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Why Big Companies Make Bad Products – Steve Jobs

Why Big Companies Make Bad Products – Steve Jobs

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Street to Silicon Valley. People get confused. companies get confused when
they start getting bigger they want to replicate their initial success what
happens is like with John Sculley. John came from PepsiCo and they at most
would change their product you know once every 10 years I mean to them a new
product was like a new sized bottle right? so if you were a product person
you couldn’t change the course of that company very much
so who influenced the success of PepsiCo? the sales and marketing people therefore
they were the ones that got promoted and therefore they were the ones that ran
the company well for PepsiCo that might have been okay but it turns out the same
thing can happen in technology companies that get it get monopolies like Oh
IBM and Xerox if you were a product person at IBM or Xerox so you make a
better copier or a better computer so what when you have a monopoly market share
the company’s not any more successful so the people that can make the company
more successful our sales and marketing people and they end up running the
companies and the product people get driven out of the decision-making forums
and the companies forget what it means to make great products it’s sort of the
product sensibility and the product genius that brought them to those to
that monopolistic position gets rotted out by people running these companies
who have no conception of a good product versus a bad product they have no
conception of the craftsmanship that’s required to take a good idea and turn it
into a good product and they really have no feeling in their hearts usually about
wanting to really help the customers there’s a just a tremendous amount of
crafts ship in in-between a great idea and a
great product and as you evolved that great idea it changes and grows it never
comes out like it starts because you learn a lot more as you get into the
subtleties of it and you also find there’s tremendous trade-offs that you
have to make I mean you know there are there are just certain things you you
can’t make electrons do there are certain things you can’t make plastic do
or glass do or factories do or robots do and as you get into all these things
designing a product is keeping 5,000 things in your brain these concepts and
fitting them all together in in kind of continuing to push to fit them together
in new and different ways to get what you want and every day you discover
something new that is a new problem or a new opportunity to fit these things
together a little differently and it’s that process that is the magic I read an
article when I was very young in Scientific American and it it measured
the efficiency of locomotion for various species on the planet so for you know
bears and chimpanzees and raccoons and birds and fish how many kilocalories per
kilometer did they spend to move and and humans were measured too and the Condor
one it was the most efficient and mankind the crown of creation came in
with a rather unimpressive showing about a third of the way down the list but
somebody there had the brilliance to test a human riding a bicycle blew away
the Condor all the way off the charts and I remember this really had an impact
on me I really remember this that humans are tool builders and we build tools
that can dramatically amplify our innate human abilities and to me we actually
ran an ad like this very early to Apple that the personal computer was the
bicycle of the mind and I believe that with every bone in my body that that of
all the inventions of humans the computer
is going to rank near if not at the top as history unfolds and we look back as
you know when you set a vector off in space if you can change its direction a
little bit at the beginning its dramatic when it gets a few miles out in space I
feel we but we are still really at the beginning of that vector and if we can
nudge it in the right directions it will be a much better thing as it as it
progresses on and I look you know I think we’ve had a chance to do that a
few times so there was something beyond sort of what you see every day there’s
something going on here in life beyond just a job and a family and two cars in
the garage and a career there’s something more going on there’s another
side of the coin that we don’t talk about much and and and and we experience
it when there’s gaps when we kind of just aren’t really when everything’s not
ordered and perfect when there’s kind of a gap you experience this in rush of
something and and a lot of people have set off throughout history to find out
what that was and whether it’s throw or whether it’s you know some Indian
mystics or whoever might be and and the hippy movement got a little bit of that
and they wanted to find out what that was about and that life wasn’t about
what they saw their parents doing and of course the pendulum swung too far the
other way and it was crazy but there was a germ of something there and it’s it’s
the same thing that causes people to want to be poets instead of bankers you
know and and I think that’s a wonderful thing and I think that that same spirit
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100 thoughts on “Why Big Companies Make Bad Products – Steve Jobs

  1. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. I've been really focused on creating new animations during this lock down situation. Thank you for all the support. May this video brighten your day and inspire some positive thoughts.

  2. Love this💎….as a marketing manager for Universal Music Enterprise/UMG, I emailed Mr.Jobs about an idea I had to intergrate catalogue marketing with Apple's introductory lap-top ( those colored clamshells) 20 years ago.

    He saw the value in it and we developed the first international campaign placing the imacs in Tower Records in 21 intl locations featuring Motown catalogue, Bob Marley and U2 ipod and tour marketing followed through the years.

    The right people always listen to an idea, no matter where it derives from.

  3. Learn GEMATRIA and everything will line up. The product or how successful you are doesn't matter. All the world is a stage, Oder Out Of Chaos.

  4. Why should we give up our IP to make rich people richer…when capitalism works for the little guy, innovation thrives

  5. This from a guy whose company's hallmark is ever- restricted accessibility, dwindling hardware options, and $1000 monitor stands.

  6. 2:10. Craftsmanship. I worked for the President of Apple USA in the private home of he and his wonderful wife. They lived in Saratoga, Ca.
    Dogs were welcome on the jobsite and carpenters sometimes swam in the pool at lunch hour.

    I came to fabricate and install the Corian counters. I ended up working for the contractor on future cabinet/counter projects. I was a highly creative and fine craftsman.
    The homeowner told me that Apple would love to have a person of my creative skill level and abilities. He was going to set up an interview for me.

    Steve Jobs never called; I must think too different.

    In 2012 I worked with the Architect of the year in the US: Restorations.

  7. 1:41 I understand what Jobs' is saying. But, isn't this EXACTLY what Apple has been, for the past ten years, perhaps even longer? They barely change the Iphone from year to year. Same with their computers.

  8. As a child I thought art and creativity was a waste of time. Why go to museum or draw something, do something concrete like an accountant or mechanic. How wrong I was.

  9. I feel this is going on with big video game companies like EA, Activision-Blizzard, and Bethesda. Sales and marketing are running those companies away from what gamers want, and more of what investors want.

  10. How this happened to Apple couldn't be more true, it took the king of accountants like Cook less than a decade to dismantle some of the greatest products in the world and turn them into more profitable ones that offer far FAR less to the user…….And yet people don't seem to notice and keep buying them. Milking the legacy?

  11. So Is that why Apple products are so expensive and shit and made by 3rd world kids, uhuh, so stunning so brave Stev.

  12. Funny how Apple has now become what Steve Jobs envisioned.
    A company that once innovated and released great creative products, but now relies on marketing and gimmicks to sell the same product every year with an inflated price tag.
    Its funny that when Steve Jobs died, the company was taken over by just the sort of people Jobs is describing. Led by the utterly useless Tim Cook. A man that has never had an original thought enter his head in life.
    It's sad.

  13. Planned obsolescence is the most disgusting business practice that should be illegal. So purposely wasteful on everyone's resources, except the profits.

  14. Apple is well known for making the highest cost and least innovative and poorest quality products, this has always been the case. Apple at no point was ahead of the curve, they simply made products look good but work rather poorly. They sold their products as simple and un-hackable to people that generally knew nothing about computers/phones/mp3 players. Steve Jobs was just a salesmen.

    Slowly as people try other products after a lifetime of drinking the Apple koolaid usually go, "wtf, this is much better… how did I not know about this!!"

  15. I also want to know why big companies may have a very successful product, then immediately pull it off the shelves. Is bliss that bad?

  16. Steve Jobs did not invent a single thing, he only connected the world of user experience to the technical side which was important for people too focused on technical sides and unable to communicate with average people easily, but let's not pretend he was an inventor. Apple products were always worse than competitors, but they were friendlier to use.

  17. Steve Jobs: Zerox did all the work, I stole it and the sheep will think I'm Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison did it to Tesla, like Elon Musk does with any obvious Idea a 120 years old. That's Capalism that's why I'm rich and your poor. At least be smart enough to steal and market somthing.

  18. 6:22 is really scary! Marketers are now at the helm of affairs where Steve was once the innovation.
    Just the nudge I need to keep my priorities in check. Thanks Afterskool. More grace bro

  19. Greed takes the place of curiosity with the affluent big companies and that's addictive.
    Which leaves them ultimately at the whims of their own moral compass, which is across the board, in a word, fucked

  20. Another amazing video by you man! Amazing talk by Steve Jobs as usual, but so strange he spent his whole life in trying to put people in boxes, put patents on their free ideas, seize their right to repair, stop them from improving their own products, create a hostile secretive environment, steal other peoples ideas, enslave whole countries and propagade child labor in unprecedented scales.

  21. Apple selling monitor stand for 1200 dollar is good example of a company with a cult of followers that buy everything..

  22. We live in a world we everything is measured via money, that defines your success or how good you are at something. If you sell literally shit for a lot of money it means you are the boss, when everyone is looking just to make a buck out of you by offering the less possible (most inexpensive product possible) expect lies, shady practices, poor quality and even dangerous products. But hey they will spend millions making ads and a marketing campaign for unicorn people.

  23. Humans are "tool" builders as a physical skill, but Humans are much more than that and have to remember we are expansionary beings (internally and externally) too much focus on one thing is unbalanced (swings the pendulum to far in one direction). What Steve Jobs invented (or stole) is being used for the most part, the wrong way – it is taking Humans away from themselves, in turn taking them away from their Devine lessons – One Consciousnesses – expansion of Source Light. The inventions are great, but when used to serve the ego, feed fear, fill validations or to make money and war. It will ultimately end up on a top ten list – but on what side…good or bad?

  24. Now make computers that don't need CONSTANT maintenance and updating and make them so they simply just "work" and I will be impressed.

  25. This video shows the incredible Greatness of Capitalism and the Incredible Con of Capitalism. The fact we have a choice to decide what we want to buy. Competition makes companies more creative and worry more about what the consumer wants. Once the company becomes too big or becomes a monopoly it loses touch with the consumers and just makes low quality products since they own the product

  26. Steve Jobs has the survivor mentality from being removed from his own company. He knows as the head of a public company he has to take the shareholders and board of directors in close consideration. This is why he chose Tim Cook to take reigns because he knows if he chose someone who only cared about innovations and not profits, expansion, diversification, earnings report, initial costs and corporate deadlines the company would not become one of the most valuable companies in the world.

    TL DR; Ideals are great but capital is the lifeblood of any business in a realistic society and Apple used to be a hero but has lived long enough and became the villain.

  27. Cmon man… Apple charges a premium for tech that they purposefully incorporate a planned obsoleteness model into. Chinese working conditions that create iproducts are horrendous. Steve Jobs was the ultimate capitalist who cared nothing for his employees or the customers. And these Big Company/garbage products are priced accordingly- except Apple products. Because in 2 years whatever you bought is obsolete anyway

  28. Stevejobs: why company make bad products.
    Apple: we cover shit with gold and charge shit tons of money.

    Be poets rather than bankers lol.
    Be scientists not bankers.

    People who is tech savvy want to modify their gadgets. Apple need to stop acting like mafia

  29. This is the best 7 minute advertisement I have ever seen. Just kidding, it is amazing how the company and steve jobs changed into a corrupted cash cow milking company. It is now only a shadow of its past. But that´s what happens to all big companies I guess. It´s not called for nothing too big to fall. They can abuse their power and fame to produce the same shit under a different name or even worse. Offering a breaking, incomplete and insufficient product, that breaks after 3 years and is produced in the cheapest way possible. But all the fanboys and fangirls have to get that new shit, because there that one symbol on it and they love it. They are gladly paying 2-3 times the price for a bad product, just to get that feeling, that the company is selling them, instead of asking, is this product really worth its price?

  30. Seems a bit hypocritical… Why big businesses make bad products, spoken by the owner of a massive company that produces a mediocre product….

  31. This statement makes no sense. The companies are big in the first place, because they have made good products that have sold well. They might make some bad products also, but while they are in business or making lots of money, then they must be successful.

  32. Lack of creativity is a fundamental principle most companies practice these days. Why make a product when you can source it and put your brand label on it. I'm thinking any company that survives the Age of Corona will have to get creative as its source cash cow in China may no longer be the ideal business partner. I think it's about time we started taking risks again if we want to stay competitive. Not just us but everyone.

  33. Example: Nintendo (emphasis on developing great games and systems, seeing monolithic success). EA, Activision-Blizzard, Bethesda, Bioware, etc. (emphasis on marketing over selling quality titles, seeing decent success but loads and loads of consumer backlash and stock decline). It should be an obvious answer, but these bigwigs are too stupid to see that

  34. The reason why big companies make defective or bad products is because they want you to keep buying more products think about it if Apple made one Iphone that lasted 5 or ten years they would make less money in the long run but if that same Iphone only lasts 1 or 2 years they will make more money in a quicker ammount of time because people will have to keep upgrading their phones in order to stay current

  35. Ey Tim Cook are you listening!!! your blindness, arrogance and incompetence are killing Apple, the sad part is that you haven't noticed

  36. It’s amazing that so many people thinks apple is amazing.. but the reality is the history made by apple was amazing… but not their current products.. the versatility sucks …

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