"Why the Arts?" Art Education Advertisement

"Why the Arts?" Art Education Advertisement

the big question in education today is why are the art support art teaches us to be creative it allows us to create something new something tangible and exciting art opens us up to a world of possibilities where reality fails to do so our challenges us to think outside of the box that makes us unsatisfied with normal in order to look for new possibilities art makes us problem solvers art connects us to the past throughout history society has created art to capture a moment in time art gives us the ability to study who we were in order to see what we will become art allows us to explore different cultures world views and beliefs it transcends geographical frameworks artists a profound connection among human beings all over the world so why is art important simply art is what makes us human you

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14 thoughts on “"Why the Arts?" Art Education Advertisement

  1. Ryan,
    Doing some research for our school's Strategic Plan, one part of it has an emphasis on The Arts. We would love to use your video as a nice little summary of the importance of The Arts. Do we have your permission? [email protected]

  2. If it's okay, I'm going to use your video as a place holder video on my a go fund me for my Non-Profit organization. It fits what we're working for so well!

  3. Hey Ryan, I'm using this video in a proposal to bring an art education program to an after school community program in my city. It's perfect!

  4. this is awesome, love the vid. Could I use this as promotional material for arts programs in The Salvation Army????

  5. Hi Ryan, We would like to use the first 6 seconds of this video as b-roll in our Kickstarter campaign promo video. Please email us at [email protected] and let us know if we have your permission. I was looking for an email address for you and could not find one so I'm posting here. Thanks!

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