51 thoughts on “Xbox Series X Defining the Next-Gen of Game Development – Game Stack Live

  1. I just want too see the console….like xbox series x do…im fan of nintendo…..but im gona buy an xbox series x…..i hope change name to scarlett

  2. I’m looking forward for the series X. I’m hoping to see some new games as well, hearing that MS has some RPG games to show in the future

  3. Damn Xbox does everything right from Backwards compatibility, power and everything you would EXCEPT the games. Wish Sony games would be on Xbox.

  4. Just a random question. Y'know in anime when the character puts his/her index finger on his/her forehead and his/her thumb on his/her chin..It's the one that is followed by a monologue like "I've been training my whole life for this moment" yea what is that pose called??

  5. I'm not sure which one was more boring. This or the PS5 deep dive 🙄. anyways, Sony has a bigger user base than MS and better exclusives

  6. If the X Series had the PS5's SSD it would be perfect. Right now as a result of this, I'm interested to see which console actually loads games fastest. That will determine which I buy my multiplats on more than any 4K, etc.

  7. Xbox Game Studio Developing More Than 20 AAA titles for their platform And planning to release atleast 4/5 every year..

  8. After seeing the road to ps5 video which was EXTREMELY long winded so much so I skipped the video about 2-3 minutes and dude was still talking about the SSD,like wtf?,imo idgaf about the ps5,Microsoft showed us almost everything with the exception of the games,so seeing the system n is looking great and the tech is amazing and seeing I could use XCloud or my pc/laptop to play my Xbox games on any generation is the reason why I'm sticking with the Xbox brand,so I say f*** the ps5i'm gonna have fun play the new XBSX games as well as previous gen games that some if not most will run at 60fps-120fps + 4k-8k,so I'm loving what this brand is doing and I can't wait til we see the game for XBSX cause they will look amazing

  9. xbox will be the best choise for ppl who love multiplatform games, while ps5 will be the best choise for those who love the sony exclusive titles and maybe 10 tflops and the memory speed all that it might be enogh strong for atleast first 4 years of playing, and after that sony will launch the ps5 pro alike console….still sony will be the best and nr:1

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