100 thoughts on “Why the rush on toilet paper? One economist believes he knows

  1. fighting over a chicken sandwich now fighting over toilet paper. No wonder aliens are like, nah we'll just fly around and observe what these idiots will fight over next.

  2. use water.. best way to wash your butts.. so ignorant.. LOOK you wash hands with "water"… you take shower with "water".. same way use water to wash your butts.. simple logic!!!

  3. Really, you demonized your loggers ,and you wonder why there is no paper. Blame Bloomberg and his far east investments.

  4. No toilet paper? No problem!

    Use a rag or washcloth and some soap and water. 1. Wet the rag or washcloth with soapy water. 2. Wipe your butt. 3. Place rag or wascloth in a small bucket with soapy water. 4. Rinse off rag or washcloth. 5. Hang it up to dry or throw it away and use new piece of rag or new washcloth. You'll never run out of rags because rags are every where.

  5. In answer to the Question, those are arse holes in the world buying tp, Literally. What about a good shower. People are SHEEPLE falling for the corona BS Virus. Wake up people. Never mind, in my entire life of over 60+ yrs, you never have and I have ZERO faith in you. Humans will become extinct by their own demise.

  6. I suggest a novel approach to cleaning both ends. It's a technique that has been lost, but now it's found–SOAP & WATER. If one end is particularly stuffed and the situation is running away from you, contain it with another old-fashioned technique–HANDKERCHIEFS. Luckily, society has not lost the ability to BOIL WATER. It's a technique used in the past to CLEAN HANDKERCHIEFS. There are always alternatives. (Note to self: dig out some old t-shirts and cut them into squares.)

  7. Toilet paper is used for the other end of the body, as the handsome reporter points to his butthole. Oh thanks for the education. Have any extra, dude?

  8. Toilet paper is not disappearing around the world. Its disappearing mostly in Western countries. Whatever Americans do, their sheep followers such as Canada, UK, Australia also do the same, even if it means doing the stupidest thing on earth. And non western countries,such as South Korea, just follow their American masters.

  9. I think the coronavirus is a cover up for the true pandemic going around appearently because of the toilet paper shortage… IBS 🙄 How are all the sewer systems going to keep up with all these IBS victims?

  10. Ok, Is It Just Me,
    Or Are There Other HUMANS
    Out There
    Who Are Baffled
    That There Are Lots Of News People,
    & Talk Show Hosts, & Freaking Economists Who Are PUZZLED
    ON TP 🧻
    After The Gov’t Tells Us
    To Stock-Up For Several Weeks

    Are You All A Bunch Of Aliens❓

    Do You People Not 💩 ❓

    Or If You Do & Are Human
    Then You Must
    Be An Elite With A Bidet.

    Seriously, What Is So Puzzling About People Stocking Up On TP 🧻
    When They Do It When There Is No Request/Demand
    From The Gov’t To Stock-Up❓

    & Check These HUMAN TP🧻
    Activities Out:

    ▶️All Humans Eat & 💩
    & Use TP 🧻 To Cleanse.


    Like ONCE A WEEK.

    & If We Have Large Families,
    (Get Ready For This)
    C_A_S_E_S OF TP🧻

    Also, Men Like To Poop At Their Workplace
    Because They Can Use The Company’s
    🧻 & Then Brag To Their Co-Workers
    How They Got Paid To 💩 ❗️

    So It Looks Like Some Of You
    Who Are Puzzled By This

    Maybe Time To Come Clean
    (Pun Intended)
    About Who You REALLY ARE.


  11. In the philippines, we use soap, water and dipper/tabo when cleaning our butts, it's more hygienic, clean and we doesn't smell.

  12. What happens when you go into pneumonia which is a respiratory result that can following corona? You get antibiotics that give you diarrhea. The public doesn't know what medication they'll get for Corona but we definitely know about what they give us for pneumonia. If we're in the hospital I guess we'll be ok, but some of us have had to ride out the effects of pneumonia at home. I think making jokes about people trying to have what's needed stocked in their home if they should be quarantined fourteen days with a large family shows how little you know. Just the antibiotics for infected ears and infected sinuses can cause you to have to deal with diarrhea, and this is cold season.

    We only buy to tp here once a month or two so we buy 48 rolls at a time. Many families buy it four rolls at a time because they go to the store every day. I cam see where they are panicking because now it's not there. That will change their buying habits.

  13. So now everyone is using wipes to clean a surface and then flush it. The sewers are getting plugged with them. Stupid people will kill everyone.

  14. I think fear causes going to bathroom more often and there is more need for toilet paper.
    And people are fearful with all bad news.

  15. "Why the rush on toilet paper?"
    Because they have never seen or used a bidet,…shower, or garden hose, if necessary.

  16. It's really just another media beat-up. Toilet paper is very bulky, and takes up a lot of room for not that much stock. It doesn't take very long for the shelves to empty when people stock up , which looks impressively "panicky", so in come the media to film it all and tell us how bad we are, for following their advice about social distancing and self quarantine and preparing for it…?

  17. use this instead of toilet paper No need for toilet paper use these instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwTq_PPt2UY&t=8s

  18. The plumbers will be happy unclogging all those toilets because people are useing paper towels which don't dissolve. Wait till people find out the plumbers won't come because of the corona virus scare.

  19. want to avoid infections like UTI's Keep it clean. Most people had food on hand But most did not have extra Toilet paper / Kleenex / paper towels. Now that the virus has hit people knew they couldn't get kleenex so they bought more toilet paper because we have been told it is like the flu and with the flu you have to blow your nose repeatedly. plus extra bathroom trips. Paper towels are for cleaning up barf and can be used for kleenex and toilet paper. Now there are those that HOARDED these things and that is wrong to do. But to have an extra pack whats wrong with that. If you have more then you need then share with those that were unable to find it themselves

  20. Just toss some water on it! 😅🤣 all jokes aside, I think the reason for buying up toilet paper is maybe the people fear that the companys that are making toilet paper might be closing and not making anymore at the moment. Or if you do happen to get infected you will have plenty of tissue to blow your nose with, cause when you catch a bad cold, You are surprised at how much tissue you can go through. Or maybe to wipe the virus off of things like buggies and so on. That's the only reason I would see buying all that tissue. 🤷‍♀️ I guess! It's still weird and unusual, because usually when an outbreak or something major happens in the economy. The people would go more for food and water, as you need those things most in order to survive.

  21. I have been to manyyyyy supermarkets over the pass few days in the nyc area . I did NOT SEE one person hoarding products.. most people where taking what seemed like only what they needed… I believe that for whatever reason there is no toilet paper, and disinfecting/sanitizing cleaning product being STOCKED. For whatever reason. where does America get these this things ( toilet paper, sanitizer, antibacterial soap) from? … China? Is the U.S. not purchasing these items from China anymore. Leading the U.S. citizens to believe there is a shortage. I don’t believe that most people are hoarding .. and I DO NOT Believe there is a shortage .. these item are beIng withheld OR they are not available .But if we (the people) don’t get cleaning products a toilet paper again soon .. there will be an E.coli outbreak and it will really be downhill from there. Smh Is there a toilet paper and cleaning disinfecting product shortage in China? ??Hmmm

  22. Better follow us Asians who wash and wipe our butt with soap and bidet water in the toilet. Trees are killed to create these tissue papers. Let us conserve environment now that this Covid19 pandemic is a way to teach all of us these lessons.

  23. Napkins. Kleenex, water bottle with squirt top..
    Think that the feeling of being out of contol..is appeased when can contol shopping. Need to do "something ".

  24. We can fix this! Do not shop in any store that does not set sensible limits on necessary items. If they are going to cater to hoarders then let them be the only people shopping there,……permanently!!!

  25. I work in a toilet paper making factory in Illinois with sister company's all over the US.We make tens of thousands of cases every day n full warehouses, so No it doesn't come from China. Stop the panic

  26. I think its a psychological thing like bed wetting in children under stress. In adults they get the overwhelming urge to buy toilet paper. LOL

  27. Toilet Paper, a 163 year old invention has more value over Platinum, Gold or Silver! People are willing to fight and die to get it in order to rub it on their Asses, by the Masses!

    A poem for the Occasion:

    Forget The Sea Bass
    Or the Green Grass
    Just give me Roll of TP
    So I can Sooth My Ass

    Courteousy: Filthy People

  28. Use their brains my arse. Only animals do not wash their private parts with soap and water each time after they had peed or pooped.

  29. We know what to do with the old telephone-books. Never knew there were so many people with a surname which starts with 'B'. Top paper by the way.

  30. Lmao, I remember in the 70's when people were buying several toilet paper to toilet paper the houses, schools and vehicles, that was out of fun!! Those were the good old days!! 😂 😂

  31. An average person uses 2 rolls of toilet paper per week. So, of course, we all need 3 years supply, TODAY lol. Fucking morons.

  32. Obviously the new virus was man made by the toilet paper manufacturers.
    It affects your brain and makes you crave toilet paper, cunning!

  33. Imo everyone is buying it because everyone is talking about it. Everyone is talking about it because it's funny. We're stuck in a feedback loop.

  34. The Australians started the hoarding and panic-buying thing from the start.. It all started due to a news coverage about Chinese paper mill announced to stop production of toilet paper and start production of face masks instead, then the frezy started. Australia has to import in toilet paper since they don't have a domestic way to produce it! In the rest of the world people are buying toilet paper fearing papper mills are allready on fire and buring to the ground when production is still continuing like usually.

  35. Watch the stand tv movie part one here on you tube and this is happening now right now the great great Steven king is right he predicted the future and that future is now right now and one that is very very clear the end is near and that means that the end is her enjoy the end and watch the stand tv movie part one here on you tube !

  36. Make some "MONEY" Here you go cut up your sheets into little squares sell them for $10.00 a square become a Millionaire during this madness?

  37. The solution is simple.
    Smaller packs of toilet paper – maybe 6 rolls per pack.
    With a limit of ONE, hear me? ONE, six-pack of toilet paper per person.
    That way everybody gets a fair go, & those panic buying idiots won't be able to affect everybody else.
    It's not rocket science.

  38. Another possible answer is that toilet paper is cheaper to use for blowing your nose, etc. than toilet paper.

  39. It's bc people are thinking TP is usually needed for most viruses bc of explosive diarrhea,the Covid19 is a respiratory virus!!!! Wrong end…people!!

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