’re expecting?
-Yes, I’m nine months pregnant And my baby is going to have a… bright future (Extremely satisfied) Okay, next Okay Okay, pretend you’re a car
and go through this (This is just ridiculous) Where’s the disco ball? That was terrible (Speechless) Do we still have to use the disco ball? No. Here, let’s use the same prop Okay, it’s the same -Wait It’s okay I can put this on -What a mess I wonder what they’re doing (Are you sure chickens make that sound?) Are there any eggs yet? Get us some You get a point for your acting! Fantastic! Okay, what will they do? (Are you imitating me?) Oh, the inflatable at a car wash! Nice one! Well done! -That was creative
-Okay, I’ll be your trainer Okay, 30 seconds left Come on, Chrysan Put some muscle into it -10 more seconds
-I can’t do this anymore -You’re doing great. Don’t give up
-I really can’t, instructor Very good. Stop Should I give them a point? No! It was messy Okay Okay, over here Go! Bravo! Good! Okay, that was not bad I pity you though What a beautiful world What are you doing? I’m looking for worms!
Wait, is it worms? -What are you, a bird?
-I’m a butterfly! That looks nothing like a butterfly! It’s a fail! -Okay…
-Oh no, we have a dead person here! Okay, ready… 3, 2, 1 Jernelle, I’ll give you a point
if you know the name of that item AED That’s correct I’m running late for work Quick, help me tie my tie -I don’t know how to do it
-I don’t know either, dear Just try -I need to work…
-There, does it look good? -Okay, I’ve got to go now
-Bye That was funny I thought it was pretty funny It’s hard to believe
someone would marry a wife like that -Was he supposed to be a housefly?
-Yeah It’s impossible to hit one But he’s dead I’m that good Why do you keep stuffing things
into your clothes? There are lots of mosquitoes
when you go outdoor camping -Why are there so many of them?
-I got bitten -I got bitten. It hurts
-It’s so red -I got bitten
-It’s so itchy Stop scratching! -Why? -If it itches, draw an “X” on it
-I’ll help you scratch it No, draw an “X” -Both of you…
-Draw an “X” on the bite Your sense of humour is so low-class -Should I give a point for that?
-No, you shouldn’t -Yes, if you think it was funny
-It was quite funny Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who’s the fairest of them all? You think it’s you? It’s Sylvia, of course! Good job! (He sure knows how to curry favour) The guest we’ve invited today
is no ordinary man It’s… Iron Man That was embarrassing -What’s this?
-1, 2… 1, 2, 3, 4! Oh, yeah! Oh, man! I like your idea, but do you really not know
any rock songs? It might be copyright infringement,
so we can’t sing any Excuses! Oh, a bite! Oh, I caught it! It’s a mermaid! How sickening The doctor you introduced… I’m telling you… Help me! Failed cosmetic surgery! I enjoyed that! Omigod. Her Majesty has arrived! Order… Order… No, Her Majesty can leave Okay, that’s a rice bucket (Dancing hard –
sacrificing his image to gain a point) You were a very energetic “snake” I’ll give you a point for that -I told you
-I don’t know anymore Why would they say that? He’s so annoying That Edwin thinks he’s so good-looking,
but he’s really not Yeah! -My boyfriend often says the same about me
-I don’t know why he’s like that But I think Jernelle’s not too bad I can’t take this anymore Are you acting as yourselves? You’re rebonding your hair… while complaining about
your Ah Beng boyfriends, right? Good I’m telling you,
I’m under so much stress lately… that I have a huge pimple on my face (It’s really big) If I had dinner, I would be throwing up That’s a “no” Wait, I hit the wrong one Hey, for this game,
who do you think… You forgot this Who do you think will win this game? I think Edwin and Jernelle will win Really? I think… (Your nose will grow if you lie) Actually, I think they will win too Hey, if you want to work here,
don’t say something like that Xenia, you had such a natural expression I like that Hello, everyone, I’m Chrysan Hi It’s a little chilly. I wonder why. What’s going on? Do you have a problem with her now? -You can’t do that
-Trying to get revenge, huh? I’m thirsty (Can you tell she’s acting as this?) That was actually kind of cute You get a point Edwin, do you like acting as animals? You don’t get a point Xenia, why are you always asking me
to help you with photography? No, just hold it here Okay Point the camera at it
and check the angle -Why?
-Model, please step forward It’s too far away! Zoom in -Okay! No need to be so fierce
-Zoom in more -I’ve zoomed in a lot
-More -I only want to see the face
-How much more should I zoom in? Your composition isn’t good -It isn’t?
-Okay, this is good. 1, 2, 3 -I can adjust it
-Okay, it’s good Okay, done Okay (Does anyone know what they’re doing?) Sorry, but what’s going on? What was that? It’s Star Wars! Oh dear What’s happening now? What is going on? Mummy, there’s a caterpillar! I am a caterpillar No! Okay Are you going to fight again? Bullseye! You are so attractive! You too! -You’re out of ideas, aren’t you?
-No, we thought of magnets No… Look, we’re stuck together -I’ll give you a pity point
-No, don’t do that Hi, you know I got
these new Swarovski earrings, right? You know, right? Mine is 1,000 carats There’s nothing to compare. Mine’s better Yours was good I liked it Great -I would wear those out The scores are now 8-9 Okay, one of you will win soon Okay I’ve given it some thought We’ve been together for three years, but I really think we need to break up Why? I… can’t tell you why I don’t know how Just tell me why You’re too hairy Because of my chest hair? I can’t take it anymore. It’s too itchy But I don’t want to trim it! (Do I laugh or cry?) Then go look for other men Huh? The punchline though… But that was sickening Oh, I can go now -Oh! You were a traffic light, right?
-Yes Are you a cello? That was good Here’s a point for you You now have a total of 10 points! Okay, the winner of today’s challenge is… Team Influencers! You won! To be honest, I think both teams did great I love you both But when someone wins, someone else loses -And the losers will have to do a forfeit
-Yeah I will hand you this tape, and you can tape their faces
however you like Are you guys happy? Yes! -Okay And that’s it for this episode
of Who’s The Better Actor? This has been your beautiful host, Sylvia See you next time! Here, help yourselves Bye Please have mercy on us No way! Subtitles: CaptionCube Thanks for watching Who’s The Better Actor? Bye! Oh, poor you

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