You might find this kid's art scary, but he politely disagrees

You might find this kid's art scary, but he politely disagrees

my name is Colin Donovan Gurwitch I'm 12 years old and make figurative sculptures I've always loved her especially sculpture I started making things when I was about two years old I made sculptures out of fabric things like wool I started experimenting with making my own pie out of toilet paper drywall compound mineral oil and glue and I worked pretty well I find it more interesting to put a bunch of different materials together so I had the idea to make these sculptures out of lots of materials I had to figure out how to make them because I had never seen anything like this before after a while they evolved into what I make now sometimes I just get a picture in my head and then I sculpt it often though I find some piece of metal or something first inspires me then the sculpture comes from that I like to use a lot of found objects whenever I go outside I'm always cavity for bits of metal I'm always looking on the ground prevent people often ask me what certain sculptures mean but I don't like to talk about meaning I want people to decide what they think it means that is me telling them I prefer to express myself through art rather than through speaking I know some people find my work dark and scary but I don't at all I like things a little kind of old-fashioned you when I grow up I want to go to art school and be a professional sculptor and have the sanctuary for neglected animals you

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