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Write with me (20 March 2020) – simple word prompt for songwriting

Write with me (20 March 2020) – simple word prompt for songwriting

Hello, my name is Erica Bramham and this is
Write With Me. I am a musician and a songwriter and I like to play lots of little writing
games with myself. So I thought it might be fun to share some of my games and we can write
together. Today we are going to take just a word and we’re going to write for three
minutes based on that prompt – free writing, whatever comes out of your head. I personally
like to focus a bit on my senses because I find that gets me out of my head and I think
a lot of us are in our heads at the moment, so it’s kind of nice to get out of your head.
So we’re going to take a word, write, you can focus on your senses or you can just stream-of-consciousness
write for three minutes. So let’s go. The random word I’ve chosen today is mountain,
only because it’s on the previous page of my notebook. So three minutes. Three minutes
is not a long time. I’m just going to read you what I wrote. I haven’t done one of these
for a while so I feel a bit nervous about doing this on camera because I’m a bit out
of practice. I used to do these, do lots of them every day, but I haven’t done one for
quite some time. So here we have mountain. Tall, tumbling rocks underfoot, a path snakes
out from between two columns of bushes. Berries catch the sun, black and soft, staining your
fingers and lips between steps. The sun is sinking and the colder air settles into your
skin tickling the hairs on your arms to life. That was my three minutes of mountain. Thanks
for writing with me and I will see you again tomorrow.

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